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The Skinny, Sexy Mind
Author: Trish Blackwell
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 1432788620
Pages: 262
Year: 2012-06-01
View: 1125
Read: 1003
Low self-esteem is an epidemic among American women. In the United States, 67% of women are dieting at any given time; an additional 10% have an eating disorder; and 80% of ten-year-old girls have already tried dieting. Trapped by a compulsive need to conform to arbitrary societal standards of beauty, American women have lost their sense of self. The Skinny, Sexy Mind is here to change all that. Author Trish Blackwell knows what its like to fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations. A born overachiever, she always expected perfection of herself. She bought into Americas skinny revolution and battled an eating disorder in her quest for flawlessness. But when she moved to France, her understanding of beauty and her body were transformed into a powerful new joie de vivre that redefined her personal confidence and quality of life. The Skinny, Sexy Mind is a groundbreaking, searingly honest challenge to American women, who desperately need to retrain their minds and lifestyles. This is a book with the power to change lives and to save future generations from the lies and damage of the American culture of beauty.
Alphaville (Jean-Luc Godard, 1965)
Author: Chris Darke
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252030885
Pages: 114
Year: 2005
View: 770
Read: 1067
A striking black-and-white hybrid of film noir and science fiction, Alphaville (1965) has proved to be one of the most enduringly popular of Jean-Luc Godard's films of the 1960s. Working without sets, special effects, or even a script, Godard created a dystopian vision of a technocratic city of the future that continues to resonate with filmmakers today. Alphaville pits secret agent Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine) against Alpha 60, the supercomputer that presides over a city where weeping is outlawed, poetry goes unrecognized, and the words conscience and love have ceased to exist. Lemmy's mission is to capture the renegade scientist Professor von Braun (Howard Vernon), but it is complicated when he falls in love with the professor's ravishing daughter Natasha (Anna Karina). In this exploration a Godard masterpiece, published on the fortieth anniversary of its release, Chris Darke uncovers the film's unique combination of genres and styles and draws on new interviews with the director's collaborators to chronicle the film's production. Analyzing Alphaville in its historical context, he also examines how the film influenced Godard's later work, and explores Alphaville's "afterlife" in the work of other filmmakers and artists.
Scandalize Me
Author: Caitlin Crews
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460334779
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-07-01
View: 1282
Read: 360
I'm not going to stop. I'm going to drown in you, and then I'm going to do it again. And again. Until I've had my fill. Zoe Brook has been sent to clean up a bad boy's reputation. And that's just fine—she knows all about hiding the sins of the past. But Hunter Grant, sports hero and renowned womaniser is so much…more than she ever expected. Money, passion and power come as naturally to this man as the women who flock to his bed. But Zoe's determined not to be another notch on his bedpost. So when Hunter turns his considerable focus and energy to seducing her, she draws on every sharp put-down in her arsenal. But with no sassy comebacks left, the final words on Zoe's lips are…Yes. Oh, yes. Collect all three novels in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy: AVENGE ME by USA TODAY bestselling author Maisey Yates SCANDALIZE ME by USA TODAY bestselling author Caitlin Crews EXPOSE ME by USA TODAY bestselling author Kate Hewitt
The Franco-Americans of Lewiston-Auburn
Author: Mary Rice-Defosse, James Myall
Publisher: History Press Library Editions
ISBN: 154021009X
Pages: 178
Year: 2015-01-26
View: 1144
Read: 228
Franco-Americans brought their proud cultural legacy to Lewiston-Auburn beginning in the mid-nineteenth century. As their population grew, religious leaders became community leaders, building an independent parish and a support system, as well as providing child care. The Sisters of Charity cared for the sick and orphaned and ran the first bilingual school in Maine. Franco-Americans grappled with their own questions of patriotism, identity and culture, assimilating as Americans while preserving both their French and French Canadian backgrounds. Authors Mary Rice-DeFosse and James Myall explore the challenges, accomplishments and enduring bonds of the Franco-Americans in Lewiston-Auburn.
Women and Gender in Medieval Europe
Author: Margaret C. Schaus
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135459673
Pages: 984
Year: 2006-09-20
View: 930
Read: 152
From women's medicine and the writings of Christine de Pizan to the lives of market and tradeswomen and the idealization of virginity, gender and social status dictated all aspects of women's lives during the middle ages. A cross-disciplinary resource, Women and Gender in Medieval Europe examines the daily reality of medieval women from all walks of life in Europe between 450 CE and 1500 CE, i.e., from the fall of the Roman Empire to the discovery of the Americas. Moving beyond biographies of famous noble women of the middles ages, the scope of this important reference work is vast and provides a comprehensive understanding of medieval women's lives and experiences. Masculinity in the middle ages is also addressed to provide important context for understanding women's roles. Entries that range from 250 words to 4,500 words in length thoroughly explore topics in the following areas: · Art and Architecture · Countries, Realms, and Regions · Daily Life · Documentary Sources · Economics · Education and Learning · Gender and Sexuality · Historiography · Law · Literature · Medicine and Science · Music and Dance · Persons · Philosophy · Politics · Political Figures · Religion and Theology · Religious Figures · Social Organization and Status Written by renowned international scholars, Women and Gender in Medieval Europe is the latest in the Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages. Easily accessible in an A-to-Z format, students, researchers, and scholars will find this outstanding reference work to be an invaluable resource on women in Medieval Europe.
The Yellow Peril: Dr. Fu Manchu and the Rise of Chinaphobia
Author: Christopher Frayling
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500772290
Pages: 352
Year: 2014-10-14
View: 609
Read: 764
An entirely new perspective on current scaremongering about China’s global ambitions, and on the Western media’s ignorance of Chinese culture A hundred years ago, a character who was to enter the bloodstream of 20th-century popular culture made his first appearance in the world of literature. In his day he became as well known as Count Dracula or Sherlock Holmes: he was the evil genius called Dr. Fu Manchu, described at the beginning of the first story in which he appeared as “the yellow peril incarnate in one man.” Why did the idea that the Chinese were a threat to Western civilization develop at precisely the time when China was in chaos, divided against itself, the victim of successive famines and utterly incapable of being a “peril” to anyone even if it had wanted to be? Even the author of the Dr. Fu Manchu novels, Sax Rohmer, acknowledged that China, “as a nation possess that elusive thing, poise.” And what do the Chinese themselves make of all this? Is it any wonder that they remember what we have carelessly forgotten–the opium wars; the “unfair treaties” that ceded Hong Kong and the New Territories; and the stereotyping of Chinese people in allegedly factual studies? Here cultural historian Christopher Frayling takes us to the heart of popular culture in the music hall, pulp literature, and the mass-market press, and shows how film amplifies our assumptions.
16 Ways to Break a Heart
Author: Lauren Strasnick
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062418742
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-07-25
View: 491
Read: 779
Unfolding through letters, texts, and chats, Lauren Strasnick’s smart, sexy, page-turning new novel is the ultimate he said/she said breakdown of a relationship gone wrong. Natalie and Dan were electric from the moment they met. Witty banter and sizzling chemistry made falling in love easy—even inevitable. He was in awe of her subversive art and contagious zest for life; she was drawn to his good-guy charm and drive to succeed as a documentary filmmaker. But that was before. Before hot tempers turned to blowout fights. Before a few little lies turned to broken trust. Before a hundred tiny slights broke them open and exposed the ugly truth of their relationship. And now Natalie wants Dan to know just how much he broke her. Over the course of one fateful day, Dan reads sixteen letters that Natalie has secretly, brilliantly hidden in places only he will find. And as he pieces together her version of their love story, he realizes that she has one final message for him. One that might just send his carefully constructed life tumbling down.
Cast in Silence
Author: Michelle Sagara
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459211936
Pages: 384
Year: 2011-09-01
View: 760
Read: 171
Don't ask. Don't tell. Stay alive. A member of the elite Hawk force that protects the City of Elantra, Kaylin Neya has sacrificed much to earn the respect of the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani she works alongside. But the mean streets she escaped as a child aren't the ones she's vowed to give her life guarding. Those were much darker… Kaylin's moved on with her life—and is keeping silent about the shameful things she's done to stay alive. But when the city's oracles warn of brewing unrest in the outer fiefdoms, a mysterious visitor from Kaylin's past casts her under a cloud of suspicion. Thankfully, if she's anything, she's a survivor…
Le Grand Meaulnes
Author: Alain-Fournier
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0140182829
Pages: 206
Year: 1990-03
View: 189
Read: 884

