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The Formation of a Medieval Church
Author: Maureen Catherine Miller, University Maureen C Miller
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801428378
Pages: 216
Year: 1993
View: 663
Read: 436
In this provocative account, Maureen Miller challenges traditional explanations of the process that changed the nature of religious institutions--and religious life itself--in the diocese of Verona during the early and central Middle Ages. Building on substantial archival research, she shows how demographic expansion, economic development, and political change helped transform religious ideals and ecclesiastical institutions into a recognizably "medieval" church.
Textual Cultures of Medieval Italy
Author: William Robins
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442642726
Pages: 350
Year: 2011
View: 326
Read: 498
Based on papers presented at the 41st Conference on Editorial Problems held at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont., from Nov. 6 - 8th, 2005.
To be the Neighbor of Saint Peter
Author: Barbara H. Rosenwein
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 080142206X
Pages: 258
Year: 1989
View: 1078
Read: 273
Barbara H. Rosenwein here reassesses the significance of property in the tenth and eleventh centuries, a period of transition from the Carolingian empire to the regional monarchies of the High Middle Ages. In To Be the Neighbor of Saint Peter she explores in rich detail the question of monastic donations, illuminating the human motives, needs, and practices behind gifts of land and churches to the French monastery of Cluny during the 140 years that followed its founding. Donations, Rosenwein shows, were largely the work of neighbors, and they set up and affirmed relationships with Saint Peter, to whom Cluny was dedicated.Cluny was an eminent religious institution and served as a model for other monasteries. It attracted numerous donations and was party to many land transactions. Its charters and cartularies constitute perhaps the single richest collection of information on property for the period 909–1049. Analyzing the evidence found in these records, Rosenwein considers the precise nature of Cluny's ownership of land, the character of its claims to property, and its tutelage over the land of some of the monasteries in its ecclesia.
The Renaissance in the Streets, Schools, and Studies
Author: Konrad Eisenbichler, Paul F. Grendler, Nicholas Terpstra
Publisher: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
ISBN: 0772720428
Pages: 373
Year: 2008
View: 151
Read: 372

The Prince and the Law, 1200-1600
Author: Kenneth Pennington
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520913035
Pages: 352
Year: 1993-06-03
View: 1158
Read: 1074
The power of the prince versus the rights of his subjects is one of the basic struggles in the history of law and government. In this masterful history of monarchy, conceptions of law, and due process, Kenneth Pennington addresses that struggle and opens an entirely new vista in the study of Western legal tradition. Pennington investigates legal interpretations of the monarch's power from the twelfth to the seventeenth century. Then, tracing the evolution of defendants' rights, he demonstrates that the origins of due process are not rooted in English common law as is generally assumed. It was not a sturdy Anglo-Saxon, but, most probably, a French jurist of the late thirteenth century who wrote, "A man is innocent until proven guilty." This is the first book to examine in detail the origins of our concept of due process. It also reveals a fascinating paradox: while a theory of individual rights was evolving, so, too, was the concept of the prince's "absolute power." Pennington illuminates this paradox with a clarity that will greatly interest students of political theory as well as legal historians.
Voice of the Living Light
Author: Barbara Newman
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520217586
Pages: 278
Year: 1998
View: 504
Read: 1222
For a woman of the 12th century, Hildegard of Bingen's achievements were so exceptional that posterity has found it hard to take her measure. Hildegard authority Barbara Newman brings together major scholars to present an accurate portrait of the Benedictine nun and her many contributions to 12th-century religious, cultural, and intellectual life. 18 illustrations.

Mémoires couronnés et mémoires des savants étrangers publiés par l'Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique
Author: Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique
Year: 1903
View: 266
Read: 935

Introduction to the History of Science ...
Author: George Sarton
Year: 1931
View: 363
Read: 1200

Body Politic
Author: Arnold D. Harvey
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub
Pages: 135
Year: 2007
View: 999
Read: 368
The idea that there is an analogy between the social collective and the human body originated more than twenty-five centuries ago. It was known to Plato and St. Paul, and was adopted by state functionaries in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and by academics in the Nineteenth Century. In the early Twentieth Century the notion was taken up by military theorists and contributed to the formulation of new tactical and strategic doctrines, and it has resurfaced again in the IT era. At each stage the idea has been elaborated and given new emphases; for two millennia it has been part of the vocabulary in which successive generations have attempted to articulate their developing ideas about society. This book is more than simply a history of a political metaphor however: it is a history of how metaphor may be converted into action. What reviewers said of earlier books by A.D. Harvey: ''Collisions of Empire is a vast, complex, and brilliant mosaic, each individual tessera of which is hard-edged and glittering.'' Richard Holmes, Times Literary Supplement. '''Excellent... [A.D. Harvey] is a master of the concrete, the adroit displayer of the precious scrap of hard fact.'' Kathryn Hughes, Daily Telegraph. Arnold Harvey has written an energetic and eclectic book reflecting on the implications of the idea that society can be seen as a body. He takes us from ancient India to computer hackers, provides quotations rich and strange and explores the by-ways of assassination and aerial warfare. Engrossing. Prof. Robert Bartlett, Dept. of Mediaeval History, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AL, Scotland
Affirmations of royalty
Author: Michael Robert McGrade
Pages: 914
Year: 1998
View: 1322
Read: 1101

Clerical Marriage and the English Reformation
Author: Helen L. Parish
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
ISBN: 0754600386
Pages: 276
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 292
Read: 944
"This study sets the debate over clerical marriage within the context of the key debates of the Reformation, offering insights into the nature of the reformers' attempts to break with the Catholic past, and illustrating the relationship between English polemicists and their continental counterparts. The debate was not without practical consequences, and the author sets this study of polemical arguments alongside an analysis of the response of clergy in several English dioceses to the legalisation of clerical marriage in 1549. Conclusions are based upon the evidence of wills, visitation records, and the proceedings of the ecclesiastical courts."--BOOK JACKET.
Bibliographie Romane
Year: 1900
View: 1332
Read: 349

Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie
Year: 1902
View: 921
Read: 1251

Year: 1994
View: 868
Read: 631
Issues for Feb. 1957-July 1959 include a Checklist of the Vatican manuscript codices available for consultation at the Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library at St. Louis University, pts. 1-8.

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