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La Caduta Del Mito
Author: Lui Eros
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 151955334X
Pages: 196
Year: 2015-11-18
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Il libro narra le vicende di un popolo pacifico e primitivo, governato da uno sciamano dall'eta indefinita che in nome di Dio guida i suoi fratelli sulla via della rettitudine e della fratellanza. Un giovane cacciatore di nome Zabyl, spinto dalla sua mente brillante e da una profonda curiosita, indaga sulle verita della religione fino ad aizzare la collera dello Sciamano, che lo ammonisce di non cercare ulteriormente di disobbidire alla legge e di non varcare i confini della terra proibita. Il ritrovamento di un antico manufatto sconosciuto e l'arrivo di un eclissi manda il popolo nel panico, l'assenza temporanea dello Sciamano porta Zabyl a sfruttare gli eventi come scusa per varcare i confini della terra proibita... La scoperta del terribile segreto nascosto tra i ghiacci mettera a repentaglio la sua vita, segnandola per sempre..."
Churchmen and Urban Government in Late Medieval Italy, c.1200-c.1450
Author: Frances Andrews, Agata Pincelli
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110704426X
Pages: 426
Year: 2013-11-28
View: 1036
Read: 856
Major new study of secular-religious boundaries and the role of the clergy in the administration of Italy's late medieval city-states.
Mythes et figures de l'héroïsme militaire dans l'Italie du Risorgimento
Author: Jacques Joly
Pages: 169
Year: 1984
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Market and Institutions in Economic Development
Author: Alessandro Roncaglia, Pedro Amakasu Raposo, Salvatore Biasco
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0333553411
Pages: 202
Year: 1992-12-18
View: 308
Read: 181
This collection of essays is a contribution to an understanding of the research themes to which Sylos Labini dedicated attention: the themes of an economic science interpreted as political economy in the Classical tradition, i.e. as a logically rigorous but not purely technical effort to understand the world in which we live, as the basis for acting in it in the pursuit of common welfare.
Author: Anton Strout
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101625708
Pages: 304
Year: 2013-09-24
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NO STONE UNTURNED… Alexandra Belarus was an artist stuck working in her New York family’s business…until she discovered her true legacy—a deep and ancient magic. Lexi became the last practicing Spellmason, with the power to breathe life into stone. And as her powers awoke, so did her family’s most faithful protector: a gargoyle named Stanis. But when a centuries-old evil threatened her family and her city, Stanis sacrificed himself to save everything Lexi held dear. With Stanis gone, Lexi’s efforts to master Spellmasonry—even with the help of her dedicated friends—are faltering. Hidden forces both watch her and threaten her, and she finds herself suddenly under the mysterious wing of a secret religious society determined to keep magic hidden from the world. But the question of Stanis’s fate haunts her—and as the storm around her grows, so does the fear that she won’t be able to save him in her turn.
Jewish Origins of the Psychoanalytic Movement
Author: Dennis B. Klein
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226439607
Pages: 198
Year: 1985-01
View: 482
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Dennis B. Klein explores the Jewish consciousness of Freud and his followers and the impact of their Jewish self-conceptions on the early psychoanalytic movement. Using little-known sources such as the diaries and papers of Freud's protégé Otto Rank and records of the Vienna B'nai B'rith that document Freud's active participation in that Jewish fraternal society, Klein argues that the feeling of Jewish ethical responsibility, aimed at renewing ties with Germans and with all humanity, stimulated the work of Freud, Rank, and other analysts and constituted the driving force of the psychoanalytic movement.
