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Author: Kathy Bell
Publisher: Northern Sanctum Press
ISBN: 0981289606
Pages: 358
Year: 2009-02-07
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Adya Jordan must choose her future: rejoin the family she adores or save the world. She can't do both. Must she sacrifice her family, and possibly her life, to save the planet?
Growing Yourself Back Up
Author: John Lee
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307434222
Pages: 240
Year: 2010-02-10
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Someone pushes your buttons . . . you feel rage . . . fear . . . sweaty palms . . . unbidden tears . . . you feel like a kid . . . We've all experienced moments when we lose control of a situation and ourselves. Now, in Growing Yourself Back Up, the first book to explain the idea of emotional regression to the general reader, bestselling author John Lee identifies the circumstances that cause these seemingly uncontrollable feelings and shows how they are directly tied to our experience as children. No adult, explains Lee, need ever experience the helpless feelings of childhood again. Here are his proven methods and visualization exercises, developed in his popular workshops, for recognizing, preventing, and diffusing regression in ourselves and others. He teaches, for example, that adults cannot be abandoned, they can only be left; if we're feeling abandoned we're regressing. He also reminds us that no matter how overwhelmed we are, adults always have options; if we believe we don't, we're in a regression. Growing Yourself Back Up will show you how to: * develop strong emotional boundaries and convey them to others * learn the Detour Method that reverses regression * confront without regressing * communicate with the authority figures who push your buttons * minimize regression at family functions Lee offers hope--as well as practical strategies that work--for conquering those childlike feelings of powerlessness that are almost always rooted in regression. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Past Life Regression
Author: Mary Lee LaBay
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426926065
Pages: 146
Year: 2004-12-10
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The quest for self-knowledge and awareness has gained increasing popularity over the past several decades, with an explosion of beliefs and methodologies. Central to these practices is the exploration of past lives. From the curious layperson to the traditional doctor of medicine, people are employing various techniques in an effort to facilitate this experience. Certified hypnotherapy instructor Mary Lee LaBay has written Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners as a comprehensive text for beginning as well as veteran therapists. Ms. LaBay covers both basic and advanced techniques in a philosophical context, to help practitioners generate maximum healing and change during the past life session. Through case studies and concise instructions, the author demonstrates practical and elegant uses of these techniques that allow the client to discover life purpose, aspects of their relationships, roots of disease, addiction, and phobias, as well as a wide range of other life issues.
Spline Regression Models
Author: Lawrence C. Marsh, David R. Cormier
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761924205
Pages: 69
Year: 2001-09-14
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Spline Regression Models shows the nuts-and-bolts of using dummy variables to formulate and estimate various spline regression models. For some researchers this will involve situations where the number and location of the spline knots are known in advance, while others will need to determine the number and location of spline knots as part of the estimation process. Through the use of a number of straightforward examples, the authors will show readers how to work with both types of spline knot situations as well as offering practical, down-to-earth information on estimating splines.
Applied statistics: analysis of variance and regression
Author: Olive Jean Dunn, Virginia Clark
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pages: 387
Year: 1974
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Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences
Author: Jacob Cohen, Patricia Cohen, Stephen G. West, Leona S. Aiken
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134800940
Pages: 736
Year: 2013-06-17
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This classic text on multiple regression is noted for its nonmathematical, applied, and data-analytic approach. Readers profit from its verbal-conceptual exposition and frequent use of examples. The applied emphasis provides clear illustrations of the principles and provides worked examples of the types of applications that are possible. Researchers learn how to specify regression models that directly address their research questions. An overview of the fundamental ideas of multiple regression and a review of bivariate correlation and regression and other elementary statistical concepts provide a strong foundation for understanding the rest of the text. The third edition features an increased emphasis on graphics and the use of confidence intervals and effect size measures, and an accompanying website with data for most of the numerical examples along with the computer code for SPSS, SAS, and SYSTAT, at . Applied Multiple Regression serves as both a textbook for graduate students and as a reference tool for researchers in psychology, education, health sciences, communications, business, sociology, political science, anthropology, and economics. An introductory knowledge of statistics is required. Self-standing chapters minimize the need for researchers to refer to previous chapters.
