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Personal Influence
Author: Elihu Katz
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351500198
Year: 2017-07-12
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First published in 1955, "Personal Influence" reports the results of a pioneering study conducted in Decatur, Illinois, validating Paul Lazarsfeld's serendipitous discovery that messages from the media may be further mediated by informal "opinion leaders" who intercept, interpret, and diffuse what they see and hear to the personal networks in which they are embedded. This classic volume set the stage for all subsequent studies of the interaction of mass media and interpersonal influence in the making of everyday decisions in public affairs, fashion, movie-going, and consumer behavior. The contextualizing essay in Part One dwells on the surprising relevance of primary groups to the flow of mass communication. Peter Simonson of the University of Pittsburgh has written that "Personal Influence was perhaps the most influential book in mass communication research of the postwar era, and it remains a signal text with historic significance and ongoing reverberations...more than any other single work, it solidified what came to be known as the dominant paradigm in the field, which later researchers were compelled either to cast off or build upon." In his introduction to this fiftieth-anniversary edition, Elihu Katz discusses the theory and methodology that underlie the Decatur study and evaluates the legacy of his coauthor and mentor, Paul F. Lazarsfeld.
On Personal Influence
Author: William Thomas Hamilton
Pages: 32
Year: 1849
View: 552
Read: 207

Personal influence, Purchasing behavior and ordinal position
Author: Don Francis Kirchner
Pages: 196
Year: 1970
View: 156
Read: 1287

Communication and personal influence in an East Pakistan village
Author: Syed Ataur Rahim
Pages: 43
Year: 1965
View: 1173
Read: 403

Beyond selling
Author: Dan S. Bagley, Edward J. Reese
Publisher: Meta Pubns
ISBN: 0916990192
Pages: 200
Year: 1988-11-01
View: 237
Read: 866

The Power of Personal Influence
Author: Richard Hale, Peter Whitlam
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company Limited
ISBN: 0077091310
Pages: 268
Year: 1995-01-01
View: 194
Read: 1267
In these times of increasing change and uncertainty, individuals in organizations are less able to use traditional sources of power and authority and instead are having to rely more on their range of personal influencing skills. Some would say that such skills are innate and difficult to learn. However, in The Power of Personal Influence the authors will share with you their unique research, based over many years, which has enabled them to identify and develop these influencing skills for thousands of managers. As a result, you will be provided with a real and lasting understanding of how to improve your influencing skills in a dynamic yet practical way. This book is focused on systematically exploring the characteristics of successful influencers. As a result, and by using numerous case studies, models, exercises and questionnaires, it provides the reader with a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to the development of these critical skills. Breaking new ground, The Power of Personal Influence reveals an exciting and unique perspective for your personal development agenda.
Success in Programming
Author: Frederic Harper
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484200012
Pages: 176
Year: 2014-12-03
View: 675
Read: 328
Why should you, a competent software developer or programmer, care about your own brand? After all, it’s not like you're an actor or musician. In fact, as Success in Programming: How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence Through Personal Branding demonstrates in many ways, it’s never been more important for you to think about yourself as a brand. Doing so will provide rocket fuel for your career. You’ll find better jobs and become the "go-to" person in various situations. You’ll become known for your expertise and leadership, and you'll find it easier to strike out on your own. People will seek out your advice and point of view. You’ll get paid to speak, write, and consult. What’s not to like about becoming a rock star developer? The good news—as Mozilla’s senior technology evangelist, Frédéric Harper, writes—is that it’s never been easier to improve your skills, stand out, share more quickly, and grow your network. This book provides the tools you need to build your reputation and enhance your career, starting right now. You'll learn what personal branding is and why you should care about it. You’ll also learn what the key themes of a good brand are and where to find the ingredients to build your own, unique brand. Most importantly, you'll understand how to work your magic to achieve your goals and dreams. You’ll also learn: How to use sites like StackOverflow and Github to build both your expertise and your reputation How to promote your brand in a way that attracts better-paying jobs, consulting gigs, industry invitations, and contract work How to become visible to the movers and shakers in your specific category of development How to exert power and influence to help yourself and others Success in Programming: How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence Through Personal Branding shows you how to scale your skills, gain visibility, make a real impact on people and within organizations, and achieve your goals. There’s no need to become a marketing expert or hire a personal branding guru; this book and a desire to grow personally and professionally are all you need to leap to the next level of your career.
A Monk Swimming
Author: Malachy McCourt
ISBN: 0007116837
Pages: 290
Year: 2001
View: 1303
Read: 827
The title is derived from the young Malachy's mishearing of the words amongst women in the Hail Mary. Here, he tells the story of his hell-raising days when he left Ireland and went in search of fame, fortune and fun in New York.
The "Ki-Magi" System of Personal Influence
Author: R. F. Robertson
Pages: 31
Year: 1901
View: 795
Read: 1182

The Rationale of Fire Rates
Author: Albert Flandreau Dean
Pages: 241
Year: 1901
View: 965
Read: 489

Personal Influence
Author: William Abner Barnes
ISBN: 1164966987
Pages: 138
Year: 2010-09
View: 957
Read: 805
This scarce antiquarian book is a selection from Kessinger Publishing's Legacy Reprint Series. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment to protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature. Kessinger Publishing is the place to find hundreds of thousands of rare and hard-to-find books with something of interest for everyone!
Personal Influence (practical Psychology)
Author: William Abner Barnes
Pages: 128
Year: 1906
View: 423
Read: 745

Author: Griffith Edwards
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412816416
Pages: 462
Year: 1991-01-01
View: 1100
Read: 558
Through the medium of interview transcripts, this book offers contact with the experience, thinking and values of 27 men and women who have taken varieties of highly important leadership roles in shaping national and international scientific and policy responses to alcohol and drug problems.
Complete System of Personal Influence and Healing
Author: Elmer E. Knowles
Year: 189?
View: 1168
Read: 764

Exploring the Influence of Personal Values and Cultures in the Workplace
Author: Nedelko, Zlatko, Brzozowski, Maciej
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522524819
Pages: 458
Year: 2017-03-01
View: 525
Read: 1120
The shifting influence of growing organizational cultures and individual standards has caused significant changes to modern organizations. By creating a better understanding of these influences, the quality of organizations can be improved. Exploring the Influence of Personal Values and Cultures in the Workplace is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on how culture and personal values shape and influence employees’ actions, behaviors, and leadership styles. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant areas such as psychological health, career management, and job satisfaction, this publication is an ideal resource for practitioners, professionals, managers, and researchers seeking innovative perspectives on the impact of personal values and cultures in the workplace.

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