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Masterplots II: Sev-V
Author: Christian Hollis Moe
Publisher: Salem PressInc
ISBN: 1587651203
Pages: 465
Year: 2004
View: 876
Read: 318
Masterplots II: Drama Series covers plays by important 20th century playwrights, such as Samuel Beckett, Arthur Miller, Eugene O'Neill, George Bernard Shaw, Neil Simon and Tennessee Williams, among others. Each essay contains birth and death dates, time and place of the work's first performance and publication, the play's setting, and principal characters with brief descriptions. the overview section includes a summary of the action and plot; insights into issues in the play, a description of plot devices, staging techniques and characterization, and a perspective on the critical context.
Critical Theory Today
Author: Lois Tyson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317643232
Pages: 488
Year: 2014-10-10
View: 993
Read: 321
This thoroughly updated third edition of Critical Theory Today offers an accessible introduction to contemporary critical theory, providing in-depth coverage of the most common approaches to literary analysis today, including: feminism; psychoanalysis; Marxism; reader-response theory; New Criticism; structuralism and semiotics; deconstruction; new historicism and cultural criticism; lesbian, gay, and queer theory; African American criticism and postcolonial criticism. This new edition features: a major expansion of the chapter on postcolonial criticism that includes topics such as Nordicism, globalization and the ‘end’ of postcolonial theory, global tourism and global conservation an extended explanation of each theory, using examples from everyday life, popular culture, and literary texts a list of specific questions critics ask about literary texts an interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby through the lens of each theory a list of questions for further practice to guide readers in applying each theory to different literary works updated and expanded bibliographies Both engaging and rigorous, this is a "how-to" book for undergraduate and graduate students new to critical theory and for college professors who want to broaden their repertoire of critical approaches to literature.
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy
Author: Friedrich Kremer, Andreas Schönhals
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642561209
Pages: 729
Year: 2012-12-06
View: 536
Read: 444
Both an introductory course to broadband dielectric spectroscopy and a monograph describing recent dielectric contributions to current topics, this book is the first to cover the topic and has been hotly awaited by the scientific community.
Isoconversional Kinetics of Thermally Stimulated Processes
Author: Sergey Vyazovkin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319141759
Pages: 239
Year: 2015-03-18
View: 1140
Read: 1271
The use of isoconversional kinetic methods for analysis of thermogravimetric and calorimetric data on thermally stimulated processes is quickly growing in popularity. The purpose of this book is to create the first comprehensive resource on the theory and applications of isoconversional methodology. The book introduces the reader to the kinetics of physical and chemical condensed phase processes that occur as a result of changing temperature and discusses how isoconversional analysis can provide important kinetic insights into them. The book will help the readers to develop a better understanding of the methodology, and promote its efficient usage and successful development.
Body My House
Author: Paul Crumbley, Patricia M Gantt
Publisher: Utah State University Press
Pages: 262
Year: 2006-11-30
View: 1047
Read: 797
The first collection of critical essays on May Swenson and her literary universe, Body My House initiates an academic conversation about an unquestionably major poet of the middle and late twentienth century. Between the 1950s and the 1980s, May Swenson produced eleven volumes of poetry, received many major awards, was elected chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, and was acclaimed by writers in virtually every school of American poetry. Essays here address the breadth of Swenson's literary corpus and offer varied scholarly approaches to it. They reference Swenson manuscripts---poems, letters, diaries, and other prose---some of which have not been widely available before. Chapters focus on Swenson's work as a nature writer; the literary and social contexts of her writing; her national and international acclaim; her work as a translator; associations with other poets and writers (Bishop, Moore, and others); her creative process; and her profound explorations of gender and sexuality. The first full volume of scholarship on May Swenson, Body My House suggest an ambitious agenda for further work. Contributors include Mark Doty, Gudrun Grabher, Cynthia Hogue, Suzann Juhasz, R.R. Knudson, Alicia Ostriker, Martha Nell Smith, Michael Spooner, Paul Swenson, and Kirstin Hotelling Zona.
