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Su Amante a la Espera
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
ISBN: 1549508369
Pages: 95
Year: 2017-08-15
View: 775
Read: 1298
Mientras pasea por las pistas de Mil�n, Andie lo ve y su coraz�n empieza a correr. S�lo hay algo sobre el hombre que cambia su mundo, hace que todo sea m�s brillante y m�s feliz. Cuanto m�s conoce a Antonio, m�s se enamora de �l. Cuando su relaci�n alcanza un crescendo f�sico, ella le dice c�mo su coraz�n se ha ca�do para �l, pensando que �l siente la misma manera. Despreparado, y sufriendo de dolorosa historia con amor, la respuesta vacilante de Antonio rompe su coraz�n. Andie se siente como si finalmente hubiera conocido al magnate despiadado que todos describen.Aunque no es capaz de responder en especie, Antonio se siente mucho m�s de lo que le gustar�a cuando la hermosa Andie profesa su amor por �l. Sabe que quiere protegerla, que no quiere que ella lo abandone, pero no est� preparado para volver a ser tan vulnerable. Su partida lo deja vac�o, hasta que un d�a ella aparece en su oficina, asustada, demasiado delgada, todav�a dolorosamente hermosa ... y embarazada. Esta vez, est� decidido a mantenerla con �l. No sabe lo que siente, pero sabe que no puede vivir sin ella.
His Expectant Lover
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC
ISBN: 1940134641
Pages: 160
Year: 2015-01-16
View: 558
Read: 366
While strolling the runways of Milan, Andie sees him and her heart begins to race. There is just something about the man that changes her world, makes everything brighter and happier. The more she gets to know Antonio, the more she falls in love with him. When their relationship reaches a physical crescendo, she tells him how her heart has fallen for him, thinking that he feels the same way. Unprepared, and suffering from a painful history with love, Antonio’s faltering response breaks her heart. Andie feels like she has finally met the heartless tycoon that everyone describes. Although he isn’t able to respond in kind, Antonio feels far more than he would like when the lovely Andie professes her love for him. He knows that he wants to protect her, that he doesn’t want her to leave him, but he isn’t ready to be that vulnerable again. Her departure leaves him empty, until one day she shows up at his office, scared, too thin, still painfully beautiful…and pregnant. This time around, he is determined to keep her with him. He doesn’t know what he feels, but he knows that he can’t live without her.
His Unexpected Lover
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox Books (
ISBN: 1940134986
Pages: 120
Year: 2013-11-20
View: 391
Read: 323
Their eyes first met across a crowded Georgetown bar, and an unexpected magnetism kept them locked together. There with her friends, Kiera Ward never expected the handsome, debonair man to be attracted to her, but Axel Thorpe had eyes for no other. With common interests, goals, and an intense physical charisma, they quickly fell in love. But a careless and perhaps misunderstood proposal by Axel drove a wedge between them. What had been a passionate and promising relationship for Kiera shattered into painful betrayal. Now, six years later, Kiera is working for The Thorpe Group. No longer just a promising young student, she has become a sought-after attorney – a rising star. There’s only one problem: can she stand being in such close proximity to Axel Thorpe? Enjoy His Unexpected Lover - book two in The Thorpe Brothers Series!
His Captive Lover
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox Books (
ISBN: 1940134978
Pages: 139
Year: 2013-10-11
View: 443
Read: 329
She’d been arrested? Mia couldn’t believe what was happening to her! How could the police accuse her of killing her ex-fiancé?! She was a kindergarten teacher! But here she was, standing in front of the judge, her eyes wide with fear and confusion. Into this chaos strode the largest, most handsome man she’d ever seen in her life! Ash Thorpe stepped into the courtroom and took charge, not just of her defense but of Mia’s heart. He was funny, kind, intelligent and charming. He had but one flaw in Mia’s eyes: he thought she was a murderer! How could she have lost her heart to a man who didn’t trust her? Her life had been so simple twenty-four hours ago. Now she was confused and lost in a sea of insanity that only got more crazy by the minute. And the only man who made sense, who helped her wade through the complicated judicial system, didn’t believe in her. Ash had a thorny problem. It wasn’t enough that he was trying to navigate the dangerous waters of a murder trial, he was falling in love with his client! To give in to his urges would be an unforgivable breach of ethics, but so would be giving less than his best! Ash and his team were running a mile a minute trying to come up with a strong defense, but his concentration was suffering from the emotional and physical responses that Mia’s presence created. He might be able to save her in court, but would he lose her from his life? Enjoy His Captive Lover - book one in The Thorpe Brothers Series!
