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The holy innocents
Author: Gilbert Adair
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Pages: 154
Year: 1989-05-03
View: 890
Read: 257

The holy innocents
Author: Gilbert Adair
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 154
Year: 1988
View: 1188
Read: 962

The Holy Innocents
Author: Gilbert Adair
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0749390093
Pages: 148
Year: 1989
View: 488
Read: 510

The Mystery of the Holy Innocents and Other Poems
Author: Charles Peguy
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532645856
Pages: 168
Year: 2018-02-28
View: 1116
Read: 328
“CHARLES PÉGUY is the only poet of consequence during the last fifty years in France whose work has failed to arouse the smallest critical interest in this country. Compared with Claudel or Valéry, to mention two of his contemporaries, he has simply fallen flat. It almost seems as though the term ‘poetry’ were out of place, or as though, and this is perhaps nearer the truth, the conception of poetry his work implied placed it outside the pale of contemporary criticism. There seems to be nothing for criticism to get its teeth into. Everything is plain sailing. There is no shell to crack, no secret to explore, no difficulty of language, no impenetrable thought, no interplay of images to be unraveled. In whatever direction the critic looks, whether at the technique, the ideas, the images of the psychological sphere, there is nothing to be done, or at any rate nothing worth doing.” —From the Introduction
The Holy Innocents
Author: Eppel, John
Publisher: amabooks
ISBN: 0797493751
Pages: 115
Year: 2013-08-13
View: 1042
Read: 756
A satirical novel about life in Zimbabwe's second city Bulawayo, with cults and muti murders, and the exploitation of the poor and powerless by the rich and powerful.
The Feast of the Holy Innocents
Author: Samuel Marshall Ilsley
Pages: 28
Year: 1930
View: 500
Read: 1095

The Innocents Abroad
Author: Mark Twain
Pages: 651
Year: 1879
View: 171
Read: 501

The Holy Innocents
Author: Ellen Davies Rodgers, Kenneth Garrett
Pages: 460
Year: 1965
View: 481
Read: 916

The Holy Innocents
Author: Kate Sedley
ISBN: 0786205229
Pages: 385
Year: 1995
View: 843
Read: 1056

The Franciscan Saints
Author: Robert Ellsberg
Publisher: Franciscan Media
ISBN: 163253195X
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-08-30
View: 1247
Read: 1281
Reading Robert Ellsberg’s profiles of holy men and women is like throwing open a window in a stuffy old church and taking in great gulps of fresh air. Henri Nouwen has described his writing as “evocative without being pious.” He broadens the traditional vision of sanctity and calls modern readers of all stripes to claim their potential for moral and spiritual growth, courage and action. By choosing relevant models and contemporary heroes, he makes holiness accessible and attractive to ordinary people. These 101 spiritual trailblazers span the centuries from Francis and Clare to Solanus Casey and Mychal Judge, with representatives from every walk of life and corner of the world. Each entry features the essential biographical facts and adds the insight and depth only Ellsberg can provide. The author’s sharp eye for signs and stories of holiness in the gritty, messy real world informs his selections, making his work unique. Obscure lay peasants, married activists, and controversial social reformers take pride of place alongside better-known theologians, founders, and canonized saints.
Shadow of the Lions
Author: Christopher Swann
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 1616207671
Pages: 368
Year: 2017-08-01
View: 518
Read: 1024
“My lungs began to burn as I started sprinting. It wasn’t just that I wanted to catch Fritz. I had the distinct feeling that I was chasing him, that I had to catch up with him, before something caught up with me.” How long must we pay for the crimes of our youth? That is just one question Christopher Swann explores in this compulsively readable debut, a literary thriller set in the elite—and sometimes dark—environs of Blackburne, a prep school in Virginia. When Matthias Glass’s best friend, Fritz, vanishes without a trace in the middle of an argument during their senior year, Matthias tries to move on with his life, only to realize that until he discovers what happened to his missing friend, he will be stuck in the past, guilty, responsible, alone. Almost ten years after Fritz’s disappearance, Matthias gets his chance. Offered a job teaching English at Blackburne, he gets swiftly drawn into the mystery. In the shadowy woods of his alma mater, he stumbles into a web of surveillance, dangerous lies, and buried secrets—and discovers the troubled underbelly of a school where the future had once always seemed bright. A sharp tale full of false leads and surprise turns, Shadow of the Lions is also wise and moving. Christopher Swann has given us a gripping debut about friendship, redemption, and what it means to lay the past to rest.
The Gospel According to Matthew
Publisher: Canongate U.S.
ISBN: 0802136168
Pages: 78
Year: 1999
View: 488
Read: 571
The publication of the King James version of the Bible, translated between 1603 and 1611, coincided with an extraordinary flowering of English literature and is universally acknowledged as the greatest influence on English-language literature in history. Now, world-class literary writers introduce the book of the King James Bible in a series of beautifully designed, small-format volumes. The introducers' passionate, provocative, and personal engagements with the spirituality and the language of the text make the Bible come alive as a stunning work of literature and remind us of its overwhelming contemporary relevance.
The Dreamers
Author: Gilbert Adair
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571319815
Pages: 208
Year: 2014-07-17
View: 1224
Read: 552
Paris in the spring of 1968. The city is beginning to emerge from hibernation and an obscure spirit of social and political renewal is in the air. Yet Théo, his twin sister Isabelle and Matthew, an American student they have befriended, think only of immersing themselves in another, addictive form of hibernation: moviegoing at the Cinémathèque Française. Night after night, they take their place beside their fellow cinephiles in the very front row of the stalls and feast insatiably off the images that flicker across the vast white screen. Denied their nightly 'fix' when the French government suddenly orders the Cinémathèque's closure, Théo, Isabelle and Matthew gradually withdraw into a hermetically sealed universe of their own creation, an airless universe of obsessive private games, ordeals, humiliations and sexual jousting which finds them shedding their clothes and their inhibitions with equal abandon. A vertiginous free fall interrupted only, and tragically, when the real world outside their shuttered apartment succeeds at last in encroaching on their delirium. The study of a triangular relationship whose perverse eroticism contrives nevertheless to conserve its own bruised purity, brilliant in its narrative invention and startling in its imagery, The Dreamers (now a major film by Bernardo Bertolucci) belongs to the romantic French tradition of Les Enfants Terribles and Le Grand Meaulnes and resembles no other work in recent British fiction.
Holy Innocents
Author: Kate Sedley
ISBN: 0745131808
Pages: 385
Year: 1995
View: 294
Read: 1005

Sherlock Holmes - Cry of the Innocents
Author: Cavan Scott
Publisher: Titan Books (US, CA)
ISBN: 1783297174
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-09-19
View: 316
Read: 1152
A HOLY MYSTERY It is 1891, and a catholic priest arrives at 221b baker street, only to utter the words “il corpe” before suddenly dropping dead. Though the man’s death is attributed to cholera, when news of another dead priest reaches Holmes, he becomes convinced that the men have been poisoned. He and Watson learn that the victims were on a mission from the Vatican to investigate a miracle; it is said that the body of eighteenth-century philanthropist and slave trader Edwyn Warwick has not decomposed. But should the Pope canonise a man who made his fortune through slavery? And when Warwick’s body is stolen, it becomes clear that the priests’ mission has attracted the attention of a deadly conspiracy...

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