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Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em
Author: Jonathan Little
Publisher: D&b Publishing
ISBN: 1909457779
Pages: 352
Year: 2017-08-01
View: 390
Read: 436
Jonathan constructs a basic strategy to crush small stakes games and also identifies the adjustments that need to be made when facing more competent opposition.
Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em
Author: Jonathan Little
Publisher: D&B Publishing
ISBN: 1909457795
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-08-01
View: 1313
Read: 449

Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments
Author: Jonathan Little
ISBN: 1508660204
Pages: 82
Year: 2015-02-24
View: 445
Read: 616
While most poker players dream of winning $10,000,000 on poker's biggest stage, most find it impossible to win at even the smallest stakes. They usually blame bad luck for their failures whereas in reality, they are simply not skilled enough at poker. The secret to mastering poker is not in memorizing hand ranking charts or following a predetermined system. You must learn to think for yourself while at the table in order to adjust your strategy based on your specific opponents. Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments will explain how. In this guide, two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little explains numerous strategies he uses that will allow you to crush your opponents, giving you the opportunity to progress to the middle and high stakes.
Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Cash Games
Author: Jonathan Little
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1518655386
Pages: 118
Year: 2015-10-16
View: 905
Read: 457
While most players would love to consistently win money in poker cash games, instead, they struggle to break even in the smallest buy-in games. They frequently blame bad luck for their failures whereas in reality, they are simply not skilled at poker. The secret to mastering poker is not in memorizing hand ranking charts or following a predetermined system. You must learn to think for yourself so you can adjust your strategy based on your specific opponents. Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Cash Games explains how.
Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em
Author: Ed Miller, Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta
Publisher: Dimat Enterprises Incorporated
ISBN: 0984143491
Pages: 376
Year: 2010-09-01
View: 805
Read: 518
Small stakes no-limit hold'em cash games offer remarkable opportunities...if you come armed with the right skills. To win in today's game you need to draw on a complete arsenal of the latest theories, strategies, and tactics. Now, available for the first time in print, this ultimate handbook outlines a powerful path to success, as three of the world's top expertsnoted poker authority Ed Miller, top pro Sunny Mehta, and renowned practical theorist Matt Flynnput their expertise to work for you. Using hand examples from actual play to illustrate key concepts, Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em translates high-level poker theory into an easy-to-learn format that will give you the edge needed to win in today's games. You'll learn solid money-winning tactics and be able to craft winning strategies just like the top cash-game pros. Get the lowdown on: - 7 easy steps to no-limit hold'em success - Making decisions using steal equity and showdown equity - Beating online 6-max games - Isolating bad players and handling tough, aggressive players - Determining optimal bluff sizes and planning big bluffs - Balancing your lines of play to maximize deception ...and much more! Poker is a fun game, but it's even more fun when you win. With Miller, Mehta, and Flynn as your mentors, you will have all the advanced-yet-practical information you need to dominate any small stakes no-limit hold'em cash game.
Jonathan Little's Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em
Author: Jonathan Little, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Sexton, Olivier Busquet, Will Tipton, Ed Miller, Jared Tendler, Chris Moneymaker
Publisher: D&B Publishing
ISBN: 1909457469
Pages: 496
Year: 2015-07-07
View: 899
Read: 937
Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em is a sensation in poker publishing. Renowned poker professional and author Jonathan Little brings together 17 of the greatest no-limit experts in the world to discuss all aspects of the game. These experts include superstars such as Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, Mike Sexton and Jared Tendler. In Part 1 strategies are analysed for topics such as understanding the fundamentals, satellite play, lower-buy in events, analysing tells and moving up in stakes Part 2 sees a thorough technical breakdown of the game including sections on range analysis, game theory optimal play, short stack strategies, value betting and final table play. As any serious poker will confirm, the technical side is only half the battle and so Part 3 deals with mental toughness, psychology and understanding tilt. Excelling at No-Limit Hold‘em provides all the tools that an aspiring player needs to understand no-limit hold‘em. It is a must buy for anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their poker.
