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Trim. Il manuale di regolazione delle vele della North University
Author: Bill Gladstone
ISBN: 8865945095
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Author: Danilo Fabbroni
Publisher: Fernhurst Books
ISBN: 1912177579
Pages: 184
Year: 2008-04-09
View: 332
Read: 921
Rigging covers every aspect of standing and running rigging on a boat. The book explains the various options and materials with clear illustrations and photographs. An easy step-by-step guide, you will learn how to choose and fit equipment on cruising and racing yachts of all sizes before learning how to tune your rig to increase safety and achieve better performance. Hundreds of alternate configurations are examined and the bewildering array of lines is simply explained. Where calculations are used they are kept easy and straightforward. Whether you sail a gaff-rigged classic, a weekend cruiser or a high tech racer, this book contains everything you need and want to know about the mysterious art of boat rigging.
Reeds Splicing Handbook
Author: Jan-Willem Polman
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472952774
Pages: 128
Year: 2018-06-14
View: 1331
Read: 851
For any seafarer, splicing rope is an essential skill. But the traditional 3-strand rope is fast disappearing. So how do you splice braided rope? This is the definitive pocket-sized guide to all rope splicing techniques. Most of the techniques are quite easy to master – and also fun to do. See why splices are better – and stronger – than knots or shackles for joining or shortening rope, and follow the step-by-step photographs and clear instructions to find out how to splice efficiently. Containing step by step photos and clear instructions, this colourful and easy to follow aide memoire guides users every step of the way.
The Hitchiker's Guide to the Oceans
Author: Alison Muir Bennett
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1472903277
Pages: 284
Year: 2013-08-22
View: 640
Read: 1158
What better way of travelling the world than by crewing on a yacht? The Hitchiker's Guide to the Oceans is ideal for crew pre-planning, and for skippers seeking crew. It is packed with practical information from how to find a crew position, what to expect from different kinds of skipper, how to be in the right place at the right time, where the yachts gather and when, to rally locations, how to maximise your chances of being taken on as crew, what will be expected of you as crew, and job opportunities along the way. Unique yacht migration maps show where the seasonal bottlenecks occur, and help pinpoint the best places and times of year to gain a crew place. This sixth edition with fully updated information and website addresses as well as a new colour section will be welcomed by all aspiring yacht crew, and also as a skipper's reference. 'Packed with all the information you'd need to find a crewing position... an invaluable guide to crewing anywhere in the world.' Yachting Monthly 'Valuable for the first-timer and useful for skippers and their potential crew.' Classic Boat
Sailmaker's Apprentice
Author: Emiliano Marino
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071376429
Pages: 494
Year: 2001-03-30
View: 856
Read: 255
With this book, anyone can learn to design, make, repair, improve, and maintain sails. Emphasizing the handwork that distinguishes the highest-quality, most durable sails, Marino tells you how to select a rig, introduces you to sail shape and theory, and then shows you step by step, with the help of 700 detailed illustrations, how to sew patches, hand sew rings, fix tears or frayed edges, and stitch seams, not to mention how to make your own sails, canvas sailcovers, and sailbags from scratch. His bias is toward sturdy sails for daysailing and cruising, built of low-tech materials you can repair with a few simple tools. But this book is more than a comprehensive apprenticeship; it is also an illustrated tour of the world's rig and sail types, both contemporary and historical - a visual feast for the sailor as well as an indispensable guide for the mariner.
Raise the Titanic!
Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425194523
Pages: 448
Year: 2004-02-01
View: 486
Read: 403
Two Russian spies and a violent hurricane hinder Dirk Pitt's herculean efforts to raise the R.M.S. Titanic and thereby salvage the world's only supply of a rare metal, needed for a secret American defense system. Reissue.
