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The history of Greenland
Author: David Cranz, John Gambold
Year: 1820
View: 1016
Read: 934

The Scientific Proceedings of the Royal Dublin Society
Author: Royal Dublin Society
Year: 1949
View: 583
Read: 1145

The Face of the Earth
Author: Eduard Suess
Year: 1904
View: 331
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The Psychology of Expertise
Author: Robert R. Hoffman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461397332
Pages: 395
Year: 2012-12-06
View: 552
Read: 891
Experts, who were the sole active dispensers of certain kinds of knowledge in the days before AI, have now often assumed a rather passive role. They relay their knowledge to various novices, knowledge engineers, experimental psychologists or cognitivists - or other experts! - involved in the development and understanding of expert systems. This book achieves a perfect marriage between experimentalists and theoreticians who deal with expertise. It tries to establish the benefits to society of an advanced technology for representing and disseminating the knowledge and skills of the best corporate managers, the most seasoned pilots, and the most renowned medical diagnosticians. This book interests psychologists as well as all those out in the trenches developing expert systems, and everyone pondering the nature of expertise and the question of how it can be studied scientifically. Its scope, the pivotal concepts which it elucidates and brilliantly summarizes and appraises in the final chapter, as well as the references it includes, make this book a landmark in the field.
Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language
Author: Julian Bamford, Richard R. Day
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521016517
Pages: 220
Year: 2004-08-16
View: 581
Read: 582
This lively collection of over 100 classroom activities allows teachers to exploit fully the language learning potential of extensive reading. The activities, contributed by teachers who have used them successfully in classrooms all over the world, introduce extensive reading to students, and link it with the rest of the language curriculum. Here is a wealth of ideas for encouraging students to read, and for using students reading experiences for further language practice and learning. These creative and enjoyable speaking, listening, role play, reading, writing, and vocabulary activities are suitable for students of all ages and levels. Each activity is clearly explained, together with a personal note from its author. This is a handbook for teachers of general language courses, or grammar, listening, speaking, writing, or reading courses. It is written for teachers both non-native and native speaking, and for teachers both novice and experienced. It will also be of interest to teacher-educators.
Geography and Enlightenment
Author: David N. Livingstone, Charles W. J. Withers
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226487210
Pages: 455
Year: 1999-12-15
View: 1279
Read: 988
Geography and Enlightenment explores both the Enlightenment as a geographical phenomenon and the place of geography in the Enlightenment. From wide-ranging disciplinary and topical perspectives, contributors consider the many ways in which the world of the long eighteenth century was brought to view and shaped through map and text, exploration and argument, within and across spatial and intellectual borders. The first set of chapters charts the intellectual and geographical contexts in which Enlightenment ideas began to form, including both the sites in which knowledge was created and discussed and the different means used to investigate the globe. Detailed explorations of maps created during this period show how these new ways of representing the world and its peoples influenced conceptions of the nature and progress of human societies, while studies of the travels of people and ideas reveal the influence of far-flung places on Enlightenment science and scientific credibility. The final set of chapters emphasizes the role of particular local contexts in Enlightenment thought. Contributors are Michael T. Bravo, Paul Carter, Denis Cosgrove, Stephen Daniels, Matthew Edney, Anne Marie Claire Godlewska, Peter Gould, Michael Heffernan, David N. Livingstone, Dorinda Outram, Chris Philo, Roy Porter, Nicolaas Rupke, Susanne Seymour, Charles Watkins, and Charles W. J. Withers.
J. Archibald McKackney
Author: Ralph Delahaye Paine
Pages: 180
Year: 1907
View: 1220
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Abschlussprüfung Englisch
ISBN: 3060317879
Pages: 54
Year: 2008
View: 1294
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The Utopian Function of Art and Literature
Author: Ernst Bloch, Jack Zipes, Frank Mecklenburg
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262521393
Pages: 310
Year: 1989-01-01
View: 1201
Read: 783
These essays in aesthetics by the philosopher Ernst Bloch belong to the tradition ofcultural criticism represented by Georg Lukács, Theodor Adorno, and Walter Benjamin. Bloch'sfascination with art as a reflection of both social realities and human dreams is evident in them.Whether he is discussing architecture or detective novels, the theme that drives the work is alwaysthe same - the striving for "something better," for a "homeland" that is more socially aware, morehumane, more just.The book opens with an illuminating discussion between Bloch and Adorno on themeaning of utopia; then follow 12 essays written between 1930 and 1973, on topics as diverse asaesthetic theory, genres such as music, painting, theater, film, opera, poetry, and the novel, andperhaps most important, popular culture in the form of fairy tales, detective stories, and dimenovels.Ernst Bloch (1885-1977) was a profoundly original and unorthodox philosopher, socialtheorist, and cultural critic. The MIT Press has previously published his Natural Law and HumanDignity and his magnum opus, The Principle of Hope. The Utopian Function of Art and Literature isincluded in the series Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought, edited by ThomasMcCarthy.
Decrypted Secrets
Author: Friedrich L. Bauer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662034522
Pages: 449
Year: 2013-03-09
View: 918
Read: 382
Cryptology, for millennia a "secret science", is rapidly gaining in practical importance for the protection of communication channels, databases, and software. Beside its role in computerized information systems, cryptology is finding more and more applications inside computer systems and networks, extending to access rights and source file protection. The first part of this book treats secret codes and their uses - cryptography - before moving on to the process of covertly decrypting a secret code - cryptanalysis. Spiced with a wealth of exciting, amusing, and occasionally personal stories from the history of cryptology, and presupposing only elementary mathematical knowledge, this book will also stimulate general readers.
Die Niederlausitzer Rittergüter und ihre Besitzer: Kreis Lübben
Author: Götz Dieter von Houwald
Pages: 687
Year: 1978
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Author: Helene Böhlau,
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1978306601
Pages: 270
Year: 2017-10-17
View: 1244
Read: 223
Helene B�hlau war die Tochter des Weimarer Verlagsbuchh�ndlers Hermann B�hlau und dessen Frau Therese geb. Thon. Sie genoss eine sorgf�ltige Privaterziehung. Um ihren geistigen Horizont zu erweitern, schickte man sie auf Reisen ins Ausland. Auf einer solchen in den Orient lernte sie den Architekten und Privatgelehrten Friedrich Arnd kennen und lieben. Dieser, um Helene als zweite Frau heiraten zu k�nnen, konvertierte vom Judentum zum Islam und nannte sich fortan Omar al Raschid Bey. Ihr Vater verbot ihr daraufhin das Haus. Er begegnete ihr zwar sp�ter noch einmal, ihren Ruhm aber hat er nicht mehr erlebt.