John Calvin and Italy
Author: Lucia Felici
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1472486250
Pages: 182
Year: 2017-12-28
View: 617
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Reconstructing the intricate relations established between Calvin and the Italian reformed movement, this book explores Calvinâe(tm)s deep interest in the evangelization of Italy, and the possible defeat of his primary enemy, the Church of Rome. It demonstrates that in spite of his deep mistrust of Italiansâe(tm) âe~opportunistic waysâe(tm) and intellectual independence, Calvin became a figurehead in Italy, not only for those who joined his Church but also for all religious non-conformists. As such, an intricate and often conflicting dialogue emerged between the two parties, that was to prove of great importance for the Reformation movement both in Geneva and Italy. Moreover the book underlines how, especially in the 1560s, Genevaâe(tm)s reformed Church became a centre of Italian immigration and a Cynosure for reformed communities in the peninsula. Through a careful analysis of documents and existing bibliography, the book promotes a greater understanding of an important aspect of the Reformation studies that has not yet been fully explored, whilst also providing a concise summary for an academic and cultured readership. This book is an English translation of 'Giovanni Calvino e l'Italia' (Claudiana, 2010)
The Surprise of Cremona
Author: Edith Templeton
ISBN: 1873429657
Pages: 239
Year: 2003-05-01
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Edith Templeton—bohemian aristocrat, accomplished novelist, and widow of the physician to the King of Nepal—wrote this highly individual account of her visit to six northern Italian towns in the early 50s. Enchantingly evocative of the time and places, her vintage narrative is a gem of travel literature. In her new introduction, Anita Brookner offers an insightful, gracefully written analysis of the astringent wit and classic poise of Templeton’s writing.
The moral order
Author: Raoul Naroll
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Pages: 498
Year: 1983-03-01
View: 576
Read: 1060
A distinguished cross-cultural researcher presents a brave, heartfelt and exciting challenge to the social sciences: the creation of an international, moral order. He advocates the use of cross-cultural research to uncover a common core of values and morality. This research would then be used to ameliorate problems and guide policy in the light of those values. He shows his procedures at work in the study of ten major social and personal ills, such as mental illness, divorce, sex roles, and child abuse. His research leads him inexorably to the concept of the moralnet -- the social group that provides values and support. When these are disrupted, problems are aggravated or even created. 'The work of Naroll fits in well with the work of earlier sociologists. But his work is considerably more comprehensive and rich. He brings the whole world into perspective. His model for a moral order theory is a universal one...' -- Norwegian Medical Journal, 1983 'The book The Moral Order is recommended reading...because it gives us guidelines for the future development of our society.' -- Aftenposten, Oslo 'This is a significant book: it focuses on an important set of problems, and it treats them with considerable originality and care. The Moral Order will stimulate a good deal of future research on the topics that Naroll raises.' -- Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly, Vol 8 No 4, December 1983 'The Moral Order is extraordinary in its range, the social life of the whole world, and in its purpose. Sometimes the book appears charmingly naive, but on the whole, the author's strength of purpose and grasp of basics is admirable.' -- Sociology, September/October 1983 '...a highly informative and useful book.' -- Ethics, January 1985
Ivory Bridges
Author: Sonnert
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262264668
Pages: 239
Year: 2002-03-15
View: 1251
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According to a widespread stereotype, scientists occupy an ivory tower, isolated from other parts of society. To some extent this is true, and the resulting freedom to pursue curiosity-driven research has made possible extraordinary scientific advances. The spinoffs of "pure" science, however, have also had powerful impacts on society, and the potential for future impacts is even greater.The public and many policymakers, as well as many researchers, have paid insufficient attention to the mechanisms for interchange between science and society that have developed since World War II. Ivory Bridges examines two such mechanisms: governmental science policy (often involving the participation of "scientist administrators") and scientists' voluntary public-interest associations.The examination of science policy is guided by the notion of "Jeffersonian science" -- -defined as basic research on topics identified as being in the national interest. The book illustrates the concept with a historical case study of the Press-Carter Initiative of the late 1970s and proposes that a Jeffersonian approach would make a valuable addition to future science policy. The book also looks at the activities of citizen-scientists who have organized themselves to promote the welfare of society. It shows that their numerous and diverse organizations have made major contributions to the commonweal and that they have helped to prevent science from becoming either too subservient to government or too autonomous. An extensive appendix profiles a wide variety of these organizations.