An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory
Author: Andrew Bennett, Nicholas Royle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317313127
Pages: 425
Year: 2016-03-02
View: 563
Read: 440
Lively, original and highly readable, An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory is the essential guide to literary studies. Starting at ‘The Beginning’ and concluding with ‘The End’, chapters range from the familiar, such as ‘Character’, ‘Narrative’ and ‘The Author’, to the more unusual, such as ‘Secrets’, ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Ghosts’. Now in its fifth edition, Bennett and Royle’s classic textbook successfully illuminates complex ideas by engaging directly with literary works, so that a reading of Jane Eyre opens up ways of thinking about racial difference, for example, while Chaucer, Raymond Chandler and Monty Python are all invoked in a discussion of literature and laughter. The fifth edition has been revised throughout and includes four new chapters – ‘Feelings’, ‘Wounds’, ‘Body’ and ‘Love’ – to incorporate exciting recent developments in literary studies. In addition to further reading sections at the end of each chapter, the book contains a comprehensive bibliography and a glossary of key literary terms. A breath of fresh air in a field that can often seem dry and dauntingly theoretical, this book will open the reader’s eyes to the exhilarating possibilities of reading and studying literature.
Methods of Historical Analysis in Electronic Media
Author: Donald G. Godfrey
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135607400
Pages: 432
Year: 2006-08-15
View: 1088
Read: 392
Methods of Historical Analysis in Electronic Media provides a foundation for historical research in electronic media by addressing the literature and the methods--traditional and the eclectic methods of scholarship as applied to electronic media. It is about history--broadcast electronic media history and history that has been broadcast, and also about the historiography, research written, and the research yet to be written. Divided into five parts, this book: *addresses the challenges in the application of the historical methods to broadcast history; *reviews the various methods appropriate for electronic-media research based on the nature of the object under study; *suggests new approaches to popular historical topics; *takes a broad topical look at history in broadcasting; and *provides a broad overview of what has been accomplished, a historian's challenges, and future research. Intended for students and researchers in broadcast history, Methods of Historical Analysis in Electronic Media provides an understanding of the qualitative methodological tools necessary for the study of electronic media history, and illustrates how to find primary sources for electronic media research.
Music as Cultural Practice, 1800-1900
Author: Lawrence Kramer
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520084438
Pages: 226
Year: 1993-11-24
View: 267
Read: 545
In Music as Cultural Practice, Lawrence Kramer adapts the resources of contemporary literary theory to forge a genuinely new discourse about music. Rethinking fundamental questions of meaning and expression, he demonstrates how European music of the nineteenth century collaborates on equal terms with textual and sociocultural practices in the constitution of self and society. In Kramer's analysis, compositional processes usually understood in formal or emotive terms reappear as active forces in the work of cultural formation. Thus Beethoven's last piano sonata, Op. 111, forms both a realization and a critique of Romantic utopianism; Liszt's Faust Symphony takes bourgeois gender ideology into a troubled embrace; Wagner's Tristan und Isolde articulates a basic change in the cultural construction of sexuality. Through such readings, Kramer works toward the larger conclusion that nineteenth-century European music is concerned as much to challenge as to exemplify an ideology of organic unity and subjective wholeness. Anyone interested in music, literary criticism, or nineteenth-century culture will find this book pertinent and provocative.
Titian Remade
Author: Maria H. Loh
Publisher: Getty Publications
ISBN: 089236873X
Pages: 202
Year: 2007
View: 982
Read: 789
Titian Remade explores imitation and the modern cult of originality through a consideration of the disparate fates of two Venetian painters: the canonized master Titian (ca. 1488-1576) and his artistic heir, the now-unremarked Padovanino (1588-1649). Reading the latter's Sleeping Venus (1610), triumph (1620), and Self-Portrait (ca. 1630) against corresponding works by Titian, Maria H. Loh argues the case for repetition as a positive act of artistic self-definition. Her history of creative emulation and engaged viewing in early modern visual culture offers a profound vision of art as a continual process of retrieval and projection that effectively bonds the present to the past and the self to the other.
