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Water Sleeps
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812555341
Pages: 470
Year: 2000-03-15
View: 1067
Read: 233
The survivors of the Black Company regroup to rescue their fellow comradesinarms, who are being held prisoner in the underworld, but the journey is extremely dangerous. Reprint.
Soldiers Live
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429911115
Pages: 528
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 332
Read: 577
When sorcerers and demigods go to war, those wars are fought by mercenaries, "dog soldiers," grunts in the trenches. And the stories of those soldiers are the stories of Glen Cook's hugely popular "Black Company" novels. If the Joseph Heller of Catch-22 were to tell the story of The Lord of the Rings, it might read like the Black Company books. There is nothing else in fantasy like them. Now, at last, Cook brings the "Glittering Stone" cycle within the Black Company series to an end . . . but an end with many other tales left to tell. As Soldiers Live opens, Croaker is military dictator of all the Taglias, and no Black Company member has died in battle for four years. Croaker figures it can't last. He's right. For, of course, many of the Company's old adversaries are still around. Narayan Singh and his adopted daughter--actually the offspring of Croaker and the Lady--hope to bring about the apocalyptic Year of the Skulls. Other old enemies like Shadowcatcher, Longshadow, and Howler are also ready to do the Company harm. And much of the Company is still recovering from the fifteen years many of them spent in a stasis field. Then a report arrives of an evil spirit, a forvalaka, that has taken over one of their old enemies. It attacks them at a shadowgate--setting off a chain of events that will bring the Company to the edge of apocalypse and, as usual, several steps beyond. Glen Cook is the leading modern writer of epic fantasy noir, and Soldiers Live is Cook at his best. None of his legion of fans will want to miss it. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
The Silver Spike
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Tor Fantasy
ISBN: 1466831049
Pages: 320
Year: 1989-09-15
View: 990
Read: 826
...embedded in the trunk of the scion of the godtree, it contains the essence of the maddest of the Ten Who Were Taken...The Dominator. Defeated by the Lady and cast from this world, all that was left of him was a foul trace of lingering evil. But the graveyard that was once the Barrowland contains more secrets than dead. All who would possess the power of the Dominator are drawn to the spike. A foolhardy band of thieves is the first to reach it, and a rapacious and malign spirit is unleashed on an unwary world. The forces gather, sides are drawn, and mortal men can only die as the Dark Lords battle for domination. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
She Is The Darkness
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812555333
Pages: 480
Year: 1998-07-15
View: 176
Read: 1330
Croaker, Lady, Murgen the annalist, the sorcerer One-Eye, and their fellow mercenary warriors in the hire of the city of Taglia discover their situation is not what it seems
The Black Company
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812521390
Pages: 320
Year: 1992-03-15
View: 359
Read: 421
The tough mercenaries of the Black Company risk their lives and their souls as they set out to find the White Rose, a mystical figure who embodies the very essence of good. Reissue.
Chronicles of the Black Company
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466831081
Pages: 704
Year: 2007-11-13
View: 1077
Read: 254
Darkness wars with darkness as the hard-bitten men of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must. They bury their doubts with their dead. Then comes the prophecy: The White Rose has been reborn, somewhere, to embody good once more... This omnibus edition comprises The Black Company, Shadows Linger, and The White Rose—the first three novels in Glen Cook's bestselling fantasy series. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Bleak Seasons
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Tor Fantasy
ISBN: 1466831065
Pages: 320
Year: 1997-01-15
View: 251
Read: 930
"Let me tell you who I am, on the chance that these scribblings do survive....I am Murgen, Standard bearer of the Black Company, though I bear the shame of having lost that standard in battle. I am keeping these Annals because Croaker is dead. One-Eye won't, and hardly anyone else can read or write. I will be your guide for however long it takes the Shadowlanders to force our present predicament to its inevitable end..." So writes Murgen, seasoned veteran of the Black Company. The Company has taken the fortress of Stormgard from the evil Shadowlanders, lords of darkness from the far reaches of the earth. Now the waiting begins. Exhausted from the siege, beset by sorcery, and vastly outnumbered, the Company have risked their souls as well as their lives to hold their prize. But this is the end of an age, and great forces are at work. The ancient race known as the Nyueng Bao swear that ancient gods are stirring. the Company's commander has gone mad and flirts with the forces of darkness. Only Murgen, touched by a spell that has set his soul adrift in time, begins at last to comprehend the dark design that has made pawns of men and god alike. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Surrender to the Will of the Night