Author: Donna Malane
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 177549019X
Pages: 304
Year: 2012-06-26
View: 1046
Read: 372
Determined to uncover the truth behind her sister's brutal murder, Diane Rowe soon discovers that some truths should stay buried. Missing persons expert Diane Rowe is used to making sense of other people's lives. It's just a pity she's not having much luck with her own. the brutal murder of her little sister, Niki, and the break-up of her marriage have tested her usual tough optimism. When Niki's killer turns up dead, Diane is determined to nail the truth, despite the best efforts of her policeman ex-husband to sideline her. But uncovering Niki's seedy past reveals truths and dangers she never expected - or wanted - to face. Diane is determined to make sense of it all - whatever it takes.
The Video Watchdog Book
Author: Tim Lucas
Pages: 391
Year: 1992
View: 374
Read: 1138
Read What You've Been Missing! This profusely illustrated video consumer guide is a must for all fans & collectors of Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy films on tape & disc. A companion to the popular VIDEO WATCHDOG Magazine, THE VIDEO WATCHDOG BOOK contains witty & informative descriptions of 100s of titles, including out-of-print rarities, alternate versions, foreign language & import releases, continuity errors... even detailed descriptions of missing (& censored) scenes! Written by video authority Tim Lucas, whose work has appeared in numerous books & magazines in the United States & Europe. Also includes an indispensible list of more than 650 retitled videos, a book index, plus a complete index to the first 12 issues of VIDEO WATCHDOG Magazine! Features a Foreword by cult Director Joe Dante (GREMLINS, THE HOWLING), a striking full-color cover by Stephen R. Bissette (SWAMP THING), & spot illustrations by Brian Thomas (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES). Here's what the experts say about VIDEO WATCHDOG: "Fascinating... the best effort of its kind I've seen!"--Vincent Price. "A thorough, accurate, & knowledgeable source that's as good as anything I've read!"--Christopher Lee. "Intriguing, thought-provoking, & marvelously obsessive!--USA TODAY.
Estudios de Crítica Literaria
Author: Marcelino Menéndez Y. Pelayo
Publisher: Theclassics.Us
ISBN: 1230438319
Pages: 94
Year: 2013-09
View: 1183
Read: 934
Este libro historico puede tener numerosos errores tipograficos y texto faltante. Los compradores pueden descargar una copia gratuita escaneada del libro original (sin errores tipograficos) desde la editorial. No indexado. No se muestra. 1908 edition. Extracto: advertencia: Palabra por palabra he traducido el texto original, sin que me haya permitido anadir sino alguna breve frase que afirme y robustezca el sentido de la hebrea, o algun adjetivo oportuno, sacado, muchas veces, de la significacion del sustantivo a que se adjunta. Lastima que, por seguir en demasia los consejos y la doctrina de Garcia Blanco, resulten traducidas muchas palabras hebreas por otras espanolas de analogo sonido, pero mas adecuadas fonetica que lexicologicamente! Lo mas selecto, lo mas puro del caudal poetico de Rodriguez Marin se encierra en sus colecciones de sonetos y madrigales, que pertenecen a su ultima y definitiva manera, cada vez mas emancipada de toda influencia que no sea la de nuestra tradicion peninsular y la de los modelos en que ella misma bebia sus inspiraciones. Estos versos acompanaron la obra erudita del poeta: son como flores que brotaron en su camino para hacerle mas llevadera la ardua senda; son como ecos de la antigua lira, valientemente repetidos por un ingenio que es moderno por el sentimiento y clasico por la diccion. Unas veces recuerdan a Arguijo, otras a Lope de Vega, a Lupercio Leonardo, a Gongora: siempre a alguno de los grandes artifices del soneto castellano. La materia de estos sonetos es muy variada; pero pueden reducirse a dos clases: serios y jocosos, entre los cuales hay muchos acerbamente satiricos, aunque con satira impersonal y elevada. El autor suele firmar los primeros con su propio nombre y los segundos con el de su inseparable...
