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Unter dem Safranmond
Author: Nicole C. Vosseler
ISBN: 373255886X
Pages: 591
Year: 2018-04-10
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Östlich der Sonne, westlich des Mondes - Die Suche einer Frau nach Freiheit, Abenteuer und nicht zuletzt nach der Liebe. Oxford, 1853. Maya Greenwood, große Bewunderin des Afrikaforschers Richard Francis Burton, träumt von exotischen Ländern und aufregenden Abenteuern. Als ihr Ralph Garrett den Hof macht, der in der britischen Armee in Indien dient, rückt ein abenteuerliches Leben in der Fremde für die junge Frau in greifbare Nähe. Ihre Familie ist jedoch gegen die Verbindung, und so brennt Maya kurzerhand mit Ralph durch. Doch er wird ins unwirtliche Arabien statt nach Indien entsandt, und Maya fällt in die Hände von Beduinen. Dort erlebt sie den wahren Orient - und muss sich eingestehen, dass der Anführer der Wüstenkrieger, der charismatische Rashad al-Shaheen, auch ihr Herz gefangen hält ... Dieser epische Abenteuerroman über ein kaum bekanntes Kapitel britischer Kolonialgeschichte verwebt das Leben und die Reisen von Richard Francis Burton mit der fiktiven Geschichte von Maya Greenwood - inspiriert von dem "kleinen Mädchen" in Burtons Gedicht "Vergangene Lieben". eBooks von beHEARTBEAT - Herzklopfen garantiert.
Der Himmel über Darjeeling
Author: Nicole C. Vosseler
ISBN: 3732559122
Pages: 543
Year: 2018-04-10
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Wenn die Schatten der Vergangenheit die Gegenwart verdunkeln und jegliche Zukunft in Gefahr bringen Cornwall, 1876. Helena Lawrence, mit siebzehn Jahren Vollwaise, sieht sich und ihren kleinen Bruder vor dem finanziellen Ruin. Der attraktive Ian Neville macht ihr ein Angebot: Er wird für ihr Auskommen sorgen, wenn sie ihn heiratet und auf seine Teeplantage im indischen Darjeeling begleitet. Nach anfänglichem Widerwillen sieht Helena keinen anderen Ausweg und reist mit Ian quer über den Subkontinent bis nach Darjeeling. Sie verliebt sich in das exotische, märchenhafte Land - und in ihren Mann. Doch Ian verbirgt ein dunkles und gefährliches Geheimnis, das Helenas Leben und ihre aufkeimende Liebe zu ihm für immer zu zerstören droht ... Eine große Liebesgeschichte, die von der stürmischen Küste Cornwalls in die Wüsten Rajputanas und zu den grünen Hügeln und Tälern am Fuß des Himalaya führt. eBooks von beHEARTBEAT - Herzklopfen garantiert.
Księżyc nad Arabią
Author: Nicole-C. Vosseler
Publisher: Sonia Draga Sp. z o.o.
ISBN: 8379996518
Pages: 536
Year: 2016-10-28
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Oksford, rok 1853. Maya Greenwood słucha fascynującej opowieści Ralpha Garretta, oficera armii brytyjskiej stacjonującej w Indiach. Wkrótce Ralph prosi ją o rękę. Maya czuje, że spełnia się jej największe marzenie i otwiera się przed nią życie pełne przygód i podróży do dalekich krain. Rodzice kobiety sprzeciwiają się małżeństwu, dlatego Maya bez namysłu ucieka z Ralphem. Gdy jej mąż zostaje oddelegowany do Arabii, ona sama wpada w ręce Beduinów. Poznaje prawdziwe oblicze Orientu. Jej serce skrada charyzmatyczny przywódca pustynnych wojowników – Raszad al-Szahin…
La luna color zafferano
Author: Nicole C. Vosseler
Publisher: Corbaccio
ISBN: 8863803625
Pages: 489
Year: 2012-01-12T00:00:00+01:00
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Il sogno di Maya è di diventare una donna audace, coraggiosa, libera. Libera di viaggiare nel lontano Oriente di cui sin da bambina ha sentito raccontare dal padre, professore di storia a Oxford. Durante l'infanzia e l'adolescenza le lettere che il celebre esploratore Richard Francis Burton, il suo idolo incontrastato, le ha inviato da Bombay, alle spiagge di Goa e dalle montagne azzurre di Nilgiri, da Hyderabad e da Alessandria l'hanno nutrita dell'atmosfera e degli aromi di quei luoghi magici. Ma nell'Inghilterra di fine Ottocento una donna non solo non può sperare di studiare, ma nemmeno di andare alla scoperta di posti così lontani. A meno che non sposi un ufficiale in partenza proprio per l'Arabia... Tuttavia, la vita in Oriente non è come l'aveva sognata. E mai, soprattutto, Maya si sarebbe immaginata che sarebbe stata rapita dai predoni del deserto per ordine del sultano locale. Un'avventura da incubo, in cui però conosce Rashad, il capo dei predoni, un uomo temibile e affascinante che segnerà il suo destino per sempre. La luna color zafferano è un'appassionante storia d'amore e al tempo stesso è un romanzo che svela il mistero dell'Arabia descritto attraverso il deserto, i palazzi, i colori, l'atmosfera, i profumi, raccontati con uno stile suggestivo che restituisce l'immagine di un'epoca e che avvince il lettore dalla prima all'ultima pagina.
