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Made to Hear
Author: Laura Mauldin
ISBN: 0816697256
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-02-15
View: 352
Read: 188
A mother whose child has had a cochlear implant tells Laura Mauldin why enrollment in the sign language program at her daughter's school is plummeting: "The majority of parents want their kids to talk." Some parents, however, feel very differently, because "curing" deafness with cochlear implants is uncertain, difficult, and freighted with judgment about what is normal, acceptable, and right. Made to Hear sensitively and thoroughly considers the structure and culture of the systems we have built to make deaf children hear. Based on accounts of and interviews with families who adopt the cochlear implant for their deaf children, this book describes the experiences of mothers as they navigate the health care system, their interactions with the professionals who work with them, and the influence of neuroscience on the process. Though Mauldin explains the politics surrounding the issue, her focus is not on the controversy of whether to have a cochlear implant but on the long-term, multiyear undertaking of implantation. Her study provides a nuanced view of a social context in which science, technology, and medicine are trusted to vanquish disability--and in which mothers are expected to use these tools. Made to Hear reveals that implantation has the central goal of controlling the development of the deaf child's brain by boosting synapses for spoken language and inhibiting those for sign language, placing the politics of neuroscience front and center. Examining the consequences of cochlear implant technology for professionals and parents of deaf children, Made to Hear shows how certain neuroscientific claims about neuroplasticity, deafness, and language are deployed to encourage compliance with medical technology.
The Parenting Journey
Author: Karen Putz
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1479353019
Pages: 168
Year: 2012
View: 241
Read: 993
"Karen Putz grew up hard of hearing and become deaf as a teen. She spent a lot of time working with families with deaf and hard of hearing children, providing support and guidance. When her three children began losing their hearing one by one, Karen figured she had all the answers. Instead, she discovered it was a whole other ball game to navigate life as a parent on the twists and turns of the journey." - Back cover.
I Can Hear You Whisper
Author: Lydia Denworth
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0142181862
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-02
View: 515
Read: 987
"An investigation into the science of hearing, child language acquisition, neuroplasticity, brain development, and Deaf culture spurred by Lydia Denworth's discovery that her son couldn't hear her lullabies and the family's life-altering decision to give him a cochlear implant. Lydia Denworth's third son, Alex, was almost two when he was diagnosed with profound and progressive hearing loss. As both a science writer and the mother of young children, Denworth was steeped in messages about the importance of enrichment to the developing brain. She became determined to do whatever it took to allow Alex to hear and acquire spoken language, a quest that ultimately led to a controversial piece of emergent "superhero technology": the cochlear implant. In this engrossing journey to the frontiers of science, readers will learn why sound is so important to the developing brain, what new possibilities come from the latest research, and what exactly is going on when you focus your hearing at a cocktail party. Denworth goes beyond her personal experience with her son, interviewing the world's leading experts on child language development and hearing technology, leaders in the deaf community, and neuroscientists. I Can Hear You Whisper weaves together Alex's story with the tales of two scientific revolutions: the centuries-long quest to develop the cochlear implant and science's changing understanding of the brain's remarkable plasticity-all told against the sometimes-incendiary backdrop of identity politics and medical ethics."--
Cochlear Implants
Author: Raylene Paludneviciene, Irene Leigh
ISBN: 1563685035
Pages: 289
Year: 2011
View: 1114
Read: 368
The cochlear implant debate has been reframed in this collection, ranging from the ethics of genetic engineering, experiences of implanted adult deaf signers, reflections of deaf mothers who have had their children implanted, and the effects of implants on deaf identity.
The Slumbering Masses
Author: Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816674744
Pages: 288
Year: 2012
View: 1083
Read: 657
Addresses the phenomenon of sleep and sleeplessness in the United States, tracing the influence of medicine and industrial capitalism on the sleeping habits of Americans from the 19th century to the present
It's a Small World
Author: Michele Friedner, Annelies Kusters
ISBN: 156368652X
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-11-30
View: 154
Read: 456
This volume profiles the fascinating and, at times, controversial concept of DEAF-SAME and its influence on deaf spaces locally and globally. The editors and contributors focus on national and international encounters (e.g., conferences, sporting events, arts festivals, camps) and the role of political/economic power structures on deaf lives and the creation of deaf worlds. They also consider important questions about how deaf people negotiate DEAF-SAME and deaf difference, such as differences in mobility, access to social and economic capital, ideologies, and epistemologies. The editors have organized the book into five sections Gatherings, Language, Projects, Networks, and Visions. Taken all together, the 23 chapters in this book provide an understanding of how sameness and difference are powerful yet contested categories in deaf worlds."
Raising Kids with Cochlear Implants
Author: Amy Milani Ph. D.
ISBN: 0991403207
Pages: 144
Year: 2014-02
View: 357
Read: 774
In her book, Raising Kids with Cochlear Implants, Amy Milani shares personal narratives about her experience raising a son and daughter with cochlear implants. Excerpts from a journal she wrote following her son's surgery describe exactly how he began listening and learning language with a cochlear implant. Stories pulled from daily life as expatriates in Germany reveal how her son acquires a selection of favorite words. When her daughter is also born with hearing loss, the family moves back to the U.S. to find an appropriate preschool and support system for cochlear implants and to fully embrace oral deaf education. In alternate chapters, Amy discusses broader issues affecting family life such as the challenges a young child faces wearing equipment and the social implications of hearing in a way that's unfamiliar to most people. Her narratives provide authentic evidence of the joys and struggles parents experience when helping children with cochlear implants transition into the hearing world. Speaking from thirteen years of experience, Amy addresses the commitment required by parents to help their children learn to listen and speak with cochlear implants. Her personal narratives are of a family ready to take on the responsibility for their children's hearing well beyond surgery. She explains how her son and daughter are part of a new generation of kids identified early with hearing loss who grow up with cochlear implants, relying on parents to make it all happen. She calls these children "Generation CI." In this book, she motivates new parents to get answers about their child's hearing loss and hopes to reach those who are interested in learning more about what life is like for families with young children who have cochlear implants.
Enforcing Normalcy
Author: Lennard J. Davis
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1784780006
Pages: 228
Year: 2014-08-19
View: 692
Read: 813
In this highly original study of the cultural assumptions governing our conception of people with disabilities, Lennard J. Davis argues forcefully against “ableist” discourse and for a complete recasting of the category of disability itself. Enforcing Normalcy surveys the emergence of a cluster of concepts around the term “normal” as these matured in western Europe and the United States over the past 250 years. Linking such notions to the concurrent emergence of discourses about the nation, Davis shows how the modern nation-state constructed its identity on the backs not only of colonized subjects, but of its physically disabled minority. In a fascinating chapter on contemporary cultural theory, Davis explores the pitfalls of privileging the figure of sight in conceptualizing the nature of textuality. And in a treatment of nudes and fragmented bodies in Western art, he shows how the ideal of physical wholeness is both demanded and denied in the classical aesthetics of representation. Enforcing Normalcy redraws the boundaries of political and cultural discourse. By insisting that disability be added to the familiar triad of race, class and gender, the book challenges progressives to expand the limits of their thinking about human oppression. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Cochlear Implants
Author: Samuel H. Kirwin
ISBN: 1633214869
Pages: 191
Year: 2014-01-01
View: 191
Read: 1137
Bilateral Cochlear Implants (CIs) offer great benefits to patients suffering from lack of hearing by improving speech understanding as well as by providing a sense of directionality. Software and hardware synchronization issues of binaural processing have limited all the benefits that could be offered by bilateral CIs. This book provides discussions on topics that include a generalized speech enhancement framework for bilateral cochlear implants using a single processor; long-term results of CIs; minimally invasive cochlear implantation; quality of life in adult CI recipients; and the evolution of the indications for CI and new frontiers.
Author: Dr Stephen C Baldwin
ISBN: 0986355232
Pages: 80
Year: 2015-11-01
View: 388
Read: 827
The wanton murder of a deaf pregnant farm girl is all but forgotten for 60 years until doctoral student Keith Flynn, also deaf, discovers the story and decides to look into it. Being mindful of his backspace becomes a matter of life and death as he visits the town where the murder occurred. The investigation becomes a fast-moving journey fraught with unexpected episodes of danger and death. Being targeted in a town full of gossipmongers and strangers, while being irritated by a well-meaning local interpreter, leads Keith to adventurous twists and turns that challenge his survival instincts. The moment of truth, love, and justice for Keith means trusting the world from his daily blind spots. Would you take such a risk while checking your backspace?
The Picture Plus Dictionary
Author: Virginia McKinney
ISBN: 1884362249
Pages: 567
Year: 1997-01-01
View: 189
Read: 789

