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The Book of Truth
Author: Paul Selig
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1524705160
Pages: 368
Year: 2017-06-06
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As recently seen on ABC's Nightline, channeler Paul Selig presents the second work in his acclaimed Mastery Trilogy. The Book of Truth casts your relationships--and what they reveal about you--in a dramatic and radical new light. The channeled literature of Paul Selig--who receives clairaudient dictation from unseen intellects called the Guides--has quickly become the most important and celebrated expression of channeling since A Course In Miracles rose to prominence in the 1970s. Selig's previous trilogy of channeled wisdom--I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth--won a large following around the world for its depth, intimacy, and psychological insight. The first book of his new Mastery Trilogy, The Book of Mastery, likewise attained popularity and praise. Now, Selig continues the "Teachings of Mastery" with the widely anticipated second volume in his new series: The Book of Truth From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Book of Mastery
Author: Paul Selig
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698404254
Pages: 384
Year: 2016-01-05
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The first book in channeler Paul Selig’s widely anticipated Mastery Trilogy leads you into an unprecedented journey of self-development, at once building your personal excellence and your ability to improve life for others. The channeled literature of Paul Selig -- who receives clairaudient dictation from unseen intellects called the Guides -- has quickly become the most important and celebrated expression of channeling since A Course In Miracles rose to prominence in the 1970s. Selig’s three previous books -- I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth -- have won a growing following around the world for their depth, intimacy, and psychological insight. Now, Selig embarks upon an extraordinary new trilogy on the “Teachings of Mastery” with his inaugural volume: The Book of Mastery. The Book of Mastery provides a deeply practical prescription for heightening your abilities, aptitudes, and sense of personal excellence. The Guides’ teachings go much further, however, instructing you how to improve life for others and, ultimately, for global humanity. As the Guides themselves put it: “We will tell you this: No one who reads these books will be left unchanged. They will be like molecular systems that reinvigorate and realign and reclaim the reader to themselves in their worth, in their identity and, beyond that, in their physical realm. Underline physical realm if you like. Because the physical realm that we teach in is about to go back to the stone ages unless you all get it together.”
I Am the Word
Author: Paul Selig
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101188308
Pages: 352
Year: 2010-06-24
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The channeled Guides of I Am the Word provide a concise and immensely powerful program in self-awareness that can ease negative complexes and align your existence with its highest purpose. Humanity has lost itself. Both as individuals and as a world culture, we have forgotten our true nature. In I Am the Word, writer and medium Paul Selig has recorded an extraordinary program for self- realization, as dispensed through beings of higher intelligence, sometimes called Guides or Ascended Masters. These figures seek, as they have in the past, to assist men and women in discovering the higher, purposeful nature-or "Christed Self"-that lies dormant within us all. In a series of enticing, irresistibly practical dialogues, the Guides of I Am the Word identify the emotional "boulders" that displace our authentic selves and consume our potential. The Guides provide to-the-point psychological and existential insights, along with self-developing exercises and affirmations, which begin to strip away residues of fear, self-doubt, and self-suffocating habits.
The Book of Love and Creation
Author: Paul Selig
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101597666
Pages: 416
Year: 2012-09-13
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Read: 700
This major new work of channeled literature shows readers how to develop their own intuitive abilities and continues the program of self-development begun in Paul Selig's popular previous book, I Am the Word. In this bold, bracing, and tremendously practical new work of spiritual psychology, author and medium Paul Selig takes the channeled teachings begun in his acclaimed I Am the Word into dramatic new territory. In this fresh revelation, the invisible teachers who speak through Selig actually instruct readers on how to develop their own powers of intuition, clairvoyance, and inner knowing. The Book of Love and Creation simultaneously helps readers develop as spiritual beings within, while growing into increasingly capable, resilient, and confident individuals amid the demands of outer life. Filled with meditations, exercises, psychological insights, and affirmations, The Book of Love and Creation immediately produces change in the life of every dedicated person who approaches it. Perfect for returning readers and newcomers alike, the book is an extraordinary experience in a new body of channeled wisdom that is attracting readers across the world.
