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Spirit Caller
Author: Krista D. Ball
Publisher: Krista D. Ball
Pages: 275
Year: 2015-09-22
View: 606
Read: 1190
Rachel has no trouble believing in spirits. It's the living she has a tough time believing in. This omnibus contains the first three novellas of the SPIRIT CALLER series. It also contains 2 bonus short stories: Tea and Seal Meat plus Table for One. Spirits Rising: If Rachel's going to have any hope of sending the spirits to their peace, she'll have to stop drooling over unattainable men and trust her 93-year-old neighbour to help her stand against the spirits before their supernatural war engulfs them all. Dark Whispers: A rash of teen suicides shakes the remote Newfoundland village that Rachel Mills calls home. As Rachel helps the school investigate, painful memories from her past - events she's worked very hard to forget - resurface and won't go back into the grave where they belong. Knight Shift: After a lifetime of running away from spirits, Rachel Mills finds herself chasing them. Plus, Rachel's made a decision about Jeremy, the secret love of her life. It's time to have a chat.
My Favorite Animal: Otters
Author: Victoria Marcos
Publisher: Xist Publishing
ISBN: 1532400705
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-08-01
View: 1192
Read: 535
Learn all about otters in this fun and informational text. Like all books in the My Favorite Animal Series, Otters offers engaging facts and checks the reader's knowledge and comprehension throughout the book.
Geopolitical Spy 1-1
Author: Jr Tinkerton
Publisher: Jr Tinkerton
ISBN: 1540176843
Year: 2016-12-04
View: 669
Read: 1141
Geopolitical Spy is a leading journal countering political risk with clear, insightful analysis of international and strategic affairs. In the December 2016 issue, JR Tinkerton provides crisp, expert insights on the following topics: the world President-elect Trump inherits in a decaying US-led global order; why the United Kingdom will profit from Brexit; the disunited European Union desperate for energy security; China's new cruise missile for A2/AD and why its l'enfant terrible persists as it represses Hong Kong; why the "Iran Deal" will not moderate Tehran; and the (dim) prospects for a secure peace in Colombia, and much more. Trust Geopolitical Spy to challenge conventional wisdom and bring fresh perspectives to bear on contemporary strategic issues.
On the Fourth Planet
Author: Jesse F. Bone
Publisher: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1776671910
Pages: 26
Year: 2016-10-01
View: 639
Read: 728
In the course of his incessant hunt for nourishment, Ul Kworn's progress is hindered by a vast, mysterious metal object he finds in his path. Its shape and size kindle a distant outline of a faded memory, but he's not sure what it is -- only that leaving his assigned territory in order to get around the puzzling artifact could get him punished, possibly by death.
Collected Science Fiction Short Stories
Author: Raymond S. Flex
ISBN: 1785320572
Pages: 306
Year: 2016-05-08
View: 407
Read: 516
Short stories to beguile, confound and exhilarate: A regenerated human. A celebrity cult. A maniac on the Moon. And many more, including: Intercepted Smith Population One Rules Of The Tribe Blood Storm The Memory Farm The Meat Wagon Music For Robot Lovers The Church Of Ollie Field's Double Chin Symptoms Of A Disoccupied Mind Last Page The Transcendentalist Encounter Earthly Comforts
Lion Loose
Author: James H. Schmitz
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1528781678
Pages: 86
Year: 2018-03-16
View: 1013
Read: 264
This is a classic science fiction short story by James H. Schmitz that first appeared in Analog Science Fact and Fiction. The following passage is part of its intriguing intro: 'The most dangerous of animals is not the biggest and fiercest—but the one that's hardest to stop. Add intelligence to that ... and you may come to a wrong conclusion as to what the worst menace is....' This work is part of our Vintage Sci-Fi Classics Series, a series in which we are republishing some of the best stories in the genre by some of its most acclaimed authors, such as Isaac Asimov, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Robert Sheckley. Each publication is complete with a short introduction to the history of science fiction.
Author: Angeline M. Bishop
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1537762818
Pages: 46
Year: 2016-09-19
View: 880
Read: 1275
Every story has a beginning, a gestation period where everything takes time to manifest. Before Natro, Resna, and Xavor ruled the kingdom of Jacmuir they were ordinary college students. This story features one Homecoming event that will seal their bond forever.
