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Piante erbacee perenni
Author: Mario Ferrari, Angelo Azzalini
Publisher: Edagricole-New Business Media
ISBN: 8850644469
Pages: 782
Year: 2009
View: 583
Read: 171

Mies Van Der Rohe
Author: Claire Zimmerman
Publisher: Taschen
ISBN: 3836560429
Pages: 96
Year: 2015-09-25
View: 1055
Read: 1222
Less is more: Finding perfection in purity Famed for his motto "less is more," Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) was one of the founding fathers of modern architecture and a hotly-debated tastemaker of twentieth century aesthetics and urban experience. Mies van der Rohe's philosophy was one of underlying truth in pure forms and proportions. With the help of contemporary technological and material developments, he sought a stripped-down purity to architecture, showcased by the likes of the Seagram Building and Farnsworth House. Some spoke out against this stark approach as the precursor to bland, generic cityscapes. Others cite Mies van der Rohe as the ultimate master of an abdingly elegant essence. This book presents more than 20 of Mies van der Rohe's projects from the period 1906-1967 to introduce his groundbreaking practice and influence in both America and Europe. About the Series: Each book in TASCHEN's Basic Architecture Series features: an introduction to the life and work of the architect the major works in chronological order information about the clients, architectural preconditions as well as construction problems and resolutions a list of all the selected works and a map indicating the locations of the best and most famous buildings approximately 120 illustrations (photographs, sketches, drafts and plans)
The SparkFun Guide to Processing
Author: Derek Runberg
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593277210
Pages: 312
Year: 2015-08-01
View: 734
Read: 221
Processing is a free, beginner-friendly programming language designed to help non-programmers create interactive art with code. The SparkFun Guide to Processing, the first in the SparkFun Electronics series, will show you how to craft digital artwork and even combine that artwork with hardware so that it reacts to the world around you. Start with the basics of programming and animation as you draw colorful shapes and make them bounce around the screen. Then move on to a series of hands-on, step-by-step projects that will show you how to: –Make detailed pixel art and scale it to epic proportions –Write a maze game and build a MaKey MaKey controller with fruit buttons –Play, record, and sample audio to create your own soundboard –Fetch weather data from the Web and build a custom weather dashboard –Create visualizations that change based on sound, light, and temperature readings With a little imagination and Processing as your paintbrush, you’ll be on your way to coding your own gallery of digital art in no time! Put on your artist’s hat, and begin your DIY journey by learning some basic programming and making your first masterpiece with The SparkFun Guide to Processing. The code in this book is compatible with Processing 2 and Processing 3.
Author: Ira Greenberg, Dianna Xu, Deepak Kumar
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430244658
Pages: 472
Year: 2013-05-13
View: 669
Read: 516
Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2 is a fun and creative approach to learning programming. Using the easy to learn Processing programming language, you will quickly learn how to draw with code, and from there move to animating in 2D and 3D. These basics will then open up a whole world of graphics and computer entertainment. If you’ve been curious about coding, but the thought of it also makes you nervous, this book is for you; if you consider yourself a creative person, maybe worried programming is too non-creative, this book is also for you; if you want to learn about the latest Processing 2.0 language release and also start making beautiful code art, this book is also definitely for you. You will learn how to develop interactive simulations, create beautiful visualizations, and even code image-manipulation applications. All this is taught using hands-on creative coding projects. Processing 2.0 is the latest release of the open-source Processing language, and includes exciting new features, such as OpenGL 2 support for enhanced 3D graphics performance. Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2 is designed for independent learning and also as a primary text for an introductory computing class. Based on research funded by the National Science Foundation, this book brings together some of the most engaging and successful approaches from the digital arts and computer science classrooms. Teaches you how to program using a fun and creative approach. Covers the latest release of the Processing 2.0 language. Presents a research based approach to learning computing.