The Acquisition of Verbal Morphology in Cochlear-implanted and Specific Language Impaired Children
Author: Annemiek Hammer
ISBN: 9460930328
Pages: 233
Year: 2010
View: 265
Read: 739

Diagnostic Imaging of the Ear
Author: Peter D. Phelps, Glyn A.S. Lloyd
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1447117247
Pages: 218
Year: 2012-12-06
View: 1098
Read: 830

Congenital Malformations of the Head and Neck
Author: Lisa M. Elden, Karen B. Zur
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441917144
Pages: 193
Year: 2013-12-02
View: 1248
Read: 432
Congenital Malformations of the Head and Neck offers a unique conceptual and visual approach to children with congenital malformations of the head and neck. Developed by renowned leaders in the field, this title is richly illustrated with a wealth of patient photos, radiology and endoscopic images of malformations. Starting with the genetics of common congenital syndromes, Congenital Malformations of the Head and Neck goes on to comprehensively cover malformations of the ear, nose, nasopharynx, oral cavity, oropharynx, cleft lip and palate, larynx, trachea, and neck. Easy-to-read and an indispensable reference and teaching resource, this title will serve as an invaluable reference for clinicians, neurologists, pediatricians, otolaryngologists and head and neck surgeons. It should also be of great interest to fellows and residents.
Language in Mind
Author: Dedre Gentner
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262571633
Pages: 528
Year: 2003
View: 1280
Read: 353
Contemporary investigations of the Whorfian idea that language influences how we perceive and understand the world.

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