Pictures and Tears
Author: James Elkins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135950121
Pages: 256
Year: 2005-08-02
View: 692
Read: 426
Art Does art leave you cold? And is that what it's supposed to do? Or is a painting meant to move you to tears? Hemingway was reduced to tears in the midst of a drinking bout when a painting by James Thurber caught his eye. And what's bad about that? In Pictures and Tears, art historian James Elkins tells the story of paintings that have made people cry. Drawing upon anecdotes related to individual works of art, he provides a chronicle of how people have shown emotion before works of art in the past, and a meditation on the curious tearlessness with which most people approach art in the present. Deeply personal, Pictures and Tears is a history of emotion and vulnerability, and an inquiry into the nature of art. This book is a rare and invaluable treasure for people who love art. Also includes an 8-page color insert.
The Early Humiliati
Author: Frances Andrews
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139431196
Year: 2000-01-27
View: 868
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This book is the first major study in English of a group of late twelfth-century religious enthusiasts, the early Humiliati, who were condemned by the Church as heretics in 1184. However, in a remarkable transition, they were reconciled seventeen years later and went on to establish a highly successful religious order in north Italy. The Humiliati have been accorded little attention in previous studies both because of their local nature and because of the suppression of the Order in 1571, after one of their number made a disastrous attempt to murder Charles Borromeo. Using a combination of a wide range of sources, the nature of the early movement and its processes of institutional development are reconstructed. The book also includes a Bullarium Humiliatorum, a calendar of papal and episcopal letters and privileges, which will be of great use to scholars in the field.
Giordano Bruno and the Philosophy of the Ass
Author: Nuccio Ordine
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300058527
Pages: 271
Year: 1996
View: 285
Read: 305
In this highly original study, Nuccio Ordine uses the figure of the ass as a lens through which to focus on the thought and writings of the great Renaissance humanist philosopher Giordano Bruno. The donkey played a prominent role as a symbol in sixteenth-century literature, and the ass and human asininity became a recurring motif in Bruno's writings. Ordine offers the first analysis of Bruno's use of this complex symbol, which encompasses contradictory characteristics ranging from humble and hardworking to ignorant and idle. The result is a deeper understanding of Bruno the philosopher, along with a stronger appreciation of Bruno the literary artist. Ordine looks especially closely at Bruno's use of the figure of the donkey in his attacks on the theologies of both the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, and in issues that have become modernist concerns. Ordine's analysis sheds light on each of the major themes of Bruno's philosophy: science and knowledge, myth and religion, language and literature.
The Shadow of Arms
Author: Hwang Sok-Yong
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1609805089
Pages: 380
Year: 2014-03-04
View: 314
Read: 640
A novel of the black markets of the South Vietnamese city of Da Nang during the Vietnam War, based on the author’s experiences as a self-described South Korean mercenary on the side of the South Vietnamese, this is a Vietnam War novel like no other, truly one that sees the war from all sides. Scenes of battle are breathtakingly well told. The plot is thick with intrigue and complex subplots. But ultimately The Shadow of Arms is a novel of the human condition rather than of the exploits and losses of one side or the other in war. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Perugia, Assisi and Southern Umbria
Author: Julius Honnor
Publisher: Footprint Handbooks
ISBN: 1909268119
Pages: 128
Year: 2013-01-01
View: 486
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Dominating hills define Umbria, the only landlocked region of Italy. From the buzzing, cosmopolitan piazzas of Perugia, to the spectacular and peaceful Assisi, Umbria is a heady mix of jazz, religion, history, art, hills and food. FootprintFocus provides invaluable information on transport, accommodation, eating and entertainment to ensure that your trip includes the best of this truly unspoilt region of Italy. • Essentials section with useful advice on getting to and around Perugia, Assisi & Southern Umbria.• Comprehensive, up-to-date listings of where to eat, sleep and play.• Includes information on tour operators and activities, from stunning basilicas to lively cafes.• Detailed maps for Perugia, Assisi & Southern Umbria.• Slim enough to fit in your pocket.With detailed information on all the main sights, plus many lesser-known attractions, FootprintFocus Perugia, Assisi & Southern Umbria provides concise and comprehensive coverage of one of Italy’s most fascinating regions.The content of the Footprintfocus Perugia, Assisi & Southern Umbria guide has been extracted from Footprint’s Umbria & Marche Full-Colour Guide.