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Words, Names, and History
Author: Cecily Clark, Peter Jackson
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 085991402X
Pages: 447
Year: 1995
View: 563
Read: 1142
Valuable collection of papers on place-names, linguistics and history of language in medieval England.
The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between
Author: Patrick Foote
Publisher: Mango Media Inc.
ISBN: 1633538516
Pages: 200
Year: 2018-10-15
View: 244
Read: 1165
The Origins of Names Explained Explore the world of names: What is something that literally everything in existence has in common? It all has a name! With Name Explain, you can learn the origins of these names. From countries and cities to toys and animals to even planets, learn the etymology of interesting words in a fun and entertaining way. Learn new things: Why is New York called New York? Name Explain has the answer for you. While author Patrick Foote, of the YouTube channel also called Name Explain, doesn’t claim to know everything, he has garnered a lot of knowledge about language over the years and he’s excited to get to share it with you in this new format. Be entertained by education: Learning doesn’t have to be boring. With his fun sense of humor, Patrick explains each name with jokes and quips you’re bound to enjoy. Full of pictures and packed with great information, Name Explain has a variety of topics that are bound to intrigue anyone interested in the origins of the words we use every day. Find fun facts: Name Explain is full of interesting facts that are great to keep in your mental pocket. You’ll be able to pull out fun information about words and language all the time, informing and amusing yourself and your friends for ages. Name Explain does exactly what it says it does—it explains names in a fun and easy-to-digest way. After reading this book, you will: • Know why, exactly, Russia is called Russia • Be able to entertain yourself and your friends with interesting fun facts • Discover the origins of the names of planets, animals, countries, and much more
Slavery by Another Name
Author: Douglas A. Blackmon
Publisher: Icon Books
ISBN: 1848314132
Pages: 496
Year: 2012-10-04
View: 1134
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A Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the mistreatment of black Americans. In this 'precise and eloquent work' - as described in its Pulitzer Prize citation - Douglas A. Blackmon brings to light one of the most shameful chapters in American history - an 'Age of Neoslavery' that thrived in the aftermath of the Civil War through the dawn of World War II. Using a vast record of original documents and personal narratives, Blackmon unearths the lost stories of slaves and their descendants who journeyed into freedom after the Emancipation Proclamation and then back into the shadow of involuntary servitude thereafter. By turns moving, sobering and shocking, this unprecedented account reveals these stories, the companies that profited the most from neoslavery, and the insidious legacy of racism that reverberates today.
Traces of History in the Names of Places
Author: Flavell Edmunds
Publisher: London : [s.n.]
Pages: 332
Year: 1872
View: 1249
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Archaeology and Place-Names and History
Author: F.T. Wainwright
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317599403
Pages: 148
Year: 2014-10-30
View: 178
Read: 206
In the period A.D. 400-1100, perhaps more than in any other, it is necessary to bring together the results of historical, archaeological and place-name studies. Each provides information that is either badly preserved or not preserved at all in the other two, but it is not always realised how great are the difficulties involves in co-ordination and integration. This book, originally published in 1962, draws attention to the problems and provides a basis for discussion.
Domesday England
Author: H. C. Darby
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521310261
Pages: 432
Year: 1986-08-07
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Domesday Book is the most famous English public record, and it is probably the most remarkable statistical document in the history of Europe. It calls itself merely a descriptio and it acquired its name in the following century because its authority seemed comparable to that of the Book by which one day all will be judged (Revelation 20:12). It is not surprising that so many scholars have felt its fascination, and have discussed again and again what it says about economic, social and legal matters. But it also tells us much about the countryside of the eleventh century, and the present volume is the seventh of a series concerned with this geographical information. As the final volume, it seeks to sum up the main features of the Domesday geography of England as a whole, and to reconstruct, as far as the materials allow, the scene which King William's clerks saw as they made their great inquest.
It's All in a Word
Author: Vivian Cook
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1847653197
Pages: 555
Year: 2010-12-09
View: 411
Read: 1252
Cross words, crass words, kind words, bad words, first words, rude words, new words, weazel words, teen words, rap words, power words, colour words, Indian words, Brit words, Blairwords, war words, ad words, p-c words, borrowed words, Shakespeare's amazing words, false words, fine words, wine words, American words, name words, last words, even lost for words - this book has them all. Vivian Cook takes us on a series of excursions down the curious byways of word history and meaning, mingling the fare with games, lists, tests, and quotes. Discover the theojollylogical joys of infixation. Find out if you're a charva, what it means to be nithered, and how to hoy. Delve into the hidden nature of words. Consider how they're born, why they change, and how they die. Learn about the words that are never spoken and others that don't get written. Here's a book overflowing with words and about every kind and variety of word. It offers an irresistible cornucopia of information and entertainment.
Names and History
Author: George Redmonds
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 185285507X
Pages: 264
Year: 2007-03-15
View: 1298
Read: 755
Fascinating detective stories into the connections between names and related subjects.
A History of the Origin of the Place Names Connected with the Chicago & North Western and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railways
Author: Chicago and North Western Railway Company
Pages: 201
Year: 1908
View: 957
Read: 1313

British place-names in their historical setting
Author: E. McClure
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 1177632063
View: 542
Read: 316

True Story of Pocahontas
Author: Dr. Linwood "Little Bear" Custalow
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 1555918670
Pages: 168
Year: 2016-11-30
View: 1025
Read: 1039
The True Story of Pocahontas is the first public publication of the Powhatan perspective that has been maintained and passed down from generation to generation within the Mattaponi Tribe, and the first written history of Pocahontas by her own people.
Baby Names Now
Author: Linda Rosenkrantz, Pamela Redmond Satran
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312983689
Pages: 480
Year: 2002-08-19
View: 883
Read: 622
From the authors of Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana comes a thorough, timely, and alphabetically organized guide to baby names and their meanings for parents-to-be. Reprint.
A Dictionary of First Names
Author: Patrick Hanks, Flavia Hodges, Kate Hardcastle
ISBN: 0198800517
Pages: 472
Year: 2016-09-29
View: 304
Read: 885
This Dictionary is part of the Oxford Reference Collection: using sustainable print-on-demand technology to make the acclaimed backlist of the Oxford Reference programme perennially available in hardback format.The fascinating and informative Dictionary of First Names covers over 6,000 names in common use in English, including the very newest names as well as traditional names. From Alice to Zanna and Adam to Zola this book will answer all your questions: it will tell you the age, origin, and meaning ofthe name, as well as how it has fared in terms of popularity, and who the famous fictional or historical bearers for the name have been. It covers alternative spellings, short forms and pet forms, and masculine and feminine forms, as well as help with pronunciation.The book includes extensive appendices covering names from languages including Scottish, Irish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese names. Tables of the most popular names by year and by region are also included.From the traditional to the rare and unconventional, this book will tell you everything you need to know about names.
The New Book of Magical Names
Author: Phoenix McFarland
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738703958
Pages: 415
Year: 2003
View: 957
Read: 404
With more than 5,000 names to choose from, this book is the only lexicon of non-Christian names and their meanings in print. Discover the folklore behind a name, and learn specific rituals to unleash its power.