Author: Jeffrey L. Nyhoff, Larry R. Nyhoff
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351645226
Pages: 576
Year: 2017-05-19
View: 1034
Read: 669
This book demonstrates how Processing is an excellent language for beginners to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. Originally designed to make it simpler for digital artists to learn to program, Processing is a wonderful first language for anyone to learn. Given its origins, Processing enables a multimodal approach to programming instruction, well suited to students with interests in computer science or in the arts and humanities. The book uses Processing’s capabilities for graphics and interactivity in order to create examples that are simple, illustrative, interesting, and fun. It is designed to appeal to a broad range of readers, including those who want to learn to program to create digital art, as well as those who seek to learn to program to process numerical information or data. It can be used by students and instructors in a first course on programming, as well as by anyone eager to teach them self to program. Following a traditional sequence of topics for introducing programming, the book introduces key computer science concepts, without overwhelming readers with extensive detail. Additional exercises are available, as are other supplementary materials for instructors looking to introduce even more computer science concepts associated with the topics. Several online chapters are also provided that introduce slightly more advanced topics in Processing, such as two-dimensional arrays, manipulation of strings, and file input and output. The conversational style and pace of the book are based upon the authors’ extensive experience with teaching programming to a wide variety of beginners in a classroom. No prior programming experience is expected.
Tropical Blend
Author: Bruno Poinsard
Publisher: Daab Pub
ISBN: 3937718443
Pages: 154
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 939
Read: 606
In das Universum Bruno Poinsards einzutreten, ist wie in eine Welt der Resonanz einzutauchen - als Gegengewicht zueinander gesetzte Texturen und Farben, farbliche Korrespondenzen, Reime von Körpern und Stoffen. Die Fotografien von Bruno Poinsard sublimieren eine Frau, die man schmeckt, die man riecht und die man berührt. In seinen Bildern ist die Frau nicht mehr Objekt der Begierde, sie ist die Begierde. Wäre sie eine Blume so würde sie uns ihren Duft riechen lassen, wäre sie eine Frucht, so würden wir ihr Aroma schmecken. Ihr Duft weckt die 5 Sinne und atmet tausend Aromen aus. Beim genauen Betrachten seiner Arbeiten werden Sie verstehen, wie ein Beauty-Fotograf den von Magazinen und Zeitschriften versprochenen Traum in Szene setzt, und es steht außer Zweifel, dass sein einzigartiger Stil auch weiterhin die Art-Direktionen begeistern wird.
Processing for Visual Artists
Author: Andrew Glassner
Publisher: A K PETERS
ISBN: 1138460850
Year: 2018-02-13
View: 481
Read: 974
Learn how to create gorgeous and expressive imagery with the Processing graphics language and environment. It's easy with this practical, hands-on book. Processing is for artists, designers, visualization creators, hobbyists, or anyone else looking to create images, animation, and interactive pieces for art, education, science, or business. Processing for Visual Artists shows you everything you need to know in a friendly, project-based style designed for visual thinkers. The projects can serve as a starting point for your own original, creative development and exploration. Walk with veteran author Andrew Glassner on a journey of shared discovery as he uses Processing to take each project from inspiration to reality. You'll closely follow every step he takes and see exactly how each piece evolves, including the big and small mistakes he's made along the way (and how to fix them!), and the times when he changed direction. As your knowledge and skills grow and develop, you'll understand why Processing is such a powerful tool for self-expression. And you'll be ready to strike off on your own. Processing offers you a 21st-century medium for expressing new kinds of ideas and engaging audiences in new ways. This book gives you everything you need to know to explore new frontiers in your own images, animations, and interactive experiences. Source code for each chapter is available for free download on the book's description at the crcpress website.
Publisher: Timber Press (OR)
ISBN: 0881928534
Pages: 262
Year: 2007
View: 826
Read: 418
Looks at viburnums, plants which frequently bear fruits and are versatile shrubs, examining their, appeal, planting, pruning, maintenance, and landscape use.
