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Britishness Abroad
Publisher: Academic Monographs
ISBN: 0522853927
Pages: 302
Year: 2007-01-01
View: 525
Read: 523
As a global phenomenon Britishness encompassed trade, conquest and settlement and the development of imperial cultures within the vast reaches of the British Empire. At its zenith peoples around the world joined in shared traditions and common loyalties that were strenuously maintained; even those who contested its claims found it difficult to escape its effects. With the eclipse of British power and influence, the importance of this legacy has attracted increasing attention from researchers seeking to escape the confines of national histories. Britishness Abroad explores the cultural, economic and political aspects of Britishness in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Canada and South Africa, as well as in the United States and within Britain itself. Leading scholars consider the movement of people, money, technology, identities, beliefs and attitudes around the British world and examine what happened to Britishness as the Empire declined. Contributors: Stephen Banfield, Kate Darian-Smith, Anne Dickson-Waiko, Patricia Grimshaw, David Goodman, Jonathan Hyslop, John MacKenzie, Gary Magee and Andrew Thompson, Adele Perry, Bill Schwarz, Stuart Ward
Selected Keyboard Works]
Author: George Frideric Handel
Year: 1985
View: 1177
Read: 826

New Orleans Jazz Styles: Mid-Intermediate Level
Author: William Gillock
ISBN: 1423490932
Pages: 12
Year: 2006-02-01
View: 879
Read: 588
Beginner Piano/Keyboard Instruction
L'Organiste: Fifty-Nine Pieces
Author: Cesar Franck
Publisher: Warner Bros Publications
ISBN: 0769242421
Pages: 120
Year: 1985-03-01
View: 1062
Read: 562
(59 pieces)
Sonatina Album
Author: Louis Kí_hler, Allan Small
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457411806
Pages: 144
Year: 2005-05-03
View: 1260
Read: 473
Originally compiled and edited by Louis Kí_hler, this edition contains some of the most popular keyboard sonatinas, rondos and other works (including symphonic transcriptions) of Beethoven, Clementi, Haydn, Kuhlau and Mozart, among others. In clarifying this edition, editor Allan Small has removed impractical fingerings and unnecessary accidentals found in other editions.
Music and Identity
Author: Eric Ayisi Akrofi, Maria Smit, Stig-Magnus Thorsén
ISBN: 1919980857
Pages: 414
Year: 2006-06-01
View: 848
Read: 380
"Due to significant political and social changes over the last decade in their countries and worldwide, many scholars in the Nordic nations and in Southern Africa have been researching on 'music and identity' - an area with a paucity of literature. It is our hope that this book will be beneficial to scholars interested in the field of music and identity. This volume is the result of the Swedish South African Research Network (SSARN) project, funded from 2004-2006 by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa, under the theme 'Music and Identity'. SSARN was founded by Stig-Magnus Thorsén of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2002 when he invited Nordic and Southern African scholars to participate in a research group focusing broadly on the topic 'Music and Identity'"--Publisher's website.
Specimen Aural Tests
Author: ABRSM
ISBN: 1848492537
Pages: 27
Year: 2010-07-01
View: 1174
Read: 475
'Specimen Aural Tests' provide teachers and students with many practice examples of the tests to use as part of a music lesson or when preparing for an exam. This volume covers Grade 6 and also includes the examiner rubrics (the exact words that will be used by the examiner to deliver the tests).
Eight Memories in Watercolor
Author: Tan Dun, Manuel Barrueco
Publisher: G Schirmer Incorporated
ISBN: 1480395307
Pages: 40
Year: 2014-08-01
View: 492
Read: 807
(Guitar). Manuel Barrueco created this arrangement for the Beijing Guitar Duo of the now famous solo piano piece Eight Memories in Watercolor . Includes two performing scores.
Eighteen Little Preludes
Author: Johann Sebastian Bach, Hans Bischoff
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457469111
Pages: 32
Year: 1998-08-06
View: 510
Read: 674
This collection, edited by Dr. Hans Bischoff, consists of the "Six Little Preludes," BWV 933-938, along with twelve preludes taken from "The Little Piano Book" (Clavierbuchlein) of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Titles: * Prelude No. 1 in C Major (BWV 933) * Prelude No. 2 in C Minor (BWV 934) * Prelude No. 3 in D Minor (BWV 935) * Prelude No.4 in D Major (BWV 936) * Prelude No. 5 in E Major (BWV 937) * Prelude No. 6 in E Minor (BWV 938) * Prelude No. 7 in C Major * Prelude No. 8 in C Major * Prelude No. 9 in C Minor * Prelude No. 10 in D Major * Prelude No. 11 in D Minor * Prelude No. 12 in D Minor * Prelude No. 13 in E Minor * Prelude No. 14 in F Major * Prelude No. 15 in F Major * Prelude No. 16 in G Minor * Prelude No. 17 in G Minor * Prelude No. 18 in A Minor
Green Songs
Author: Bob Chilcott
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0193426315
Pages: 24
Year: 1998-12-03
View: 1074
Read: 667
Four songs exploring a variety of 'green' issues for SS and piano The songs are fun, funky, and totally up-to-date, with jazzy rhythms and some rap-style verses to really get young choirs and their audiences grooving.
Keyboard Anthology
Author: Howard Ferguson
ISBN: 1854722158
Pages: 32
Year: 1990-01-02
View: 168
Read: 407
A series of albums graded according to the syllabus of the Board's examinations.
A Study of Igbo Folk Songs
Author: Richard C. Okafor
ISBN: 9788438334
Pages: 348
Year: 2017
View: 1200
Read: 1036

Mozart's Symphonies
Author: Neal Zaslaw
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198162863
Pages: 617
Year: 1991
View: 627
Read: 822
First published in hardback, in 1989, Mozart's Symphonies is the first serious attempt in any language to survey the entire panorama of Mozart's symphonic works. Accounting for every symphony associated with Mozart involved the identification and evaluation of nearly a hundred symphonies. Professor Zaslaw placed each symphony in its musical and cultural context, and addressed such questions as how and why the symphonies were written, how they were disseminated, who paid for them, who played them, who listened to them, and what those involved thought of them. The role of the symphony in Mozart's creative life and his contribution to the genre was also examined. The result is a classic of Mozart scholarship, which offers an outstanding contribution to Mozart literature in this generation. This paperback edition makes that contribution more widely known in this year, the bicentenary of Mozart's death.
There's Music In These Walls
Author: Ezra Schabas
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459712501
Pages: 288
Year: 2005-09-01
View: 799
Read: 575
The Royal Conservatory of Music, founded in 1886, is rich in history and genius. Its long tradition of excellence in musical training and examining places it among the leading music schools of the world. Glenn Gould, Lois Marshall, Teresa Stratas, Jon Vickers, Mario Bernardi, and many other international artists have studied there. Amply illustrated, with over forty photographs dating back to the school’s first years, this book is an unvarnished account of its controversial leaders, its successes and failures, its encounters with the musical and academic world, and its passions. In this smoothly paced narrative, your favourite musicians, teachers, and examiners will come to life to revive your memories.
The Virgin's Slumber Song
Author: Max (COP) Reger
Publisher: Associated Music Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 0793559987
Pages: 4
Year: 1986-11-01
View: 714
Read: 1014
Pop/Rock/R&B Vocal Solos

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