The Book of Knowing and Worth
Author: Paul Selig
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101633735
Pages: 336
Year: 2013-12-26
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Read: 704
The third in Paul Selig’s popular “I Am the Word” channeled literature series, this extraordinary psychological-spiritual guide addresses how to overcome low self-worth and claim our true purpose as individuals. Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Award represents “Better Books for a Better World”—the Silver Award in the category of Religion /Spirituality: Other Traditions. In his third channeled text, Paul Selig—acclaimed author of I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation—brings us his most practical message yet. Informing us that “you decide what you are worth,” Selig’s spiritual guides take readers through a program to understand our own inherent worth, and beat the fears that drain our inborn spiritual knowing.. Selig reveals that true understanding of our life’s purpose can be found through “service”—the practice of the thing that you most love. Readers can discover their own form of service through this powerful mantra: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”
The Law of Light
Author: Lars Muhl
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited
ISBN: 1780288395
Pages: 117
Year: 2014-10-16
View: 1188
Read: 721
Lars Muhl has had a lifelong burning interest in Jesus, not only as an archetype, savior, boddhisatava and elder brother, but also in relation to the Essenes from the Dead Sea. The Law of Light is the result of his many years spent studying Aramaic and the techniques of Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua spoke Aramaic. Through the Aramaic language, his teachings offer not just another interpretation of the New Testament, but the unveiling of a secret message that attempts, once and for all, to settle centuries-old conceptions of sin, and to once again connect man with the heavenly spiritual source. The core of Yeshua’s Aramaic message is intimacy, freedom, selfless awareness, unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. In all he says, there exists a hidden invitation to us to be present in, and dedicated to, everything with which we engage. Five minutes of total devotion is worth more than hours of hectic exertion. The aim is to set mankind free and to dismiss everything that is bound up in false notions.
Application of Impossible Things - My Near Death Experience in Iraq
Author: Natalie Sudman
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
ISBN: 188694024X
Pages: 120
Year: 2012
View: 1165
Read: 824
Natalie’s near death experience when her truck was hit with a roadside bomb in Iraq. She recalls the entire spirit side experience as they repair her body so she could live.
The 11 Karmic Spaces
Author: Ma Jaya Bhagavati
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0983822816
Pages: 232
Year: 2011-11-11
View: 639
Read: 236
OVERVIEW AND DESCRIPTION OF THE BOOK Many of us are on an inner journey of some kind. And yet, though we may have come to a place of greater awareness, mental and behavioral patterns often persist that seem to keep us from progressing. Negative emotions, addictions, procrastination, attachments – all keep the soul from fulfilling its deepest purpose. How do we transcend the traps that ensnare us again and again? The Eleven Karmic Spaces describes these traps as forms of karma. We all know the word, yet few understand karma’s nuances, traps, and gifts–or how it truly works. Fewer still know how to deal with karma. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, an American-born interfaith spiritual teacher and mystic, shares her deep understanding in a simple, accessible format designed for anyone who seeks greater awareness to guide his or her life. She teaches us that karma is a spiritual law to which we are all bound, yet there is grace. There is freedom of choice. We have the ability, through developing awareness and intuition, to acknowledge and overcome karma. Ma shows us how. Everyone has the ability to be happy, and everyone has the ability to live in the moment, and yet we find ourselves trapped again and again in old patterns that go far deeper than simple habits. These habits affect us mind, body, and spirit, and hold us back from knowing our true selves. In effect, they hold us back from being in touch with our own perfect souls, which are in harmony with the universe, or with the mind of God, or with whatever we choose to call the deepest reality. This is karma: the patterns that trap us in a limited life. The Eleven Karmic Spaces can serve as a modern path to liberation, or as Ma says, “an instruction manual to help you find your soul.” Ma Jaya teaches us that happiness can be found. In fact, it