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429945141
Pages: 496
Year: 2010-11-23
View: 211
Read: 1064
Piper Hecht's first and greatest secret is that he knows how to kill gods. What's not a secret is that he knows how to win wars. Hecht's secrets make him dangerous, but his skill and his reputation put him in danger—from his enemies, who fear what he might do or who want revenge for what he has already done; and from his friends, who want to use his military gifts for their own purposes. His sister Heris and his living ancestor Cloven Februaren, the Ninth Unknown, have made Hecht part of their fight against the return of the dark god, Kharoulke the Windwalker. At the same time, the half-mad Empress Katrin wants Hecht to lead the armies of the Grail Empire eastward on a crusade against his old co-religionists the Praman. Meanwhile, the world is changing. The winters are growing longer and harsher every year, and the seas are getting shallower. The far north and the high mountain ranges are going under the ice, fast. The Wells of Power are getting weaker, and the old evils, the Instrumentalities from the Time Before Time, have begun to ooze back into the world. Surrender to the Will of the Night is the third book in Glen Cook's phenomenal Instrumentalities of the Night fantasy series. As ever, the genius of Glen Cook's storytelling lies in his common touch: in soldiers, who are like real soldiers; in men and women, who love and laugh and sweat, with real hopes and real fears, united only in their determination to face the oncoming night. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
The Tyranny of the Night
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765306840
Pages: 427
Year: 2005-06-01
View: 633
Read: 192
In a world in which humans are ruled by demons and dark gods, the Praman warrior Else inadvertently defeats a creature of the Dark and is subsequently forced to penetrate the center of a rival religious faction, sparking a dangerous conflict. 35,000 first printing.
Shadows Linger
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812508424
Pages: 320
Year: 1990-04-15
View: 1125
Read: 846
The Black Company, courageous mercenaries serving the Lady, battles the evil rebel forces falsely professing to follow the White Rose, a long-dead heroine, and discovers the mute girl they rescued is the true White Rose reborn
Deadly Quicksilver Lies
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101537671
Pages: 304
Year: 1994-03-01
View: 763
Read: 519
A damsel in a dress was Garrett’s weakness, especially when she had equipment in all the right places. Still, Garrett wasn’t sure it was worth his life to take on Maggie Jenn, the ex-king’s ex-mistress, as his client. Not in a kingdom where the biggest con artists weren’t human, magic could beat any weapon, and the local killers were built like tanks. It seemed like a simple missing person’s case: a vanished teenage daughter, a distraught mother trying to track her down. But when a guy as well-connected as the Rainmaker was gunning to see Garrett permanently removed from the case, he knew he’d have to call in some big favors just to keep his head on his shoulders, let alone to find a kid who probably didn’t want to be found.
Madame Bovary
Author: Gustave Flaubert
Publisher: Bantam Classics
ISBN: 0553213415
Pages: 424
Year: 1981
View: 182
Read: 909
A powerful nineteenth-century French classic depicting the moral degeneration of a weak-willed woman
The White Rose
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1466831022
Pages: 320
Year: 1990-04-15
View: 924
Read: 303
She is the last hope of good in the war against the evil sorceress known as the Lady. From a secret base on the Plains of Fear, where even the Lady hesitates to go, the Black Company, once in service to the Lady, now fights to bring victory to the White Rose. But now an even greater evil threatens the world. All the great battles that have gone before will seem a skirmishes when the Dominator rises from the grave. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Lord of the Silent Kingdom
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765345978
Pages: 640
Year: 2008-01-02
View: 334
Read: 1314
A survivor of a battle with the Instrumentalities, the former Else Tage, now known as Piper Hecht, is now a captain-general of the armies of Patriarch Sublime V and sets out to enlist the assistance of legendary sorcerer Cloven Februaren in the battle against the dynastic politics of the Empire and the machinations of the old gods, in the sequel to The Tyranny of the Night. Reprint.
Working God's Mischief
Author: Glen Cook
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765334208
Pages: 432
Year: 2014-03-11
View: 1235
Read: 501
A latest entry in the series that includes Surrender to the Will of the Night features a savagely changed human race in the aftermath of defeated kings and lost leaders who are replaced by new rulers in a world that is gradually being overtaken by ice. 15,000 first printing.

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