Regression With Social Data
Author: Alfred DeMaris
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471677558
Pages: 560
Year: 2004-11-11
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An accessible introduction to the use of regression analysis in the social sciences Regression with Social Data: Modeling Continuous and Limited Response Variables represents the most complete and fully integrated coverage of regression modeling currently available for graduate-level behavioral science students and practitioners. Covering techniques that span the full spectrum of levels of measurement for both continuous and limited response variables, and using examples taken from such disciplines as sociology, psychology, political science, and public health, the author succeeds in demystifying an academically rigorous subject and making it accessible to a wider audience. Content includes coverage of: Logit, probit, scobit, truncated, and censored regressions Multiple regression with ANOVA and ANCOVA models Binary and multinomial response models Poisson, negative binomial, and other regression models for event-count data Survival analysis using multistate, multiepisode, and interval-censored survival models Concepts are reinforced throughout with numerous chapter problems, exercises, and real data sets. Step-by-step solutions plus an appendix of mathematical tutorials make even complex problems accessible to readers with only moderate math skills. The book’s logical flow, wide applicability, and uniquely comprehensive coverage make it both an ideal text for a variety of graduate course settings and a useful reference for practicing researchers in the field.
Infinite Regress
Author: David Joselit
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262600382
Pages: 262
Year: 2001
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An examination of the multiple identities and practices of Marcel Duchamp's life and art between 1910 and 1941 takes into account underacknowledged works and focuses on the conjunction of the machine and the commodity in the artist's art, and various forms of measurement, inscription, and quantification. Reprint.
Terminal Regression
Author: Mallory Hill
ISBN: 1611882478
Pages: 282
Year: 2017-01-17
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WINNER OF THE SECOND ANNUAL AUTHORSFIRST NOVEL CONTEST Laura Baily s life is meaningless. In a world where purpose and passion are everything, Laura feels as though she has no place and no business even existing. Her life is forfeit, and it would be better for everyone if she simply ended it, if she simply got a ticket for a train to oblivion and faded from memory. But what awaits her at the end of the line isn t death but Terminal B a community of people more like her than she considered possible, including the beautiful, tormented Will Noble. Though Laura still thinks little of her own life, the lives of others begin to fascinate her as never before. And when those lives become imperiled, Laura discovers the last thing she ever expected to find on her way out of the world: a mission and a reason to live. Compelling on both a human and global scale, TERMINAL REGRESSION is a novel of rare power and humanity. It is the story of a tomorrow that teeters on the edge of utopia and dystopia and a resigned outsider who might just change it forever."
Interpolation and Regression Models for the Chemical Engineer
Author: Guido Buzzi-Ferraris, Flavio Manenti
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527326529
Pages: 442
Year: 2010-05-10
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Engineers and other applied scientists are frequently faced with models of complex systems for which no rigorous mathematical solution can be calculated. Numerical approximations are thus frequently used to predict the behavior of such systems, either based on real-life measurements or on the behavior of simpler models. An engineer's companion for using numerical methods for the solution of complex mathematical problems. It explains the theory behind current numerical methods and shows how to use them in a step-by-step fashion, focusing on interpolation and regression models. The methods and examples are taken from a wide range of scientific and engineering fields, including chemical and electrical engineering, physics, medicine, and environmental science. The material is based on several courses for scientists and engineers taught by the authors, and all the exercises and problems are classroom-tested. The software needed is available by way of a freely accessible program library at the University of Milan that provides up-to-date software tools for all the methods described in the book.
Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships
Author: John Welwood
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 083482275X
Pages: 160
Year: 2005-12-27
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While most of us have moments of loving freely and openly, it is often hard to sustain this where it matters most—in our intimate relationships. Why if love is so great and powerful are human relationships so challenging and difficult? If love is the source of happiness and joy, why is it so hard to open to it fully and let it govern our lives? In this book, John Welwood addresses these questions and shows us how to overcome the most fundamental obstacle that keeps us from experiencing love's full flowering in our lives. Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships begins by showing how all our relational problems arise out of a universal, core wounding around love that affects not only our personal relationships but the quality of life in our world as a whole. This wounding shows up as a pervasive mood of unlove—a deep sense that we are not intrinsically lovable just as we are. And this shuts down our capacity to trust, so that even though we may hunger for love, we have difficulty opening to it and letting it circulate freely through us. This book takes the reader on a powerful journey of healing and transformation that involves learning to embrace our humanness and appreciate the imperfections of our relationships as trail-markers along the path to great love. It sets forth a process for releasing deep-seated grievances we hold against others for not loving us better and against ourselves for not being better loved. And it shows how our longing to be loved can magnetize the great love that will free us from looking to others to find ourselves. Written with penetrating realism and a fresh, lyrical style that honors the subtlety and richness of our relationship to love itself, this revolutionary book offers profound and practical guidance for healing our lives as well as our embattled world.
Finding the Landlord
Author: Kathryn Ann Lindskoog, David Mortimer
Publisher: Cornerstone PressChicago
ISBN: 0940895358
Pages: 165
Year: 1995
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The Pilgrim's Regress was C.S. Lewis' first work that reflected his new-found Christian faith. Though recognized by many as one of his best works, Pilgrim's Regress has never gained the popularity of Lewis' other works, mostly because it contains so many references to classic literature and philosophy. Finding the Landlord explains all obscure references in Pilgrim's Regress, as well as chronicling Lewis' near-parallel journey to faith.
Empirical Justification
Author: P.K. Moser
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400945264
Pages: 258
Year: 2012-12-06
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Broadly speaking, this is a book about truth and the criteria thereof. Thus it is, in a sense, a book about justification and rationality. But it does not purport to be about the notion of justification or the notion of rationality. For the assumption that there is just one notion of justification, or just one notion of rationality, is, as the book explains, very misleading. Justification and rationality come in various kinds. And to that extent, at least, we should recognize a variety of notions of justification and rationality. This, at any rate, is one of the morals of Chapter VI. This book, in Chapters I-V, is mainly concerned with the kind of justification and rationality characteristic of a truth-seeker, specifically a seeker of truth about the world impinging upon the senses: the so-called empirical world. Hence the book's title. But since the prominent contemporary approaches to empirical justification are many and varied, so also are the epistemological issues taken up in the following chapters. For instance, there will be questions about so-called coherence and its role, if any, in empirical justification. And there will be questions about social consensus (whatever it is) and its significance, or the lack thereof, to empirical justification. Furthermore, the perennial question of whether, and if so how, empirical knowledge has so-called founda tions will be given special attention.
Applied Linear Regression
Author: Sanford Weisberg
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118625951
Year: 2013-06-07
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Regressions: the Age Regression Collection
Author: Eric Filler
ISBN: 1521134677
Pages: 638
Year: 2017-04-23
View: 1309
Read: 562
This collection of age regressions stories features both men and women becoming little girls.Photobomb: A woman finds herself going back in time each time her picture is taken. Will the next picture of her be the last?Carousel: A woman discovers a carnival ride with the power to make her younger, but there's a horrible price to be paidCoven: A coven of powerful witches is turned into powerless little girls by a child with unlimited abilitiesMy Daughter Changed Me Into Her Baby Sister: When a neglectful father's daughter wishes for a baby sister, he's the one who makes her wish come trueFrom Man of the House to Playing House: A warehouse accident gives an old man a new lease on life--as a young Hispanic girlHelp, I Changed Myself Into a Little Girl: A machine meant to change violent criminals into helpless little girls backfires on its operatorMy Wife Changed Me Into Her Little Girl: A woman tired of her lazy husband changes him into an adorable little girl to become the next Little Bo-Peep mascotFrom Premed to Preschool: Rival premed students become sisters when a lab accident changes them into little girlsThe Curse of Tabla Diabla: A woman with the power of a demon decides to start a new family by changing two young women into her little daughters, but what happens when the demon demands one of them as a sacrifice?Wicked Game: When the world is plunged into the Dark Ages again by an evil witch, a man tries to stop her, but ends up being changed into a little servant girl who is now the pawn in a game for the witch's amusement