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Art Of Jose Gonzalez
Author: David Roach
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
ISBN: 1606907433
Pages: 246
Year: 2017-01-04
View: 1111
Read: 1032
For nearly two decades, Jose "Pepe" Gonzalez was hailed as the premier Vampirella artist, drawing the fiery vixen for Warren Publishing in the Seventies and Eighties. Renowned for bringing to life the most beautiful women the art world has ever seen, Gonzalez's career spans from drawing British romance comics to movie stars, book covers to commercial advertising, and, of course, personal commissions for loved ones and devotees. For the first time ever, author David Roach covers Jose's entire career, transcending his vast body of Vampirella work to explore the full breadth of the master's creations. Vampirella collectors and Jose Gonzalez fans rejoice, for the life-spanning retrospective you've been waiting for has finally arrived! Featuring an introduction by fan-favorite painter Joe Jusko.
World War II Sea War, Vol 7: The Allies Strike Back
Author: Donald A Bertke, Gordon Smith, Don Kindell
ISBN: 1937470113
View: 893
Read: 160

Catalogue of Books in the Lending Library
Author: Edinburgh (Scotland). Public Library
Pages: 538
Year: 1890
View: 898
Read: 654

Catalogue of the Lending Department
Author: Aberdeen (Scotland). Public library
Pages: 659
Year: 1886
View: 1050
Read: 237

Raqiya Volume 4
Author: Masao Yajima, Boichi
Publisher: One Peace Books Incorporated
ISBN: 1935548743
Pages: 208
Year: 2015-02-17
View: 1305
Read: 165
Originally published: Tokyo: Kodansha Ltd., 2010.
Trigun Multiple Bullets
Author: Yasuhiro Nightow
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1616551054
Pages: 204
Year: 2013-03-19
View: 573
Read: 369
Trigun is back with a heavily armed posse of talented gunslingers! An anthology of Trigun tales, Multiple Bullets features the hard-to-find story Badlands Rumble' by Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow (available previously only with the limited-edition Trigun: Badlands Rumble DVD) plus original Trigun stories from top creators Boichi Yusuke Takeyama, Satoshi Mizukami (, Kenji Mitsuyoshi and Koichi Ishikawa's studio Ark Performance ,Akira Sagami, humor cartoonist Yuga Takauchi, and Masakazu Ishiguro.'
Complete Catalogue of the Tauchnitz Edition of British and American Authors
Author: Bernhard Tauchnitz Verlag
Pages: 268
Year: 1905
View: 481
Read: 520

Rock Fractures in Geological Processes
Author: Agust Gudmundsson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139500694
Year: 2011-04-28
View: 437
Read: 1134
Rock fractures control many of Earth's dynamic processes, including plate-boundary development, tectonic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and fluid transport in the crust. An understanding of rock fractures is also essential for effective exploitation of natural resources such as ground water, geothermal water, and petroleum. This book combines results from fracture mechanics, materials science, rock mechanics, structural geology, hydrogeology, and fluid mechanics to explore and explain fracture processes and fluid transport in the crust. Basic concepts are developed from first principles and illustrated with worked examples linking models of geological processes to real field observations and measurements. Many additional examples and exercises are provided online, allowing readers to practise formulating and quantitative testing of models. Rock Fractures in Geological Processes is designed for courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level but also forms a vital resource for researchers and industry professionals concerned with fractures and fluid transport in the Earth's crust.
Kieli, Vol. 7 (light novel)
Author: Yukako Kabei
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 197530098X
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-03-27
View: 1333
Read: 986
When the Corporal's wires get crossed and his memory begins to fail, Harvey and Kieli are forced to temporarily set aside their search for Beatrix to scout for pre-War parts for their afflicted comrade. Along the way, they encounter a strange beast who knows far too much about Undyings and has taken an unsettling interest in Harvey. But it may be a far more mundane menace from Kieli's past that threatens the couple's continuing journey...
Overlord, Vol. 7 (light novel)
Author: Kugane Maruyama
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 0316398829
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-05-22
View: 717
Read: 275
A group of "workers" whose better judgement has been clouded by hopes and expectations have descended into the unknown depths of a mysterious tomb. These trespassers include the small but elite team Foresight, the storied warriors of Heavy Masher, the crew lead by a legendary elder worker, Green Leaf, and the invincible swordsmen of Angel. They are some of the best that can be hired, but as more and more vengeful residents of Nazarrick appear, will any make it out alive?
Black Lagoon
Author: Rei Hiroe
ISBN: 9812767207
Pages: 198
Year: 2010
View: 469
Read: 985
As the newest crew member of the Black Lagoon, Rock is learning that life as a pirate is more than just fun in the sun. After a salvage job on a sunken German U-Boat turns into a blowout with a gang of neo-Nazis, the crew realises they have more than a few issues with Revy's temper. But when the arrival of a pair of psychotic assassins in Roanapur nearly starts a gang war, Rock is going to need all the friends he can get!
Pages: 112
Year: 1873
View: 1159
Read: 1056

Ken Games - Volume 1 - Rock
Author: José Manuel Robledo
Publisher: Europe Comics
Pages: 48
Year: 2015-11-25T00:00:00+01:00
View: 1220
Read: 291
This first volume of the Ken Games series gives us a profile of Peter Fermat (aka Rock), a young man who, like each of the three main characters, is leading a double life. His story opens with a boxing match which has a nasty ending for the up-and-coming boxer, despite his victory. It's not long before we discover that Rock is not only striving to make it in the boxing world, but is also something of a mathematical genius, which is how he met his best friend, TJ. For the first time in all their years of friendship, TJ introduces Rock to a girlfriend, the lovely Anne. Anne and Rock soon establish a bond of trust when Rock discovers that Anne too is living a double life, even though Anne's secret is not exactly what she leads Rock to believe. This is just the beginning of the tangled web of lies and deception that gets ever more convoluted as the series goes on...
Journeys Through Bookland
Author: Charles H. Sylvester
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 143447805X
Pages: 516
Year: 2008-10-01
View: 1197
Read: 659
A collection of various pieces of poetry and prose.
... Encyclopædic Catalogue ...
Author: Guille-Allès Library and Museum, Guernsey
Year: 1891
View: 413
Read: 1035

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