Autumn in Venice
Author: Andrea Di Robilant
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 1101946660
Pages: 368
Year: 2018-06-05
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The acclaimed author of A Venetian Affair now gives us the remarkable story of Hemingway's love affair with both the city of Venice and the muse he found there--a vivacious eighteen-year-old who inspired the man thirty years her senior to complete his great final work. In the fall of 1948 Hemingway and his fourth wife traveled for the first time to Venice, which Hemingway called "a goddam wonderful city." He was a year shy of his fiftieth birthday and hadn't published a novel in nearly a decade. At a duck shoot in the lagoon he met and fell in love with Adriana Ivancich, a striking Venetian girl just out of finishing school. Di Robilant--whose great-uncle moved in Hemingway's revolving circle of bon vivants, aristocrats, and artists--re-creates with sparkling clarity this surprising, years-long relationship. Hemingway used Adriana as the model for Renata in Across the River and into the Trees, and continued to visit Venice to see her; when the Ivanciches traveled to Cuba, Adriana was there as he wrote The Old Man and the Sea. This illuminating story of writer and muse--which also examines the cost to a young woman of her association with a larger-than-life literary celebrity--is an intimate look at the fractured heart and changing art of Hemingway in his fifties.
Emeralds & Ashes
Author: Leila Rasheed
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1484712056
Pages: 432
Year: 2015-01-06
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Don't miss the final book in the At Somerton series! The murmurs of war have turned into a bloody conflict that will touch the lives of every member of the Somerton household. Despite the pleas of his family, Lord Averley steps forward as soon as the call is made for men to fight the Western front. Mere weeks later, the news arrives: Lord Averley has been killed in the Battle of Marne. Without an obvious heir, Somerton falls into chaos. Half of the staff has already left for the war or industrial work. Sebastian Templeton can no longer show his face in public. Ever since the publication of a now infamous photo of him and his former valet embracing, an unspeakable word has followed Sebastian everywhere--a word with the power to destroy a man's reputation forever. Knowing charges and a trial will soon follow, Sebastian does the only thing he can think of to escape: he volunteers for a war he feels is senseless and despicable, leaving beyind the boy he loves, but knows can never have. Meanwhile, after a whirlwind romance with the Duke of Huntly, Rose Averley finds herself trapped in Egypt when war breaks out during their honeymoon. Alexander vows to return Rose to home and safety, but with no end in sight, Rose knows she cannot sit idle as those around her suffer. In the final installment of the At Somerton series, the war to end all wars will take an unbearable toll on the household and leave each member forever changed.
Kürschners deutscher Literatur-Kalender
Author: Walter De Gruyter Incorporated
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110230291
Year: 2010
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Dinner at Rose's
Author: Danielle Hawkins
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1742695892
Pages: 416
Year: 2012-05-01
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A beautifully written, funny, intelligent and heartwarming novel about a young woman who leaves the city for her home town where she falls in love with a wonderful man - and does much more besides.
The Night Falling
Author: Katherine Webb
Publisher: Orion
ISBN: 1409131513
Pages: 432
Year: 2014-11-20
View: 594
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The international bestselling author of THE LEGACY returns with a searing new novel of secrets and feuds, set in 1920s Italy. Puglia, Italy, 1921. Leandro returns home, now a rich man, with a glamorous American wife, determined to make his mark. But how did he get so wealthy - and what haunts his outwardly exuberant wife? Boyd, quiet English architect, is hired to build Leandro's dreams. But why is he so afraid of Leandro, and what really happened between them years before, in New York? Clare, Boyd's diffident wife, is summoned to Puglia with her stepson. At first desperate to leave, she soon finds a compelling reason to stay. Ettore, starving, poor and grieving for his lost fiancée, is too proud to ask his Uncle Leandro for help. Until events conspire to force his hand. Tensions are high as poverty leads veterans of the Great War to the brink of rebellion. And under the burning sky, a reckless love and a violent enmity will bring brutal truths to light . . .
To a Far Country
Author: Marina Oliver
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1326791532
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The Saffron Gate
Author: Linda Holeman
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 075538914X
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-09-01
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A young American woman's journey to track down her missing lover becomes an enthralling adventure of mystery, passion, danger and self-discovery set against the spellbinding backdrop of 1930s Marrakech. Sidonie O'Shea enjoys the quiet life she shares with fiancé Etienne Duverger in upstate New York. But when Etienne suddenly disappears without word, she finds a letter amongst his belongings that turns her world upside down. Refusing to believe that Etienne would abandon her, Sidonie travels to Morocco in search of him, determined to know the truth. But nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover, both about the man she thought she loved and an unknown world of dangerous secrets in a country steeped in mystery...

Horses of heaven
Author: Gillian Bradshaw
Publisher: Nan A. Talese
ISBN: 0385414668
Pages: 448
Year: 1991-04-01
View: 862
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Heliokleia, a young princess of Bactria, is allied in a mismatched marriage to the ruler of Ferghana, but she realizes too late that the king's son, Itaz, is her true soulmate
Bibliografijos žinios
Year: 2012
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The Unseen
Author: Katherine Webb
Publisher: Orion
ISBN: 1409112624
Pages: 356
Year: 2011-03-31
View: 528
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From the author of the acclaimed debut THE LEGACY comes a compelling tale of love, deception and illusion. England, 1911. When a free-spirited young woman arrives in a sleepy Berkshire village to work as a maid in the household of The Reverend and Mrs Canning, she sets in motion a chain of events which changes all their lives. For Cat has a past - a past her new mistress is willing to overlook, but will never understand . . . This is not all Hester Canning has to cope with. When her husband invites a young man into their home, he brings with him a dangerous obsession . . . During the long, oppressive summer, the rectory becomes charged with ambition, love and jealousy - with the most devastating consequences.