Blackmailed by the Billionaire
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox Books (
ISBN: 1940134005
Pages: 139
Year: 2010-11-05
View: 747
Read: 1191
Greek tycoon Nikolai Andretti is out for revenge. Four years ago, Tabitha MacComber made a fool of him. Now he has gained controlling interest in her family’s business. He makes a deal with her: if she becomes his mistress, he won’t sell off the factory and put all the families in the village out of work. Tabitha remembers Nik and the painful past they share. She fell in love with him, only to have him tear her heart apart with lies. Now he’s back and she can’t find another way to save all the people who depend on her. But she also finds things about Nik that she wasn’t prepared to discover. And she realizes that she’s still in love with him.
Great Latin American Novel
Author: Carlos Fuentes
ISBN: 1628971304
Pages: 416
Year: 2016-02-02
View: 1315
Read: 916
One of the late Carlos Fuentes's final projects, this compendium of his criticism traces the evolution of the Latin American novel from the discovery of America to the present day. Combining historical perspective with personal and often opinionated interpretation, Fuentes gives us a tour from Machado de Assis to Borges and beyond. A landmark analysis, as well as a scintillating and often wry commentary on a great author's peers and influences, this book is as much a contribution to Latin American literature as it is a chronicle of that literature's greatest achievements.
From the Closet to the Courts
Author: Ruth Simpson, Cheryl Jacques
Publisher: Take Root Media
ISBN: 0980059003
Pages: 176
Year: 2007-01-01
View: 921
Read: 1138
Ruth Simpson's pioneering work examines the intersections of lesbianism, feminism and other civil rights movements. From the Closet to the Courts chronicles the gay rights movement of the 70's and Simpson's founding of the first lesbian community center in New York. Through this lens, No segment of society that embraces bigotry is too sacrosanct to escape her insightful scrutiny.
Das Tragische
Author: Carmen Morenilla Talens, Bernhard Zimmermann
ISBN: 3476452425
Pages: 324
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 1311
Read: 375

The Duke's Blackmailed Bride
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox
ISBN: 194013451X
Pages: 91
Year: 2015-10-16
View: 663
Read: 445
Sierra couldn’t catch a break! Every time she thought she’d gotten her life back on track, something happened to cause it to come crashing down around her. She’d paid for her father’s arrest, her mother’s death and now…now she would pay for her brother’s crimes! Marriage to Harrison Aimsworth, Duke of Selton? He was the man who knew all of her secrets! And now he was demanding that she provide him with an heir? What more could go wrong with her world? Harrison had to marry and produce an heir or he’d lose his title. And he had a very short period of time in which to accomplish that miracle. Unfortunately, the only woman who had ever affected him wouldn’t give him the time of day…until he discovered her brother stealing priceless artifacts out of his home. Now he could manipulate the situation to his benefit. The woman who had evaded him for so many years would finally be his!