has never been lost because it exists within all of us as pure potential. But karma hinders our happiness, creating a crust or barrier around our deepest selves. At the heart of happiness is freedom, the freedom found in understanding and dismantling the crust of karma. In addition to explaining what karma is and how it works, The Eleven Karmic Spaces teaches the reader how to recognize the karmic patterns, both good and bad, in our lives and how to overcome them. The Eleven Karmic Spaces differs from other books on karma by offering practical solutions, thus serving as a guidebook that can help contemporary people with their lives. Most teachings on karma are closely linked to the doctrine of reincarnation, another idea that is often misunderstood in the West. While Ma Jaya’s core teachings include reincarnation, she makes it clear that exploring past lives is not where our focus should lie. It is our lives in the here and now that are important, for it is what we do with each present moment that counts. To offer us a path to follow, Ma Jaya has identified patterns of limitation and self-sabotage that we impose on ourselves. Ma calls these patterns “Karmic Spaces” and has identified eleven of the most common ones, each representing a habitual pattern or the constant repetition of mistakes that bar the way to happiness. A karmic space is like a net in the mind that has captured your thoughts and controls you. That’s why it feels as though it keeps you stuck in a kind of space or a place. Ma often refers to the Karmic Spaces as “cubbyholes” because, as we flee to them for safety, they appear to be warm, soft and inviting–the perfect place for the mind to hide out. She offers detailed descriptions of each karmic space, ways to recognize when one is at work in your life, and tools to transcend it. The book also includes stories by those who have used these teachings, to reveal the relevance to ordinary situations. Moving away from a karmic space, or moving the mind and emotions away from the thoughts that have entrapped them, is more difficult than we realize. Although the self-help movement brims with good advice, Ma Jaya’s focus on karma offers something more, a way to conquer the deepest patterns. She teaches us how to intuitively recognize when a karmic space is at work in our lives. She teaches us what happens to us when we are in a karmic space. For example, how can you tell that you are stuck in a karmic space, and which one? What emotions and thought patterns are typical of each space? What does the energy of a karmic space feel like? How does a karmic space affect how you feel about yourself and others? What is keeping you trapped where you are? How can you get out? Then what? Each chapter also contains a discussion of the “grace” of the space, or its positive aspect. While the spaces themselves are neither good nor bad, we usually look on the negative. But the karmic spaces have positive lessons as well, and each chapter on the space will include a discussion of what the space can offer us when we conquer it with faith and awareness. Ma’s promise to us is simple: As we learn to recognize our own karmic patterns, we can break free from them, thereby transcending karma and dissolving its boundaries around our happiness.
The Book of Truth
Author: Jesus Christ (Spirit), Maria Divine Mercy
ISBN: 1909448001
Pages: 528
Year: 2012-11
View: 1007
Read: 242
This generation will witness the second coming of Christ. That's according to the author of this book which, she says, contains divine messages dictated to her by Jesus Christ on a daily basis since 9 November 2010 and which are on-going. The messages are simple, dispel the myths about the creation of the universe, reinforce the teachings of Christ and predict future events in detail.
Beyond Consciousness
Author: Jc Gordon
ISBN: 0994983034
Year: 2017-01-01
View: 632
Read: 863
Beyond Consciousness is a must read for anyone searching for the truth and freedom they innately know and have been blinded from seeing. It is the result of author JC Gordon's 20-year quest to best communicate the Power and Force of Everything he was downloaded during his near death experience. Beyond Consciousness unveils the Higher Consciousness essence of parapsychology every heart knows and every mind has longed to understand. It de-mystifies life by going where we have never gone to reveal all that happened before the beginning of time and all that will happen after the end of time. It unveils the steps that unlocks your Higher Consciousness infinite wealth, wisdom and wellness parapsychology infinite potentials which extinguish today's prevailing energy of fear and negativity and activate your physical immortality. Enjoy the journey and boldly go where you have never gone to unleash the future you innately know.
