Le Grand Livre De La Fibromyalgie Douleurs Fatigue Troubles Du Sommeil Desordres Gastro Intestinaux Votre Programme Personnalise Pas A Pas Sans Medicaments Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Le grand livre de la fibromyalgie
Author: Marie Borrel
Publisher: Éditions Leduc.s
Year: 2018-01-30
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Douleurs, fatigue, troubles de l'humeur et du sommeil, troubles gastro-intestinaux... il est possible de soulager les symptômes de la fibromyalgie grâce à un ensemble de gestes naturels. Mais comment faire le tri entre les gestes vraiment utiles et les autres ? Comment créer un programme cohérent capable d'apporter une véritable amélioration, au cas par cas ? C'est à ces questions que ce livre répond. Découvrez : Les médecines naturelles pour soulager les symptômes : homéopathie, phytothérapie, aromathérapie, compléments alimentaires, ostéopathie, acupuncture, hydrothérapie, yoga... L'alimentation qui limite les manifestations de la maladie : acidobasique, sans gluten, anti-inflammatoire, confort gastro-intestinal... TOUS LES OUTILS SIMPLES ET NATURELS POUR CONCOCTER SON PROGRAMME EN FONCTION DES SYMPTÔMES ET DE LEUR INTENSITÉ
Author: Marie Borrel
Publisher: Hachette
ISBN: 1844300927
Pages: 125
Year: 2004-12-01
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The 60 Tips series are practical guides containing self-help solutions and expert advice on a number of common health conditions. Each book contains a test to direct you towards the solutions better adapted to you. Exercises and sound, easy to achieve solutions will help you alleviate symptoms. These completely original health guides offer popular alternative therapies and are packed with the latest information. Their layout is appealing and easy to consult. Drink Water at all Times Eat Bio Do a Lemon Cure Have a Massage Use Herbal Remedies for your Liver Massage your Tummy Fight Constipation Leave Guilt Behind Take Magnesium Take Your Time
Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao
ISBN: 0943358078
Pages: 193
Year: 1983
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Taoist Esoteric Yoga is an ancient, powerful system of physical, psychological and spiritual development encompassing meditative and internal energy practices. This unique and comprehensive book reveals the Taoist secret of circulating Chi, the generative life force, through the acupuncture meridians of the body. This comprehensive list includes: Opening the Energy Channels; Proper Wiring of the Etheric Body; Acupuncture and the Microcosmic Orbit; Taoist Yoga and Kundalini; How to Prevent Side Effects; MDs Observations on the Microcosmic Orbit. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language and illustrated with many detailed diagrams that aid the development of a powerful energetic flow, for psychological and spiritual health and balance.
Matilda's Last Waltz
Author: Tamara McKinley
Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 1623655676
Pages: 448
Year: 2014-10-07
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When tragedy strikes, Jenny craves a fresh start away from the memories of her past. So when she unexpectedly inherits a sheep station in the Australian Outback called Churinga, she welcomes the escape. But Churinga turns out to be a lonely place, where the weather is extreme and the neighbors hostile. As Jenny fights to take control of her new life, she discovers some surprising secrets about the station itself and its enigmatic previous owner--the mysterious Matilda--leading Jenny to wonder if inheriting the station has been a blessing or a curse.
Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine
Author: Lester Grinspoon, James B. Bakalar
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300070861
Pages: 296
Year: 1997
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Two eminent Harvard researchers describe the medical benefits of marihuana, explain why its use has been forbidden, and argue for its full legalization to make it available to patients who need it. Highly praised when it was first published in 1993, this timely new edition has been expanded to include the latest research. Illustrated.
Author: David Healy
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 0801888220
Pages: 296
Year: 2008-05-22
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A thought-provoking history of bipolar disorder reveals how perceptions of the ailment have evolved over time, detailing the origins of the concept of mania, the link between brain function and mental illness, the growing public awareness of the disease, and the rise of psychotropic treatment and pharmacological marketing.
Handbook of Headache
Author: Randolph W. Evans, Ninan T. Mathew
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 078175223X
Pages: 417
Year: 2005
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Thoroughly updated for its Second Edition, this handbook is a practical, easily accessible guide to the diagnosis and management of headache patients. Geared to both primary care physicians and neurologists, the book presents a systematic approach to diagnosis and offers expert recommendations for treating all types of headaches, including migraine, chronic daily headache, tension and cluster headaches, post-traumatic headaches, headache during pregnancy, headache in children, headaches with onset after age 50, and headaches caused by HEENT disorders. This edition includes new drug treatments such as topiramate, almotriptan, frovatriptan, eletriptan, botulinum toxin, and tizanidine. Also included are 42 case studies, patient education materials, alternative treatments, and a medicolegal section.
Clouds of Secrecy
Author: Leonard A. Cole
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 082263001X
Pages: 188
Year: 1990
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Assesses the risks of the Army's biological warfare program, discusses uses of germ warfare in Afghanistan by the Soviet Union, and examines the ethics of such weapons.
Échanges et diffusion dans la préhistoire méditerranéenne
Author: Bernard Vandermeersch
ISBN: 2735504565
Pages: 187
Year: 2003
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Hidden Truth of Cancer
Author: Keiichi Morishita, Keiichi Morishita M D
Publisher: George Ohsawa Macrobiotic
ISBN: 0918860253
Pages: 40
Year: 1976-01-01
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Dr. Keiichi Morishita reveals the cause and mechanism of cancer and confirms George Ohsawa's conclusion that blood is made from food in the intestines of a normally functioning human organism.