Limehouse Nights
Author: Thomas Burke
Pages: 301
Year: 1917
View: 821
Read: 1165

Back Street
Author: Fannie Hurst
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0804170673
Pages: 464
Year: 2014
View: 959
Read: 218
Ray Schmidt, a beautiful socialite and "fly girl," is trapped in a cycle of neglect and love for Walter Saxel, the one man who could never value for who she was, after they, years later, pick up where they left off despite him being married. Original. 12,000 first printing.
Louisiana Folk-tales
Author: Alcée Fortier
Pages: 122
Year: 1895
View: 581
Read: 688

Europe On-screen
Author: Dominique Chansel
Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9287145318
Pages: 217
Year: 2001
View: 1314
Read: 151
Comprised of fact sheets on 50 films, illustrating 4 themes - nationalism, women, immigration and human rights -, it encourages teachers to exploit cinema as a source of 20th-century history and provides a pedagogical basis to do so. (from CoE website)
The History of the Yorubas
Author: Samuel Johnson, Johnson, Obadiah Johnson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108020992
Pages: 750
Year: 2010-09-30
View: 821
Read: 835
The first published account and standard reference for the history of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, first published in 1921.
Hamilton Stark
Author: Russell Banks
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062335839
Pages: 320
Year: 2013-11-26
View: 232
Read: 1242
Hamilton Stark is a New Hampshire pipe fitter and the sole inhabitant of the house from which he evicted his own mother. He is the villain of five marriages and the father of a daughter so obsessed that she has been writing a book about him for years. Hamilton Stark is a boor, a misanthrope, a handsome man: funny, passionately honest, and a good dancer. The narrator, a middle-aged writer, decides to write about Stark as a hero whose anger and solitude represent passion and wisdom. At the same time that he tells Hamilton Stark's story, he describes the process of writing the novel and the complicated connections between truth and fiction. As Stark slips in and out of focus, maddeningly elusive and fascinatingly complex, this beguiling novel becomes at once a compelling meditation on identity and a thoroughly engaging story of life on the cold edge of New England.

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