Decide to Play Great Poker
Author: Annie Duke, John Vorhaus
Publisher: Huntington Press Inc
ISBN: 1935396323
Pages: 464
Year: 2011-07-01
View: 763
Read: 1299
Poker is a game of table position, flop texture, players in a hand, personalities, and so much more. This book teaches you how to identify and analyze those variables, become a great strategist, and have confidence in any poker situation. Decide to Play Great Poker is written by Annie Duke, the world's most renowned woman poker player, with John Vorhaus, himself a winning poker player and prolific author.
Harrington on Online Cash Games
Author: Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie
Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1880685493
Pages: 531
Year: 2010-06
View: 558
Read: 1321
No-limit hold 'em was once a game played almost exclusively in casinos. But during the last decade, the game's growth has been fueled in part by the easy availability of online playing sites where participants can play cash games and tournaments 24 hours a day, every day.In Harrington on Online Cash Games, Dan Harrington shows you the key ideas and skills that will let you master the online poker world which differs in some significant ways from the world of casino games. You'll learn how to handle different stack sizes, how to play at 6-max tables, how to deal with increased levels of aggression, and how to use the poker databases and heads-up displays that give you unprecedented information on your opponent's tendencies. Harrington lays out detailed strategies for preflop and post-flop play in both the popular micro-stakes games and the more difficult small-stakes games. If you play online poker or you're looking to get started, you'll need to read this book.Dan Harrington won the gold bracelet and the World Champion title at the $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold 'em Championship at the 1995 World Series of Poker. And he was the only player to make the final table in 2003 (field of 839) and 2004 (field of 2,576) — considered by cognoscenti to be the greatest accomplishment in WSOP history. In Harrington on Online Cash Games, Harrington and two-time World Backgammon Champion Bill Robertie have written the definitive books on no-limit cash games in the online world. This books will teach you what you need to know to be a winner playing on the Internet.
Small Stakes Hold 'em
Author: Ed Miller, David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth
Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1880685329
Pages: 369
Year: 2004
View: 842
Read: 1134
For today's poker players, Texas hold 'em is the game. Every day, tens of thousands of small stakes hold 'em games are played all over the world in homes, card rooms, and on the Internet. These games can be very profitable -- if you play well. But most people don't play well and end up leaving their money on the table. Small Stakes Hold 'em: Winning Big with Expert Play explains everything you need to be a big winner. Unlike many other books about small stakes games, it teaches the aggressive and attacking style used by all professional players. However, it does not simply tell you to play aggressively; it shows you exactly how to make expert decisions through numerous clear and detailed examples. Small Stakes Hold 'em teaches you to think like a professional player. Topics include implied odds, pot equity, speculative hands, position, the importance of being suited, hand categories, counting outs, evaluating the flop, large pots versus small pots, protecting your hand, betting for value on the river, and playing overcards. In addition, after you learn the winning concepts, test your skills with over fifty hand quizzes that present you with common and critical hold 'em decisions. Choose your action, then compare it to the authors' play and reasoning. This text presents cutting-edge ideas in straightforward language. It is the most thorough and accurate discussion of small stakes hold 'em available. Your opponents will read this book; make sure you do, too!
Positive Poker
Author: Dr. Patricia Cardner with Jonathan Little
Publisher: D&B Publishing
ISBN: 1909457094
Pages: 272
View: 487
Read: 857
Why are the best poker players actually the best? Every serious poker player wants to be successful and many of them have the right technical skills. However, the truth is that there are key mental factors that separate the big winners from everyone else. Patricia Cardner is a psychology professor, licensed professional counselor and dedicated poker player. She interviewed a select group of professional poker players who share two key characteristics: ALL of them have been successful over many years and ALL of them have lifetime winnings of more than $1,000,000. Patricia analyzed the results to determine exactly what psychological skills, techniques, and strategies they use. This book is the result of her studies. Positive Poker outlines the mental skills that you need to develop if you want raise your game. Positive Poker will help you to: Optimize your brain for efficient learning Increase motivation and stay positive Use psychological skills to increase your win rate Increase self-control and reduce tilt Patricia is aided in her investigations by the highly successful poker pro Jonathan Little, author of the critically acclaimed series, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker.
