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The Mésalliance
Author: Stella Riley
ISBN: 0709040962
Pages: 191
Year: 1990
View: 235
Read: 703

The Wicked Cousin
Author: Stella Riley
ISBN: 1546615318
Pages: 342
Year: 2017-06-05
View: 833
Read: 451
Sebastian Audley has spent years setting every city in Europe by the ears and keeping the scandal-sheets in profit. Word that he is finally returning to London becomes the hottest topic of the Season and casts numerous young ladies - many of whom have never seen him - into a fever of anticipation.Cassandra Delahaye is not one of them. In her opinion, love affairs and duels, coupled with a reputation for never refusing even the most death-defying wager, suggest that Mr Audley is short of a brain cell or two. And while their first, very unorthodox meeting shows that perhaps he isn't entirely stupid, it creates other reservations entirely.Sebastian finds dodging admiring females and living down his reputation for reckless dare-devilry a full-time occupation. He had known that putting the past behind him in a society with an insatiable appetite for scandal and gossip would not be easy. But what he had not expected was to become the target of a former lover's dangerous obsession ... or to find himself falling victim to a pair of storm-cloud eyes.
How to Dazzle a Duke
Author: Claudia Dain
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101140054
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-09-01
View: 395
Read: 600
New in award-winning author Claudia Dain?s dazzling Courtesan series. Miss Penelope Prestwick wants a duke for a husband, and clearly the dashing Duke of Edenham is the best choice. Just as Lady Dalby is clearly the best person to arrange the match. But how exactly should Penelope go about dazzling a duke? Surely a show of cleavage never hurt. Perhaps a kiss? And a bit of competition might do nicely. To that end, Penelope approaches the Marquis of Iveston requesting that he kindly appear interested in her so that the Duke will take note. When he does, the game begins as all of Society tries to determine who will actually marry Penelope.
The Parfit Knight
Author: Stella Riley
ISBN: 1515073173
Pages: 218
Year: 2015-08-03
View: 639
Read: 231
When the Marquis of Amberley's coach is waylaid by highwaymen and his coachman shot, he is forced to take shelter at the first house he finds.Oakleigh Manor is the home of Rosalind Vernon who lives alone but for her devoted servants and an ill-mannered parrot, cut off from the outside world by the tragic result of a childhood accident. But Rosalind is bright, brave and totally devoid of self-pity and it is these qualities that, as the snow continues to fall, touch Amberley's heart.On his return to London, the Marquis persuades Rosalind's brother, Philip, to bring her to town for a taste of society - despite her handicap.But the course of Amberley's courtship is far from smooth. Philip Vernon actively dislikes him; Rosalind appears to be falling under the spell of the suavely elegant Duke of Rockliffe; and, worst of all, Amberley is haunted by a dark and terrible secret which, if revealed, may cause him to lose Rosalind forever.
Midnight Marriage
Author: Lucinda Brant
Publisher: Sprigleaf
ISBN: 0980801311
Pages: 290
Year: 2014-04-24
View: 1287
Read: 1191
Lucinda Brant's sweeping family sagas are a perfect reminder of why I fell in love with historical romance —Cheryl Bolen, NY Times bestselling author Roxton Family Saga Book 1: Julian and Deb’s Happily Ever After 1760s England and France: Based on real events, a hasty midnight marriage establishes a dynasty. Just twelve years old, and drugged with laudanum to make her compliant, Deborah Cavendish is woken in the middle of the night and married off to a distraught boy not much older than herself. Years later, Deb stumbles across a wounded duelist in the forest, and it is love at first sight. Deb has no idea the wounded duelist is in truth her noble husband Julian Hesham, Marquess of Alston, returned to England after years in exile to claim his wife. Remaining incognito, Julian is determined Deb will fall in love with him, not his title, and sets out to woo her before she can be seduced by a persistent suitor with ulterior motives. Their marriage, and the future of the Roxton dukedom depend upon it. Set in the opulent world of the aristocracy and inspired by real events, Lucinda Brant delivers another lavish 18th century experience in her trademark style—heart-wrenching drama with a happily ever after. Readers’ Favorite Audiobook Silver Medalist, Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Medalist, and B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree. Character-driven romantic adventure Non-explicit, mild sensuality Story length 100,000 words (not including bonus material)
Author: Sophie Weston, Masami Shinohara
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596268088
Year: 2018-05-21
View: 1200
Read: 1194
Named the best model in the world, Jemima, who is no romantic, is forced by her manager to find a boyfriend in an effort to improve her public image. Feeling pressured, she leaves for a small island in the Caribbean. There she meets a mysterious man named Niall, who challenges her with his sweet seductions. On this island that was once a pirate hideout, Niall promises Jemima an unforgettable day. But he has yet to learn the real reason why Jemima is so hesitant to fall in love…
Author: Stella Riley
ISBN: 1370819323
Year: 2018
View: 1191
Read: 540
Hazard: a game of Chance and Luck, made riskier when Fate is rolling the dice.For Aristide Delacroix, the first throw summons shades from his past. A man he had met, just once, over a card-table ... and the lovely girl indirectly responsible for plunging his life into catastrophe.For Lord Nicholas Wynstanton, tired of waiting for Madeleine Delacroix to make up her mind, it slyly suggests he begin a whole new game with loaded dice; while for Madeleine, it devises a terrifying lesson in missed opportunities and the uncertainty of second chances.And for Genevieve Westin, hoping widowhood will be happier than marriage, it brings a rude awakening - leaving a single, wild gamble her only option.A cardsharp turned businessman, a duke's charming brother, a stubborn, razor-edged beauty and a desperate widow.Four players in a game of Hazard ... all playing for very high stakes.