Thermal Physics and Thermal Analysis
Author: Jaroslav Šesták, Pavel Hubík, Jiří J. Mareš
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331945899X
Pages: 567
Year: 2017-04-23
View: 527
Read: 222
Features twenty-five chapter contributions from an international array of distinguished academics based in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, and the USA. This multi-author contributed volume provides an up-to-date and authoritative overview of cutting-edge themes involving the thermal analysis, applied solid-state physics, micro- and nano-crystallinity of selected solids and their macro- and microscopic thermal properties. Distinctive chapters featured in the book include, among others, calorimetry time scales from days to microseconds, glass transition phenomena, kinetics of non-isothermal processes, thermal inertia and temperature gradients, thermodynamics of nanomaterials, self-organization, significance of temperature and entropy. Advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers working in the field of thermal analysis, thermophysical measurements and calorimetry will find this contributed volume invaluable. This is the third volume of the triptych volumes on thermal behaviour of materials; the previous two receiving thousand of downloads guaranteeing their worldwide impact.
Imagining Outer Space
Author: Alexander C.T. Geppert
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349953393
Pages: 443
Year: 2018-04-25
View: 366
Read: 941
Imagining Outer Space makes a captivating advance into the cultural history of outer space and extraterrestrial life in the European imagination. How was outer space conceived and communicated? What promises of interplanetary expansion and cosmic colonization propelled the project of human spaceflight to the forefront of twentieth-century modernity? In what way has West-European astroculture been affected by the continuous exploration of outer space? Tracing the thriving interest in spatiality to early attempts at exploring imaginary worlds beyond our own, the book analyzes contact points between science and fiction from a transdisciplinary perspective and examines sites and situations where utopian images and futuristic technologies contributed to the omnipresence of fantasmatic thought. Bringing together state-of-the-art work in this emerging field of historical research, the volume breaks new ground in the historicization of the Space Age.
Laser Material Processing
Author: William Steen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1447136098
Pages: 346
Year: 2013-03-14
View: 935
Read: 871
Laser Material Processing (2nd ed) by William M Steen is an updated and expanded version of the original which sold very well with reprints in 1994 and 1996. This new edition includes a whole extra chapter - Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacture - and updates other sections such as those dealing with types of industrial lasers and new applications, and recent developments in Surface Treatment and In-Process Sensing. It comprises some addtional 60-80 pages whilst retaining the value of the original edition. It provides the reader with an understanding of laser process mechanisms, methods of application, automation and In-Process Sensing and industrial potential. The use of Patrick Wright's humorous cartoons and the many diagrams and tables to illustrate points make it a very useful and lively reference guide for students at all stages. Since laser technology is a rapidly changing field this new updated and expanded version will be particularly topical.
Transvestism, Masculinity, and Latin American Literature
Author: B. Sifuentes-Jáuregui
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230107281
Pages: 240
Year: 2002-02-22
View: 1161
Read: 601
This book is about transvestism and the performance of gender in Latin American literature and culture. Ben. Sifuentes-Jáuregui explores the figure of the transvestite and his/her relation to the body through a series of canonical Latin American texts. By analyzing works by Alejo Carpentier, José Donoso, Severo Sarduy and Manuel Puig (author of Kiss of the Spiderwoma n), alongside critical works in gender studies and queer theory, Sifuentes-Jáuregui shows how transvestism operates not only to destabilize, but often to affirm sexual, gender, national and political identities.
Structure and Spontaneity in Clinical Prose
Author: Suzi Naiburg
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136946233
Pages: 302
Year: 2015-04-10
View: 807
Read: 749
Structure and Spontaneity in Clinical Prose will teach you to read gifted writers for inspiration and practical lessons in the craft of writing; apply the principles and techniques of the paradigmatic, narrative, lyric narrative, evocative, and enactive modes of clinical prose; and put what you learn immediately into practice in eighty-four writing exercises. Each of the five modes uses different means to construct worlds out of language. The paradigmatic abstracts ideas from experience to build concepts and theories. The narrative mode organizes experience through time, creating meaningful relationships between causes and effects. Lyric narratives present events unfolding in an uncertain present. The evocative mode works by invitation and suggestion, and the enactive mode creates an experience to be lived as well as thought. Structure and Spontaneity is fundamentally a book about reading and writing in new and different ways. It is an invaluable resource for new and experienced psychoanalysts and psychotherapists and for students, teachers, editors, and writers in the humanities and social sciences.
Reading London
Author: Erik Bond
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
ISBN: 081421049X
Pages: 276
Year: 2007
View: 673
Read: 784

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