The Book of Freedom
Author: Paul Selig
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1524705209
Pages: 368
Year: 2018-11-06
View: 925
Read: 455
The third work in channeler Paul Selig's acclaimed Mastery Trilogy guides readers to the knowledge of their true selves. "The crown jewel of the mastery trilogy--the most important spiritual work of our time."--Aubrey Marcus, New York Times bestselling author of Own the Day, Own Your Life, founder and CEO of Onnit The channeled literature of Paul Selig--who receives clairaudient dictation from unseen intellects called the Guides--has quickly become the most important and celebrated expression of channeling since A Course In Miracles rose to prominence in the 1970s. Selig's previous trilogy of channeled wisdom--I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth--won a large following around the world for its depth, intimacy, and psychological insight. The first two books of his new Mastery Trilogy, The Book of Mastery and The Book of Truth, likewise attained popularity and praise. Now, Selig continues the "Teachings of Mastery" with the widely anticipated third volume in the series: The Book of Freedom, which shows readers how to find full expression as the Divine Self through surrender and acquiescence to the true nature of their being.
The Book of Daniel
Author: E.L. Doctorow
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0307762955
Pages: 320
Year: 2010-11-10
View: 630
Read: 696
The central figure of this novel is a young man whose parents were executed for conspiring to steal atomic secrets for Russia. His name is Daniel Isaacson, and as the story opens, his parents have been dead for many years. He has had a long time to adjust to their deaths. He has not adjusted. Out of the shambles of his childhood, he has constructed a new life—marriage to an adoring girl who gives him a son of his own, and a career in scholarship. It is a life that enrages him. In the silence of the library at Columbia University, where he is supposedly writing a Ph.D. dissertation, Daniel composes something quite different. It is a confession of his most intimate relationships—with his wife, his foster parents, and his kid sister Susan, whose own radicalism so reproaches him. It is a book of memories: riding a bus with his parents to the ill-fated Paul Robeson concert in Peekskill; watching the FBI take his father away; appearing with Susan at rallies protesting their parents’ innocence; visiting his mother and father in the Death House. It is a book of investigation: transcribing Daniel’s interviews with people who knew his parents, or who knew about them; and logging his strange researches and discoveries in the library stacks. It is a book of judgments of everyone involved in the case—lawyers, police, informers, friends, and the Isaacson family itself. It is a book rich in characters, from elderly grand- mothers of immigrant culture, to covert radicals of the McCarthy era, to hippie marchers on the Pen-tagon. It is a book that spans the quarter-century of American life since World War II. It is a book about the nature of Left politics in this country—its sacrificial rites, its peculiar cruelties, its humility, its bitterness. It is a book about some of the beautiful and terrible feelings of childhood. It is about the nature of guilt and innocence, and about the relations of people to nations. It is The Book of Daniel.
The Truth
Author: Neil Strauss
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062355589
Pages: 448
Year: 2015-10-13
View: 1299
Read: 1250
This is not a journey that was undertaken for journalistic purposes. It is a painfully honest account of a life crisis that was forced on me by my own behavior and its consequences. "As such, it requires sharing a lot of things I'm not proud of—and a few things I feel like I should regret a whole lot more than I actually do. Because, unfortunately, I am not the hero in this tale. I am the villain." So begins Neil Strauss's long-awaited follow-up to The Game, the funny and slyly instructive work of immersive journalism that jump-started the international "seduction community" and made Strauss a household name—revered or notorious—among single men and women alike. In The Truth, Strauss takes on his greatest challenge yet: Relationships. And in this wild and highly entertaining ride, he explores the questions that men and women are asking themselves every day: Is it natural to be faithful to one person for life? Do alternatives to monogamy lead to better relationships and greater happiness? What draws us to the partners we choose? Can we keep passion and romance from fading over time? His quest for answers takes him from Viagra-laden free-love orgies to sex addiction clinics, from cutting-edge science labs to modern-day harems, and, most terrifying of all, to his own mother. What he discovered changed everything he knew about love, sex, relationships, and, ultimately, himself. Searingly honest and compulsively readable, The Truth just may have the same effect on you. If The Game taught you how to meet members of the opposite sex, The Truth will teach you how to keep them.