The Russian's Runaway Bride
Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC
ISBN: 1940134455
Pages: 105
Year: 2015-11-20
View: 1041
Read: 842
She’d left him! And on their wedding day, no less! Stefan Kozlov couldn’t believe that the woman he’d married had disappeared only hours after exchanging their vows! After months of happy courting, interspersed with cold showers as he forced them to wait for their wedding night, Livia had left without explanation. Stefan was angry and confused, but still determined to reunite and consummate their relationship. Even if Livia wouldn’t have him, her mother’s medical emergency still made it critical that he find her! Livia had thought everything was perfect! The perfect man and the perfect life! So what had gone wrong? Why hadn’t she seen the clues? Surely there had been something that could have warned her of Stefan’s deep dark secret. Unfortunately, even her knowledge of his true nature couldn’t stop her from falling under his spell. There had always been a powerful chemistry between the two of them. Now she was truly in a bind: caught between trying to help and protect her injured mother while living with a husband she now felt she barely knew!
The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis
Author: José Saramago
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0547546920
Pages: 368
Year: 1992-04-27
View: 473
Read: 1129
From the Nobel Prize-winning author: “A capacious, funny, threatening novel” of wandering souls and political upheaval in 1930s Portugal (The New York Times Book Review). The year is 1936, and the dictator António de Oliveira Salazar is establishing himself in Portugal, edging his country toward civil war. At the same time, Dr. Ricardo Reis has returned home to Lisbon after a long sojourn in Brazil. What’s brought him back is word that the great poet, Fernando Pessoa, has died. With no intention of resuming his practice, Reis now dabbles in his own poetry, wastes his days strolling the boulevards and back streets, engages in affairs with two different women—and is followed through each excursion by Pessoa’s ghost. As a fascist revolution roils, and as Reis’s path intersects with three relative strangers—two living, one dead—Reis may finally discover the reality of his own chimerical existence. “A rich story about human relationships and dreams.”—The New York Times Called “a magnificent tour-de-force, perhaps one of the best novels published in Europe since World War II” (The Bloomsbury Review) and “altogether remarkable” (The Wall Street Journal), The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis is a PEN Award winner and stands among the finest works by the author of Blindness. Translated by Giovanni Pontiero
The Sheik's Desires
Author: Leslie North, Elizabeth Lennox
Publisher: Leslie North
ISBN: 1944078207
Pages: 268
Year: 2016-06-06
View: 1261
Read: 817
Get four breath-taking sheik romances from two of your favorite authors - all in the same boxset! The Sheik’s Challenge by Elizabeth Lennox When she sings, she sounds like a cat in heat…but Ana, a brilliant mathematician, stuns and surprises Najid del Sabur, Sheik of Safir. Her bright eyes defy him and her smiles sooth him, while her body makes him lust for her. But can he catch her? Can he convince her that her past won’t hurt their future? The Prince’s Challenge by Elizabeth Lennox She can’t sit still. She’s beaten every nurse and doctor on her floor at cards. And she’s achingly beautiful. But is she friend or foe? Having been caught in the line of fire by a bullet meant for his brother, Prince Jual del Sabur, Minister of Defense for Safir can’t decide if the lovely Sonya was part of the assassination attempt or innocent and just caught by bad timing. All he knows is that he is definitely caught by her startling eyes and her soft sighs as he explores that question. The Sheikh's Untraditional Lover by Leslie North Ultra-traditional and devastatingly handsome Prince Zafar Tadros thinks a business/sports complex is not what is needed for his country—but he believes in helping his family. With the region increasingly doing more business with Western companies, his father Sheikh Ahmadi has ordered this new business/sports complex to be a mix between West and East cultures. Zafar has decided he will work to integrate as much traditional elements as possible, but Belle Mooney, an innovative American architect has taken her direction from Zafar's father and is going for innovations. The two clash over designs—and only one can win. The Sheikh's Stubborn Partner by Leslie North With the deadline fast approaching, playboy Prince Adyan Tadros must supervise the only construction company that will take on the job of building the business/sports center in less than six months. The meticulous Edna Abbey has taken over her father's construction company while he recovers from a stroke, and the last thing she wants to do is rush the project. But with attraction between her and the Prince growing everyday, she may be glad for the distraction...

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