Advanced Concepts in No-Limit Hold'em
Author: Hunter Cichy
Publisher: D&B Publishing
ISBN: 1909457701
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-06-06
View: 757
Read: 573

Getting Started in Hold 'em
Author: Ed Miller
Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1880685345
Pages: 206
Year: 2005
View: 480
Read: 950

Crushing Low Stakes Poker
Author: Mike Turner
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523881739
Pages: 212
Year: 2016-02-05
View: 1059
Read: 229
Most poker books and training videos on tournaments and Sit 'n Gos are by professional poker players who play at the highest stakes. Whereas you can learn a lot from studying them, they won't always be as useful to you when you're mainly playing at the low stakes. Playing low stakes games against beginning and recreational players requires a whole different strategy and approach than playing high stakes games against the best of the best. The Crushing Low Stakes Poker series is focused specifically on low stakes play and teaches you the proper strategy to consistently crush low stakes Sit 'n Gos. Volume 1: Strategy Volume 1 covers all the essential things you need to know in order to become a successful low stakes Sit 'n Go player, including: critical poker concepts such as bankroll management, table selection, expressed and implied odds, and ICM; important elements of pre-flop and post-flop play such as playing tight-cautious, playing speculative hands, value betting, and fast-playing; how to play optimally during all the different stages of a low stakes Sit 'n Go: low blinds, medium blinds, high blinds, push/fold, bubble and heads-up; and an overview of the best and most popular poker tools and sites that can help analyze and improve your game as well as get an edge over your opponents. Includes Push/Fold Charts and Example Hands In this book you will find multiple push-fold charts, both for 3 to 6-handed play and Heads-Up play. The charts let you make mathematically correct endgame decisions so you can maximize your winnings in low stakes SnGs. You will find extensive hand examples in the book that illustrate how to apply concepts and ideas in practice. If you also get the electronic version of this book, you'll get access to a series of poker training videos. The videos are complementary to the book and explain low stakes strategy by using slide presentations and detailed analyses of example hands. The e-book is available on Amazon and can be read on a Kindle device or on your PC/Mac (using your browser or Amazon's free Kindle reading apps). Take Your Game to the Next Level Through discussion of strategy, extensive hand examples and useful charts you will learn to master low stakes Sit 'n Gos. Whether you are struggling with your game or simply looking to improve your results, Crushing Low Stakes Poker Volume 1 provides you with the tools you need for success.
Jonathan Little on Live No-limit Cash Games
Author: Jonathan Little
Publisher: D&b Publishing
ISBN: 1909457353
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-05-07
View: 1086
Read: 603
Jonathan Little teaches the skills needed to become a strong live cash game player
Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games, Volume 1
Author: Jonathan Little
Publisher: D&B Publishing
ISBN: 1909457256
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-07-01
View: 973
Read: 1282
What do you think about when you sit down to play live no-limit cash games? If it’s only your hand and how you should play it then you need to think again! There is much, much more to being a good live cash player than simply playing your hand “correctly”. You need to develop a whole host of other skills. Jonathan Little, a top-ranking professional poker player, will teach you these skills. Jonathan has justifiably gained a reputation as one of the best instructors the game has ever seen. He has an almost unique ability to explain difficult poker concepts in simple terms. Jonathan thoroughly examines the difficult topic of how to modify your play on all post-flop streets based on: The pre-flop action: limped, raised and re-raised pots have different dynamicsBeing in position or out of positionWhether you are the aggressorWhether you have a strong made hand, a drawing hand or a bluff Jonathan analyzes the numerous different player types and explains how to adjust your game to play well against each of them. In Live No-Limit Cash Games Jonathan also discusses key “non-poker” concepts including:: Bankroll managementGame selectionSpotting and concealing tellsEmotional control