The American Songbook
Author: Ken Bloom
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing
ISBN: 1579124488
Pages: 320
Year: 2005-01
View: 305
Read: 666
Presents an overview of twentieth century popular music, documenting the careers of singers, composers, and lyricists from the 1920s through the 1960s, and the big bands and Broadway musicals that characterized the era.
Decorative Arts of Sumba
ISBN: 9054960507
Pages: 160
Year: 1999
View: 304
Read: 1269

Broadway Musicals
Author: Ken Bloom, Frank Vlastnik
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 1579128491
Pages: 344
Year: 2010-10-27
View: 660
Read: 722
Offers an alphabetical survey of the most popular Broadway musicals in history, with commentaries, synopses, behind-the-scenes information, and lists of songs and cast members for each musical.
Digital Session
Author: Cristian Crisbasan
Publisher: Daab Pub
ISBN: 3937718303
Pages: 160
Year: 2005
View: 401
Read: 1121
The photographs of Cristian Crisbasan present nudes of an apparently frivolous woman, an exponent of a daring, yet refined eroticism, somehow lacsivious, on the borderline of licentiousness. His nudes are reminiscent of classical 19th century nudes, photogaphs taken in order to present the woman from an anatomical point of view - inspired by real life, with the disproportions and defects inherent to an authentic and alive rather than a staged model. The woman selected by Crisbasan is not a prototype of the ideal woman. She is not a model. She is not looking for perfection, and least of all for artificiality. As a matter of fact, Crisbasan confesses that he does not like to photograph fashion models, exactly because he sees them as artificial, fake and superficial beings altered by their professions. Crisbasan's images are interesting, beautiful, and stir emotions because in an era when the nude has become a topic of deconstruction, of artificiality, of hybridization, they manage to stll be the expression of 'natural' beauty. Cristian Crisbasan is an artist on a quest of beauty. For him, the most honest and beautiful portrait of a woman is the nude - the whole body with all the signs of feminity.
Ethnic Jewellery
Author: René van der Star Collection
ISBN: 9054961414
Pages: 255
Year: 2007-11-30
View: 1112
Read: 1241
The Van der Star collection of ethnic jewellery is unique, both in size and quality, bringing together masterpieces from Africa, the Arab World, India, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Each of these areas has their own specific designs, and their own specific uses and symbolism attached to jewellery. Materials used include gold, silver and many types of gemstones, but also archaic materials such as leather, coral, beads, bone, teeth, and shells. In this lavishly illustrated book, more than 500 magnificent pieces are presented in color, together with detailed descriptions. Authoritative texts are included about jewellery making, and the history, uses, and designs from the various areas. These chapters are further illustrated with historical and contemporary photographs of jewellery being worn.
German football stadiums
Author: Daab, Joachim Fischer
Publisher: Daab Pub
Pages: 207
Year: 2006-06-01
View: 359
Read: 230
Soccer in Germany - it means social places where local identity and social history crystallize. Modern stadiums are architectural masterpieces focused on research, logistics, statics, flexibility and emotion. Stadiums of this magnitude must be capable of admitting thousands of spectators within just a few minutes, they must ensure the safety of the giant structural surfaces in all kinds of weather, and, at the same time, they must provide visitors with the feeling of optimism, pride and a connection with the stadium. Last but not least, soccer stadiums are probably the last remaining places in which all social classes meet. Laborers, students, retirees, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs - all are united on the stadium stands. Including all 12 stadiums which are scene of the FIFA World Championship 2006, presented under the architectural focus. Plans and sketches are enclosed as well as an index of the designers and architects.
Spa Design
Author: Joachim Fischer
Publisher: Daab Pub
ISBN: 393771863X
Pages: 383
Year: 2006
View: 747
Read: 333
This book presents about 50 projects and gives and overview of innovative ideas for designing Spa's and wellness clubs. These oases of beauty and healthcare play more and more a decisive role in our society of stress and haste. With the increasing interest of the people in these relaxation areas, designers got a new field of activity to create imaginative and visionary landscapes of well being. An index with contact information of the designers and architects is enclosed.

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