LA Pratica Della Mercatura
Author: Francesco Balducci Pegolotti
ISBN: 0527016950
Year: 1990-01-01
View: 232
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Integrated and Participatory Water Resources Management - Theory
Author: Rodolfo Soncini-Sessa, Enrico Weber, Andrea Castelletti
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080551416
Pages: 582
Year: 2007-10-16
View: 751
Read: 343
Covering the more recent advances in Modelling, Planning, Management and Negotiations for Integrated Water Resource Management, this text brings together knowledge and concepts from Hydrology, System Analysis, Control Theory, Conflict Resolution, and Decision and Negotiation Theory. Without compromising on mathematical rigour, the book maintains a fine line between theory and application, methodology and tools, avoiding getting locked into excessively theoretical and formal development of the issues discussed. The non-technical aspects of water resource systems (such as societal, political and legal concerns) are recognized throughout the book as having a great, if not fundamental, importance to reaching an agreed-upon decision; they are therefore integrated into the more technical and mathematical issues. The book provides a unified, coordinated and comprehensive framework that will facilitate the increasingly appropriate application of the Integrated Water Resource Management paradigm by current and future practising professionals, decision-makers and scientists. · Integration of technical modelling and control aspects with participatory and decision-making issues · Insightful and comprehensive treatment of theoretical contents, supported by practical examples · A wide collection of exercises and project examples based on real-world case studies (with complete solutions)
The American Heiress
Author: Dorothy Eden
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480429376
Pages: 318
Year: 2013-07-09
View: 1076
Read: 490
A New York Times–bestselling author brings World War I–era England to vibrant life in this romantic saga in which destiny turns a lady’s maid into a lady. It is spring of 1915. Spoiled twenty-one-year-old Clemency Jervis and her Fifth Avenue entourage board the Lusitania, bound for England, where Clemency is to marry the dashing Lord Hugo Hazzard of Loburn. A few miles off the Irish coast, the ship is torpedoed by the Germans. One of the few survivors is Clemency’s maid, Hetty Brown, a young woman who resembles her mistress. Surprised to be taken for Clemency, Hetty carries out a daring deception that makes her a nobleman’s wife and the mistress of a magnificent country estate, despite doubts about her among some in her aristocratic new set. Suspenseful, surprising, and heartwarming, The American Heiress is a tale of love, war, and the far-reaching, often-unexpected consequences of our actions.
Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age
Author: William Ewart Gladstone
Year: 1858
View: 925
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The Twilight of Constitutionalism?
Author: Petra Dobner, Martin Loughlin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199585008
Pages: 352
Year: 2010-02-11
View: 1066
Read: 743
The essays gathered in this collection explore the effects of recent changes on two of the main building blocks of constitutionalism, statehood and democracy. It also looks at movements to overcome statehood in the EU and considers possible transformations to, or substitutes for statehood --
Phonics Fun with Barbie (Barbie)
Author: Jennifer Liberts Weinberg
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375985395
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-02-29
View: 1312
Read: 1285
Barbie makes phonics fun in this book, which includes twelve full-color chapters and a letter to parents. Each chapter is developed by an educational expert and focuses on specific skills and sounds that are essential to reading success. Little girls will love learning to read with Barbie!
We the People, Volume 3
Author: Bruce Ackerman
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 067441649X
Pages: 432
Year: 2014-03-03
View: 477
Read: 1180
The Civil Rights Revolution carries Bruce Ackerman's sweeping reinterpretation of constitutional history into the era beginning with Brown v Board of Education. Laws that ended Jim Crow and ensured equal rights at work, in schools, and in the voting booth gained congressional approval only after the American people mobilized their support.
Marijuana Grow Basics
Author: Jorge Cervantes
Publisher: Van Patten Pub
ISBN: 187882337X
Pages: 239
Year: 2009
View: 551
Read: 907
This practical, informative guide is packed with more than 700 full-color illustrations, photographs, and descriptive text that deal with more than 150 affordable marijuana growing setups.
Il gioiello oggi
Author: Alba Cappellieri
ISBN: 8837076614
Pages: 191
Year: 2011
View: 823
Read: 1301
Does jewellery have a specific definition? What expertise, disciplines or knowledge are required to produce it? Is it art, fashion or design? Is making it an industrial or a craft skill? The ambiguity arises from jewellery's ability to change what it sym

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