Truly Yours
Author: Barbara Metzger
Publisher: Untreed Reads
ISBN: 1611876567
Pages: 159
Year: 2014-01-19
View: 1260
Read: 1282
Alone in the world, Amanda Carville has no dowry, no reputation left, and no one who believes her to be innocent of murder, since she was found holding the gun that killed her stepfather. Viscount Rexford also has his troubles. He's scarred by war, and cursed--or blessed--with the family trait of knowing the truth when he hears it, and his success at extracting the truth from military prisoners has left many doubting his honor and his methods. When Amanda tells him she didn't do it, he believes her. Tired of the truth business, Rex refuses to get involved...until his heart leaves him no choice.
Noble Satyr
Author: Lucinda Brant
Publisher: Sprigleaf
ISBN: 0980801303
Pages: 339
Year: 2014-04-24
View: 937
Read: 1269
Winner of the $10,000 Woman's Day/Random House Romantic Fiction Prize. Eighteenth century romance alive with the sexual intrigues of the aristocracy in mid-1700's England and France. Blending accurate history, wit, and a page-turner style in the tradition of regency romances by Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Anne Gracie and Julia Ross '¿¿
The Attraction of Adeline
Author: Lisa Wells
Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck
ISBN: 1633759504
Pages: 277
Year: 2017-04-10
View: 1130
Read: 195
The Proposal: Adeline Rigby will live with Accountant Jack Foster and pretend to be his fake fiancée for one month in order for him to seal a promotion to partner. In return, Accountant Jack Foster will intimately tutor Adeline Rigby in French before she leaves for Paris where she will fulfill her dream of attending Le Cordon Bleu. The Terms: 1. Maintain distance. Three get-to-know-you dates before announcing their engagement will be tempting enough. 2. No kissing. Okay, fine. Three kisses. Maybe four. And neck kisses don’t count. 3. No touchy feely stuff. Or at least not too many public displays of touchy-feely stuff. 4. No sex. 5. All right, all right. One night of sex in order to be a believable engaged couple. 6. Two nights of mind-blowing sex to make sure first night wasn’t a fluke. 7. Absolutely, positively, no falling in love. Each book in the Off-the-Wall Proposal series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 The Seduction of Kinley Foster Book #2 The Attraction of Adeline
The Earl and the Hoyden
Author: Mary Nichols
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426852320
Pages: 288
Year: 2010-04-01
View: 889
Read: 282
Miss Charlotte Cartwright has never forgotten Roland Temple's contemptuous rejection of her hand in marriage. And she's not about to forgive either—even if Roland, the new Earl of Amerleigh, is now older, wiser and ten times as handsome! Roland has returned home from the wars to find much has changed, including his spitfire of a neighbor. He's soon determined to right the wrongs of the past—and this time the hoyden will be his bride….
