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Ancient Greece
Author: Anne Pearson
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN: 1405320419
Pages: 72
Year: 2007
View: 697
Read: 753
Be an eyewitness to Ancient Greece Watch the past come to life: from how Greek athletes did the long-jump to why Socrates drank hemlock – explore the history, daily life, beliefs, and achievements of this amazing civilisation, whose influence can still be seen today. Get the picture using the clip-art CD with over 100 amazing images to download. Then use the giant pull-out wallchart to decorate your room. Great for projects or just for fun, this fact-packed guide and CD shows and tells you everything you need to know about this ancient civilization. “I am a big fan of these… They are brilliantly visual” “There isn’t a child that would be able to resist picking that up” Reader Reviews
Ancient Egypt
Author: George Hart, Kindersley Dorling
ISBN: 1409343782
Pages: 72
Year: 2014
View: 1325
Read: 878
Engaging and entertaining reference guide about Ancient Egypt - perfect for younger readers. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to Tutankhamun's tomb this spectacular non-fiction guide explores one history's most remarkable civilisations. Perfect for homework help Eyewitness Ancient Egypt lets your child discover what life was like for Egyptians and how Pharaohs lived. Packed with all the essential information from the previous edition, Eyewitness Ancient Egypt is now more interactive and colourful than ever with new infographics, statistics, facts and timelines making the book more engaging and educational for your child.
Bridget and Joan's Diary
Author: Bridget Golightly, Joan Hardcastle
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780744382
Pages: 176
Year: 2013-10-10
View: 1142
Read: 378
Meet Bridget and Joan: Thelma and Louise on mobility scooters, reluctant residents of the Second Best Magnolia Retirement Home, and lifelong friends joined at the artificial hip. It’s been a wild year for the two rebellious wrinkletons: sherry and shoplifting, Sanatogen and sexting, and a mysterious toy boy who threatens their lifelong friendship and possibly even more…
Pharaohs & Mummies
Author: Anita Ganeri
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0001979523
Pages: 24
Year: 1996
View: 993
Read: 536

DDR Posters
Author: David Heather
Publisher: Prestel Pub
ISBN: 3791348086
Pages: 159
Year: 2014
View: 1063
Read: 535
Made available to the public for the first time, these posters from the archives of the German Historical Museum reveal a regime determined to influence and control the citizens of East Germany. In the age of the internet, poster art is fading into history, but its importance as historical document remains valuable and enlightening. An inexpensive and efficient means of mass communication, the poster was used extensively by Communist regimes in order to maintain state control. This collection of 150 of the most outstanding works from a selection of more than 10,000 posters archived by the German Historical Museum features works that are both poignant and valid in light of current global politics. Although propaganda posters were used in a variety of communist countries, those that emanated from East Germany are unique in their subtlety and nuanced messages. Many posters appropriate American or Western European symbols and others used humor to get their point across. Grouped chronologically according to such themes as post-war years, the prospect of peace, denouncement of the West, and praise for Communist allies, these beautifully reproduced works provide a historical and cultural snapshot of East Germany during its entire history.
Berlin's Third Sex
Author: Magnus Hirschfeld
ISBN: 3947325029
Pages: 150
Year: 2017-11-06
View: 1268
Read: 1010
Literary Nonfiction. LGBTQIA Studies. Translated from the German by James J. Conway. Rough trade, drag kings, tea dances, sporty dykes, coded classified ads, campy nicknames, passing, outing, hustlers, beats and cruising at the YMCA--all accompanied by a wave of gay and lesbian activism. Eighties New York? No, Germany's imperial capital at the dawn of the 20th century. BERLIN'S THIRD SEX reveals an astonishingly diverse gay subculture years ahead of the Weimar era, with cross-dressing cabaret, all-night parties and erotic license at every level of society. Magnus Hirschfeld's 1904 report is a foundational text of modern gay identity, queer history captured by an insider, as it happened. Police, blackmailers and moral crusaders are never far, suicide is all too common, but Hirschfeld also invites us into the homes of same-sex couples to witness tranquil scenes of domesticity and devotion. BERLIN'S THIRD SEX formed part of the vast "Metropolis Documents" project, a visionary panorama of early 20th century urban life. This, the first part of the series to appear in English, is offered alongside an earlier Hirschfeld study of the "third sex" (the author's provisional term for gays and lesbians) as well as comprehensive notes and an informative afterword. "[BERLIN'S THIRD SEX] depicts a flourishing gay subculture populated by cross-dressers, drag queens, sporty dykes, blackmailers and prostitutes, who establish contact with one another via intricately coded classified ads, adopt droll nicknames such as 'Squeaky Lotte,' 'Rollmop Queen' and 'Hiddigeigei,' and generally live it up in bars and cabarets, in the Tiergarten, or at the Opera. The Rixdorf edition includes an informative afterword and helpful notes by the translator James. J. Conway."--Anna Katharina Schaffner "Hirschfeld's rhetorical strategy, which includes these appeals to sentiment, walks the line between emphasizing the similarities in behavior between homosexuals and heterosexuals (in other words, suggesting homosexuals are just like the [presumably heterosexual] reader), and relating anecdotes or characteristics that portray the former as uniquely, yet endearingly, different. That this approach has strong parallels with contemporary gay rights rhetoric suggests that there is a timeless appeal in finding reasons for empathy in order to demonstrate that 'the other' is just as human."--Tyler Langendorfer
The Wyndhams Went to Wales
Author: Mabel Esther Allan
Publisher: Girls Gone by
ISBN: 1847451527
Pages: 213
Year: 2013
View: 938
Read: 860

Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend
Author: Hans de Beer
Publisher: NorthSouth Books
ISBN: 0735822395
Pages: 12
Year: 2009-05-01
View: 1008
Read: 277
Any Little Polar Bear fan too young to read alone can read along as they listen to the tape in this mini book and audio package. Treat Williams's reading captures all the excitement, warmth, and sweetness of the story.
Lonely Planet Kids Travel Atlas Book
Author: Lonely Planet
ISBN: 1743607717
Pages: 212
Year: 2015-09-11
View: 737
Read: 451
Take a world tour through 200 countries with this brand new edition of the bestselling kids' version of Lonely Planet's popular The Travel Book, loaded with thousands of amazing facts on wildlife, how people live, sports, hideous and mouthwatering food, festivals and a wide range of other quirky insights on every page. Every single country gets its own dedicated page, and a mix of photography and beautiful illustrations brings each land to life. Perfect for keeping explorers aged 8 years and up entertained on the road. Authors: Lonely Planet Kids About Lonely Planet Kids: From the world's leading travel publisher comes Lonely Planet Kids, a children's imprint that brings the world to life for young explorers everywhere. We're kick-starting the travel bug and showing kids just how amazing our planet is. Our mission is to inspire and delight curious kids, showing them the rich diversity of people, places and cultures that surrounds us. We pledge to share our enthusiasm and continual fascination for what it is that makes the world we live in the magnificent place it is. A big adventure awaits! Come explore. Award-winning children's titles from Lonely Planet include The Amazing World Atlas (Independent Publisher Award, Gold for Juvenile Multicultural Non-fiction, 2015), How to Be a Space Explorer (Independent Publisher Award, Silver for Juvenile Non-fiction, 2015), Not For Parents The Travel Book, Not For Parents Paris, Not For Parents London, Not For Parents New York City, and Not For Parents Rome (all Parent Tested Parent Approved winners, 2012). Lonely Planet guides have won the TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
Digby Differs
Author: Miriam Koch, Peter Pauper Press
ISBN: 1441313060
Pages: 40
Year: 2013
View: 481
Read: 626
"Digby always felt like he didn't belong--like he was just a little different from everyone else. He longed for a place that felt like home. One day his yearning sends him on a journey of discovery that will take him to a place where 'feeling different' feels just right"--
Sports Sticker Book
Author: Fiona Watt
Publisher: Usborne Pub Limited
ISBN: 0794531210
Pages: 23
Year: 2011-06-01
View: 526
Read: 893
24 pages + 10 sticker; Have hours of fun creating sports scenes with this fantastic sticker book.
The Lillian Lectures
Author: Wendy Agnew
Publisher: Coach House Books
ISBN: 1552450155
Pages: 112
Year: 1999
View: 336
Read: 1080
Hide under your bed! Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret meets South Park in The Lillian Lectures, a collection of short poems and cheerfully nasty illustrations that will turn your universe on its head. Remember how strange you thought sex and God were when you were little? Six-year-old Melanie is weirder and naughtier than you ever were, and now she's passing her wealth of wacky wisdom on to her little sister, Lillian. Your mom would never let you play with them, but you sure would have wanted to; Melanie is the ultimate bad influence.
Author: Regina Maria Anzenberger
ISBN: 3981234405
Pages: 284
Year: 2008
View: 436
Read: 300

EuroComRom-- the Seven Sieves
Author: William J. McCann, Horst G. Klein, Tilbert Dídac Stegmann
ISBN: 3832204377
Pages: 224
Year: 2002-01
View: 461
Read: 549

Cat and the Stinkwater War
Author: Kate Saunders, Adam Stower
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 033041576X
Pages: 213
Year: 2005
View: 349
Read: 456
At first glance there`s nothing special about the little white stone which Cat`s archaeologist father gives her. But then Cat makes a catastrophic discovery. The stonedoeshave amazing powers. Power to take her away from bullying Emily Baines. Power to turn her into someone graceful, fast and agile. Power to turn her into a CAT! But all is not well in the feline world, for the cats` symbol of nationhood –– the Blessed Sardine –– has gone missing. And the only one who can find it is a small marmalade cat called Cat!

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