Brain-disabling Treatments in Psychiatry
Author: Peter Roger Breggin
ISBN: 0826194907
Pages: 306
Year: 1997-01-01
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The Biochemistry of Drug Metabolism
Author: Bernard Testa, Stefanie D. Kr¿mer
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 3906390551
Pages: 950
Year: 2010-04-26
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Offering a conceptual and factual presentation of the metabolism of drugs and other xenobiotics, these two volumes distinctly focus on the biochemistry, with an emphasis on xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes, their reactions and regulations. The first volume is divided into three parts. Part One begins by introducing xenobiotics in the broad context of physiological metabolism, and continues with an overview of the processes of drug disposition and metabolism. It then goes on to summarize the macroscopic and microscopic locations of drug metabolism in animals and humans. This is followed by an introduction to the all-important issue of the consequences of drug and xenobiotic metabolism, providing an initial overview of pharmacokinetic, pharmacological and toxicological consequences. The last chapter examines drug metabolism in the context of drug research, with a focus on medicinal chemistry. The second part is a major component of the book, corresponding to the role of oxidoreductases as major agents of metabolism. Cytochromes P450 receive particular attention, namely their multiplicity, structure, catalytic mechanisms, and the various reactions they catalyze, while other oxidoreductases are also presented, such as flavin monooxygenases, monoamine oxidases and other amine oxidases, aldehyde oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase, peroxidases, and dehydrogenases-reductases. Each drug-metabolizing enzyme or enzyme family begins with an Enzyme Identity Card summarizing its nomenclature and biochemical essentials. Part Three begins with a survey of the classification, properties and catalytic mechanism of the innumerable hydrolases known or suspected to play a role in xenobiotic metabolism. The focus then shifts to a systematic presentation of the various substrates classes, namely carboxylic esters, amides and peptides, lactams and lactones, esters of inorganic acids, alkene and arene epoxides, and some miscellaneous hydrolyzable moieties. Volume Two contains the last four parts of this work. Part 4 is devoted to the huge field of conjugation reactions, with much information being given on transferases. As in the two preceding parts, each drug-metabolizing enzyme or enzyme family begins with an Enzyme Identity Card summarizing its nomenclature and biochemical essentials. The reactions examined here include methylation, sulfation, glucuronidation, acetylation, conjugation with glutathione, while there is also a rigorous presentation of the pivotal role of xenobiotic-coenzyme A conjugates as a crossroads to various metabolic reactions. The next part examines the consequences of drug and xenobiotic metabolism in a pharmacological and toxicological perspective, with due attention paid to full activation, as is found with prodrugs, and to the worrying case of xenobiotic toxification. Parts 6 and 7 cover the inter-individual and intra-individual factors that influence drug metabolism, starting with an introduction to evolutionary events leading to species differences in the metabolism of xenobiotics and to polymorphisms within a particular species. Focusing on humans, the most relevant polymorphic drug-metabolizing enzymes are discussed, concentrating on ethnic differences and on the consequences for the pharmacokinetic behavior of affected drugs, while also introducing sex-dependent metabolic reactions. The final part introduces the mechanisms leading to increases or decreases in enzyme activities as the concept of enzyme induction via nuclear receptors and the different mechanisms of enzyme inhibition are explained. With these basics in mind, various influencing factors are discussed, including physiological and pathological conditions, as well as drugs, nutrients and environmental agents with a special focus on drug-drug interactions. With a foreword by Prof Leslie Z. Benet, the renowned biopharmaceutical scientist.
Author: Oliver Sacks
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307373495
Pages: 448
Year: 2010-02-05
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What goes on in human beings when they make or listen to music? What is it about music, what gives it such peculiar power over us, power delectable and beneficent for the most part, but also capable of uncontrollable and sometimes destructive force? Music has no concepts, it lacks images; it has no power of representation, it has no relation to the world. And yet it is evident in all of us–we tap our feet, we keep time, hum, sing, conduct music, mirror the melodic contours and feelings of what we hear in our movements and expressions. In this book, Oliver Sacks explores the power music wields over us–a power that sometimes we control and at other times don’t. He explores, in his inimitable fashion, how it can provide access to otherwise unreachable emotional states, how it can revivify neurological avenues that have been frozen, evoke memories of earlier, lost events or states or bring those with neurological disorders back to a time when the world was much richer. This is a book that explores, like no other, the myriad dimensions of our experience of and with music. From the Hardcover edition.
Author: Mark Jackson
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 186189600X
Pages: 256
Year: 2007-08-15
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It attacks through foods, animals, and innumerable chemical combinations. It is among the most common and potentially lethal afflictions known. It is the allergy, the subject of Mark Jackson’s fascinating chronicle. Jacksoninvestigates how the allergy became the archetypal “disease of civilization,” as it transformed from a fringe malady of the wealthy into one of the greatest medical disorders of the twentieth century. Jackson also examines the social and economic impact of the allergy, as it catalyzed a new health-conscious culture and created the wealth of some of the largest companies in the world today. Whether cats, crabgrass, or cheese is the source of your daily misery, Jackson’s engaging and in-depth account is an invaluable addition to every bookshelf.
An Introduction to Circuit Analysis
Author: Julia Yau, Timothy N. Trick
ISBN: 0471030414
Pages: 168
Year: 1978
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