How to Be Ultra Spiritual
Author: JP Sears
Publisher: Sounds True
ISBN: 1622038223
Pages: 264
Year: 2017-03-07
View: 574
Read: 834
Welcome to the Glorious Grandeur of Ultra Spirituality In case you haven’t noticed, the New Age has become the Old Age. But don’t recycle your crystals just yet! His Enlightenedness JP Sears is ushering in the Newer Age, blinding us with the dawn-like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality. How to Be Ultra Spiritual presents Ultra Spiritual JP’s none-of-a-kind guidance, so you can better yourself through teachings on: • Competitive spirituality—the Ultra Spiritual foundation that the rest of your Ultra Spiritual path rests on • Why burying your feelings alive makes you thrive • Dreaming up your awakening—how to engineer your carefully contrived spiritual narrative • Rigidly yogic yoga—the moisture-filled cloud formation that drops rain upon your river so your flow can flow • Following the light to the greener spiritual pastures of veganism • He-ness, financial levity, deathliness, and other qualities of the quality guru • Mindfullessness—all of the fullness of mindfulness with none of the mind • Merciless meditation—the most effective way to become more meditative (and, duh, more spiritual) • Accessing the forces of critical nonjudgment • Using plant spirit medicine to experience a degree of enlightenment that you aren’t enlightened enough to experience without the spirit who lives inside its particular vegetation • Humbleness, and how to employ it in the most superior sense of the word With How to Be Ultra Spiritual, His Enlightenedness JP Sears brings the heart and soul of ancient spirituality back to life with a progressive aggression, replacing the diluted uselessness of modern spirituality with the waaay more spiritual wisdom of Ultra Spirituality. See if you can keep up . . .
Author: René Guénon, Cecil Bethell
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 0900588551
Pages: 191
Year: 2003-10-01
View: 864
Read: 959
Ren Gunon (1886-1951) is undoubtedly one of the luminaries of the twentieth century, whose critique of the modern world has stood fast against the shifting sands of recent philosophies. His oeuvre of 26 volumes is providential for the modern seeker: pointing ceaselessly to the perennial wisdom found in past cultures ranging from the Shamanistic to the Indian and Chinese, the Hellenic and Judaic, the Christian and Islamic, and including also Alchemy, Hermeticism, and other esoteric currents, at the same time it directs the reader to the deepest level of religious praxis, emphasizing the need for affiliation with a revealed tradition even while acknowledging the final identity of all spiritual paths as they approach the summit of spiritual realization. Miscellanea gathers together for Anglophone readers various articles by Ren Gunon and by 'Palingenius', his pseudonym during the time of La Gnose, a journal he founded in 1909. These articles have been divided into three categories: 'Metaphysics and Cosmology', 'Traditional Arts and Sciences', and 'Some Modern Errors'. A sampling of chapters: 'Monotheism and Angelology'; 'Spirit and Intellect'; 'Silence and Solitude'; 'The Empiricism of the Ancients'; 'Gnosis and the Spiritist Schools'; 'The Origins of Mormonism', 'On the Production of Numbers', 'On Mathematical Notation'; 'Initiation and the Crafts'; and 'The Arts & their Traditional Conception'. In the latter two chapters the author explains why initiation became necessary in the measure that humanity receded from the 'primordial state', explaining the reasons for the degeneration of the arts and crafts due to the 'fall' or descending trajectory of the present cycle. He nonetheless points out the possibility of an initiation into the 'lesser mysteries' based upon the craft of building which still exists validly in the West.