Sentry of the Sky
Author: Evelyn E. Smith
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154816366X
Pages: 64
Year: 2017-06-21
View: 1036
Read: 1132
Clarey had checked in at Classification Center so many times that he came now more out of habit than hope. He didn't even look at the card that the test machine dropped into his hand until he was almost to the portway. And then he stopped. "Report to Room 33 for reclassification," it said. Ten years before, Clarey would have been ecstatic, sure that reclassification could be only in one direction. The machine had not originally given him a job commensurate with his talents; why should it suddenly recognize them? He'd known of people who had been reclassified-always downward. I'm a perfectly competent Sub-Archivist, he told himself; I'll fight. But he knew fighting wouldn't help. All he had was the right to refuse any job he could claim was not in his line; the government would then be obligated to continue his existence. There were many people who did subsist on the government dole: the aged and the deficient and the defective-and creative artists who refused to trammel their spirits and chose to be ranked as Unemployables. Clarey didn't fit into those categories. Dispiritedly, he passed along innumerable winding corridors and up and down ramps that twisted and turned to lead into other ramps and corridors. That was the way all public buildings were designed. It was forbidden for the government to make any law-abiding individual think the way it wanted him to think. But it could move him in any direction it chose, and sometimes that served its purpose as well as the reorientation machines.
Stories from the World of Ethereal
Author: Raymond S. Flex
Publisher: Dib Books
ISBN: 1785320459
Pages: 136
Year: 2016-02-28
View: 794
Read: 457
Ethereal: a land far, far away . . . as luck would have it. Short stories from the world of Ethereal: A collection of light-hearted stories from a place that, most likely, doesn't exist. And that's probably for the best.
Bear Hearts
Author: Tamara Hoffa
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1517316189
Pages: 232
Year: 2015-09-11
View: 476
Read: 1314
Fate brought them together. Lies keep them apart. Love could set them free. All they need is to trust in Bear Hearts. Fate has dealt bear shifter Martin Kruger and rotten hand. His destined mate, Dr. Elizabeth Montrose, is the enemy and suffers from a fatal illness. He's waited over two hundred years for a mate he might never have the chance to claim. Elizabeth has long ago given up dreams of love, marriage and children. Her life is her research and now that is gone in a puff of smoke, thanks to the bears of Honey Corners. A tiny spark of hope blooms in her heart when the handsome bear tells her they are mates, but will that instinctual bond be enough to overcome all that stands between them? Bear Hearts Excerpt - edited to PG13 His bear was primal, feral, animal. It knew only one thing. They had met their mate. The bear had no qualms or reservations. It didn't care if she was good or evil. It wanted only to mate, protect and love. Too bad the man couldn't feel the same way. How could he feel desire for such a woman? He should want to strangle her with his bare hands not throw her down and mate her until she screamed his name. He was verruckt, crazy with mating frenzy, that's all it could be. He downed the rest of the beer and set the bottle on the table. Anger burned in his gut like hot coals. Lust poured gasoline on the coals and lit the fire. Then grief drizzled down over it all, turning the fire to smoke and ashes. This was getting him nowhere. He could analyze it until he was blue in the face, but it wouldn't change the facts. Why did he keep rehashing it? He needed to take a shower and at least try to get a little sleep. He had to face his Sippe in the morning. Maybe Bern could help him find an answer. His friend and mentor had always helped him in the past, always stood by his side. Maybe there was a way? Who was he kidding? Himself, obviously. Martin's shoulders sagged, so weary now he wondered if he could drag himself up the stairs to his bedroom. What was the point in going on? He had nothing left to live for. His dream of a mate and cubs was lost. Two hundred years of waiting and searching for that perfect soul mate and she turns out to be the enemy. Unsuitable. Unfit. Evil. A single tear slid from his eye and he viciously wiped it away. Many bears never found their mates and lived out their lives simply enjoying the companionship of willing females. He had a duty to the Sippe. He could do the same. Excerpt 2 "More shifter secrets that the lowly human can't know. I get it." Liz looked down at her lap. The tiny seed of hope turning to dust and blowing away in the wind. She looked up at Martin and felt such loss. He was a beautiful man. Tall and broad, with dark brown hair closely cropped to his head and deep chocolate eyes she could get lost in for hours. He obviously had great sense of loyalty and honor, traits she appreciated, and she'd seen humor and warmth flash in his eyes, though briefly. As passionately as he defended his clan, or what was it he called it? Sippe? The fire that flared in his eyes when he was angry, Liz could just imagine that intensity turned into a different kind of passion. Turned into sexual passion, lust, maybe even love. To be the recipient of that would be amazing, but it would never be. Whether his goddess had deemed they were mates or not. Martin would never trust her and they would never be together."
Kisses in Ibiza
Author: Selene Chardou
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1537259830
Pages: 218
Year: 2016-09-13
View: 955
Read: 1002
Dominique Hardin knew she was lucky to secure a third string role on one of the hottest concert tickets of the spring/summer. Being the opening act for Chris Lukas and Laura Marrero is a dream come true but when they invite her to Ibiza after the tour ends, she's thrilled. She can't turn the feelings she has for Chris off but she's not sure he feels the same way until one night in Ibiza changes everything. There is no going back but where does that leave the status of their relationship once they get back to the real world?