The Marigold Chain
Author: Stella Riley
ISBN: 151709920X
Pages: 300
Year: 2015-09-22
View: 1264
Read: 631
England 1666; the year all the prophecies said the world would end.For Chloe Hervaux, marriage to wild, unpredictable Alex Deveril offers escape from a home she hates. For Alex, waking up with an epic hangover, the discovery that he has acquired a bride is an unwelcome shock. But while the marriage remains in name only, other forces are gathering.England is at war with the Dutch and Prince Rupert suspects that sabotage is at work in the fleet. Instructed to find and stop the traitor, Alex enters a dark, secret labyrinth of intrigue - where no life is safe and nothing is what it seems.Chloe, meanwhile, navigates the shark-infested waters of Charles 11's licentious Court and plots a course of her own aimed at financial independence. But as the diverse facets of Mr Deveril's personality are gradually revealed, her mock-marriage becomes fraught with difficulties - the greatest of which is Mr Deveril himself.Absorbed in his search for a traitor, Alex spares little thought for personal matters and less for his bride. But as the flames of the Great Fire sweep over London, he and Chloe face their ultimate test. Their world is at risk ... their choices may save it.The Marigold Chain is a richly-woven tale of intrigue, danger and love set against a backdrop of Restoration England during the year expected to be Doomsday.
A Splendid Defiance
Author: Stella Riley
ISBN: 1499262590
Pages: 370
Year: 2014-11-18
View: 897
Read: 236
In 1644, one of Prince Rupert's cavalry officers, Justin Ambrose is posted to the garrison at Banbury Castle as a punishment. The town, already famed for its Puritan zeal, is unswervingly hostile towards the Cavaliers on its doorstep. Justin loathes the place and, deprived of action, is bored, irritable and resentful. Abigail Radford has been taught by her fanatically religious brother, Jonas, to be modest, submissive and, above all, obedient - so when Captain Ambrose crosses her path she finds him as alarming as he is intriguing.When the Parliament sends a large fighting force along with a huge artillery train to re-possess the Castle, Justin gets the action he has been craving and Abigail finds herself playing hostess to the Roundhead colonel and his staff ... but the Great Siege takes its toll on both sides. At the end of fourteen long weeks, the garrison have neither powder, shot nor food and have eaten everything except their last two horses. Remarkably, however, they still hold the Castle.Against all the odds, Justin and Abigail secretly develop a curious friendship and, out of devilment coupled with a deep dislike of Jonas Radford, Justin decides to nurture seeds of insurrection in Abigail. But what begins as a few innocent acts of defiance gradually becomes something rather different, bringing danger in its wake. Both of them know that any future relationship is doomed because the gulf between them is so wide as to be unbridgeable. For Abby, this is due to her appalling brother; for Justin, the cause is a shadow from his past that he can no longer keep hidden when it threatens both Abigail's life and the security of the Castle. But when the Parliament embarks on a second siege and surrender looms large on the horizon, the unwanted feelings that Justin knows he has no choice but to deny become stronger and more painful than any blade or bullet.A Splendid Defiance is a dramatic and enchanting story of forbidden love set against the turmoil and anguish of the Civil War. It is also the true account of one English castle and the men who defended it.
When a Marquess Loves a Woman
Author: Vivienne Lorret
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062446355
Year: 2016-10-04
View: 753
Read: 496
As a young, penniless gentleman, Maxwell Harwick knew he had little to offer Juliet White—the most beautiful debutante of the season—except his love, and one thoroughly scandalous kiss. But when they were discovered in a compromising position, a nearly ruined Juliet fled into the arms of a rich, older lord... taking Max’s heart with her. Now a widow, Lady Juliet Granworth intends to use the fortune she inherited from her odious husband to build a new life in London. Five years have passed, but she’s never forgotten Max… or his soul-searing kiss. Yet it’s clear the newly-minted Marquess of Thayne has not forgiven her—after all, the infuriating man can barely stand the sight of her. But Juliet has endured far too much to give up without a fight and if it’s a battle of wills he wants, it’s a battle he’ll get. He hates her for breaking his heart. She detests him for destroying her future. But beneath all the loathing simmers an intoxicating passion that neither can ignore… and the harder they resist, the harder they will inevitably fall.
The Dark Affair
Author: Máire Claremont
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101609354
Pages: 336
Year: 2014-03-04
View: 167
Read: 731
The Victorian era was full of majestic beauty and scandalous secrets—a time when corsets were the least of a woman’s restrictions, and men could kill or be killed in the name of honor… Lady Margaret Cassidy left a life of nobility behind in Ireland, forsaking her grieving homeland to aid war-ravaged men in England. Still, she never expected a cruel turn of fate to lock her into an unwanted betrothal with one of her English patients—much less one as broken and dangerous as Viscount Powers. Wrecked by his tragic past, Powers’ opiate-addled sanity hangs precariously in the balance, leaving him poised to destroy anyone who dares to utter the names of the wife and child he still so deeply mourns. So when he is forced to marry Margaret in exchange for freedom, he is shocked by the desire to earn her trust, her body, and—most alarming of all—her heart…

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