Last Stop Freedom
Author: Ann Nolder Heinz
Publisher: Cambridge Books
ISBN: 1613860560
Pages: 350
Year: 2012-06-01
View: 998
Read: 500

The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler
Author: Gene Poschman
ISBN: 1540781747
Pages: 180
Year: 2016-12-12
View: 836
Read: 465
Murder in the Bayou! New Orleans, the Crescent City... An armed standoff between Louisiana State Troopers and New Orleans Police... An art swindle that will end in murder... Smugglers working the Bayou... Jonas Watcher arrives to determine if a dead man is really dead. Someone is dogging him to make sure he doesn't find out. The investigation takes him from the French Quarter to its surrounding Bayou where Jonas discovers that all the criminals aren't in the city. If he's going to stay alive, Jason will have to rely on "invisibles" that aren't his own and a Colt 44 that is. "The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler" is the second novel in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. The story is picked up from the first novel, though it stands on its own. Author, Gene Poschman, takes Jonas out of his element and drops him into the Crescent City during political turmoil between New Orleans police and Baton Rouge troopers. He mixes in an old love interest, the New Orleans underworld, and friends from San Francisco for a heady brew of murder, mystery, and mayhem. Purchase "The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler" and take a journey back to the 1930s New Orleans and the Bayou, where the most dangerous reptiles walk on two legs.
A Very Mary Christmas
Author: Leenie Brown
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1541078721
Pages: 216
Year: 2016-12-19
View: 280
Read: 295
A Pride and Prejudice Novella and Sequel to Waking to Mr. Darcy * * What is a lady to do when your mother shares with one and all that you have lost your last chance for marriage and when the one man you wish to marry sees you only as a friend? If you are Mary Bennet, you plan to escape to London and begin a new life while attempting to forget the man you left behind. What is a gentleman to do when your father retires to Bath, leaving you his estate as well as his debts along with new bills and the care of a devil-may-care brother? If you are a cautious and calculating businessman like Nicholas Hammond, you double down your efforts to make your estate solvent and tuck away your hopes of marrying until the finances are well and truly able to withstand the added expenses of a wife and family. And what is the sister or brother of such a gentleman or lady to do if you wish to see your sibling happy? If you are Jane or Elizabeth Bennet, you attempt to arrange chance meetings, but if you are Alfred Hammond, you look to your conniving friend, Whit, for help and stage a scheme that will either destroy all hopes of happiness or result in a Very Mary Christmas.
Murder at Morland Manor
Author: Marilyn Clay
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1530422744
Pages: 284
Year: 2016-07-12
View: 260
Read: 417
MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR features young and innocent Juliette Abbott, a Regency miss who, having lost her position as companion to a titled London lady, agrees to serve as lady's maid to one of several young ladies invited to Morland Manor in the hope of catching the eye of the wealthy Morland heir. But nothing at the house party goes as planned and suddenly Juliette finds herself the number one suspect in a shocking murder! She soon realizes the only way to climb out of the muddle is to solve the mystery herself, otherwise she'll lose this position with a new gewgaw around her neck, one made of rope! "A fine Regency mystery brimming with suspense and intrigue, surprising twists and turns, and seasoned with just a hint of romance. Witty and outspoken Juliette Abbott is a first-rate, fast-thinking young sleuth! Very well-done, indeed!" - Regency Mystery Reviews. MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR is a sweet, clean, wholesome, and traditional story. As are all of Marilyn Clay's Regency-set historical novels, MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR is suitable reading for teens and young adults. You will find no graphic sex or foul language in any of Marilyn Clay's Regency-set historical novels. Others of MARILYN CLAY's published books include historical romantic suspense novels set in the New World in the early 1600s. DANGEROUS DECEPTIONS: A Colonial Jamestown Novel was originally released in hardcover from Five Star Gale. Catherine Parke travels to the New World in search of her betrothed, but what she finds in Jamestown is not at all what she expects. DANGEROUS SECRETS, also originally published in hardcover and recently re-released in paperback as A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES, features some of the same characters who appear in DANGEROUS DECEPTIONS. The inspirational story of four young English girls who travel to the New World on a Bride Ship, all in search of love, a new life and the adventure of a lifetime. What they find instead is that someone in Jamestown wants one, or all of them, dead! BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY from Mayfair Mysteries is the only novel ever published that features American icon Betsy Ross as the heroine. Set in 1776 Philadelphia, Quaker Betsy Ross is determined to uncover who killed her beloved husband John Ross, but will she lose her own life, or the lives of those she holds dear, in the process? Available in print and ebook from Amazon. STALKING A KILLER, a contemporary murder mystery by Marilyn Clay was originally published by Mayfair Mysteries. Aspiring PI Amanda Mason's first case to solve is a murder charge against her own father. But, can she trust the handsome man who agrees to help her? STALKING A KILLER will keep readers on edge wondering what will happen next. Available in print and ebook from Amazon. All of Marilyn Clay's non-fiction titles, 18th and 19th ENGLISH WOMEN AT SEA, A HISTORY OF THE WATER CLOSET and three books on REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE, as well as several of Regency Romances have attained Best-Seller status on Amazon.

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