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Die Verlobung in St. Domingo
Author: Heinrich von Kleist
Publisher: Reclam Verlag
ISBN: 3159612740
Pages: 70
Year: 2017-09-29
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Selected Prose of Heinrich Von Kleist
Author: Heinrich von Kleist
Publisher: Archipelago
ISBN: 098195572X
Pages: 283
Year: 2010
View: 873
Read: 384
This amazing collection of Kleist's short fiction, novellas, essays and fragments gives readers an extraordinary and penetrating overview of the life and work of one of the most influential and unusual writers in the history of German literature. From 'The Earthquake in Chile', a damning invective against moral tyranny, to 'Michael Kohlhaas', an exploration of the violent price of justice, Kleist unrelentingly confronts the dangers of self-deception and the ultimate impossibility of existence in a world bound by absolutes.
The Author of Himself
Author: Marcel Reich-Ranicki
Publisher: Princeton Univ Department of Art &
ISBN: 0691090408
Pages: 407
Year: 2001
View: 917
Read: 915
Marcel Reich-Ranicki is remarkable for both his unlikely life story and his brilliant career as the "pope of German letters." His sublimely written autobiography is at once a fascinating adventure tale, an unusual account of German-Jewish relations, a personal rumination on who's who in German culture, and a love letter to literature. Reich-Ranicki's life took him from middle-class childhood to wartime misery to the heights of intellectual celebrity. Born into a Jewish family in Poland in 1920, he moved to Berlin as a boy. There he discovered his passion for literature and began a complex affair with German culture. In 1938, his family was deported back to Poland, where German occupation forced him into the Warsaw Ghetto. As a member of the Jewish resistance, a translator for the Jewish Council, and a man who personally experienced the ghetto's inhumane conditions, Reich-Ranicki gained both a bird's-eye and ground-level view of Nazi barbarism. Written with subtlety and intelligence, his account of this episode is among the most compelling and dramatic ever recorded. He escaped with his wife and spent two years hiding in the cellar of Polish peasants--an incident later immortalized by Günter Grass. After liberation, he joined and then fell out with the Communist Party and was temporarily imprisoned. He began writing and soon became Poland's foremost critical commentator on German literature. When Reich-Ranicki returned to Germany in 1958, his rise was meteoric. In short order, he claimed national celebrity and notoriety as the head of the literary section of the leading newspaper and host of his own television program. He frequently flabbergasted viewers with his bold pronouncements and flexed his power to make or break a writer's career. His list of friends and enemies rapidly expanded to include every influential player on the German literary scene, including Grass and Heinrich Böll. This, together with his keen critical instincts, makes his memoir an indispensable guide to contemporary German culture as well as an absorbing eyewitness history of some of the twentieth century's most important events.
Un-civilizing Processes?
Author: Mary Fulbrook
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042021519
Pages: 296
Year: 2007-01
View: 565
Read: 206
The collapse of the supposedly 'civilized' German nation into the 'barbarism' of Hitler's Third Reich has cast a long shadow over interpretations of German culture and society. In the remarkable work of Norbert Elias, himself a refugee from Nazi Germany, a deep concern with the distinctiveness of 'the Germans' is linked with an ambitious attempt to work out more general relations between broad historical processes – patterns of state formation, changing social structures – and the character of the individual self, as evidenced in changing thresholds of shame and embarrassment. In critical engagement with Elias's notion of the 'civilizing process', the essays collected here explore moments of excess and transgression, moments when the very boundaries of 'civilization' are both constructed and challenged. Inter-disciplinary contributions – on topics ranging from medieval laughter, cursing and swearing, through to music, the bourgeois self, and aspects of modern violence – highlight the complexity of inter-relations between the individual imagination and creativity, on the one hand, and the brute facts of political power and social structural inequalities, on the other; and develop new insights into the changing patterns of culture and society in Germany from the Middle Ages to the present.
A Companion to the Works of Heinrich Von Kleist
Author: Bernd Fischer
Publisher: Camden House
ISBN: 1571131779
Pages: 258
Year: 2003
View: 603
Read: 685
New essays on the most prominent German dramatist and short-story writer of the early 19th century.
The Marquise of O-
Author: Heinrich von Kleist
Publisher: Hesperus Press
ISBN: 1843910543
Pages: 92
Year: 2003
View: 773
Read: 818
An ingenious “whodunit” and one of the greatest works of German literature, The Marquise of O— subverts the 18th–century notion of the infallibility of man and reveals the true ambiguity and caprice of humanity. Foreword by Andrew Miller. Held captive by a band of unspeakable ruffians, the Marquise of O— is rescued before they can subject her to a fate worse than death. So, how, some months later, can it be that she finds herself pregnant? Believing herself fully innocent, although failing to convince her prudish family of her honor, she places an advertisement asking the perpetrator to identify himself. Heinrich von Kleist (1777–1811) is the first of the great dramatists of 19th–century German literature.
The Lillian Lectures
Author: Wendy Agnew
Publisher: Coach House Books
ISBN: 1552450155
Pages: 112
Year: 1999
View: 432
Read: 1224
Hide under your bed! Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret meets South Park in The Lillian Lectures, a collection of short poems and cheerfully nasty illustrations that will turn your universe on its head. Remember how strange you thought sex and God were when you were little? Six-year-old Melanie is weirder and naughtier than you ever were, and now she's passing her wealth of wacky wisdom on to her little sister, Lillian. Your mom would never let you play with them, but you sure would have wanted to; Melanie is the ultimate bad influence.
Das Käthchen Von Heilbronn Oder Die Feuerprobe
Author: Heinrich von Kleist
Publisher: Tredition Classics
ISBN: 3847294369
Pages: 160
Year: 2012-06
View: 424
Read: 770
Dieses Werk ist Teil der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS. Der Verlag tredition aus Hamburg veroffentlicht in der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS Werke aus mehr als zwei Jahrtausenden. Diese waren zu einem Grossteil vergriffen oder nur noch antiquarisch erhaltlich. Mit der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS verfolgt tredition das Ziel, tausende Klassiker der Weltliteratur verschiedener Sprachen wieder als gedruckte Bucher zu verlegen - und das weltweit! Die Buchreihe dient zur Bewahrung der Literatur und Forderung der Kultur. Sie tragt so dazu bei, dass viele tausend Werke nicht in Vergessenheit geraten
On Blackness Without Blacks
Author: Sander L. Gilman
Publisher: University Books
Pages: 184
Year: 1982
View: 951
Read: 445

Organic Chemistry
Author: Tadashi Okuyama, Howard Maskill
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199693277
Pages: 648
Year: 2013-11
View: 774
Read: 694
Organic Chemistry: A mechanistic approach combines a focus on core topics and themes with a mechanistic approach to the explanation of the reactions it describes, making it ideal for those looking for a solid understanding of the central themes of organic chemistry.
The Duel
Author: Heinrich von Kleist
Publisher: Melville House
ISBN: 161219074X
Pages: 72
Year: 2011-08-16
View: 1048
Read: 501
About This Book "No amount of wisdom could possibly make sense of the mysterious verdict which God intended through this duel." A new translation of a key work by one of European literature’s most important early writers. One of the few novellas written by the master German playwright, The Duel was considered by Thomas Mann and others to be one of the great works of German literature. The story of a virtuous woman slandered by a nobleman, it is a precise study of a subject that fascinated von Kleist: That people are sometimes seemingly punished for their very innocence. This Is An Enhanced eBook This eBook contains Illuminations—additional curated material that expand the world of Kleist’s novella through text and illustrations—at no additional charge. "Illuminations" contains writings by Paul the Deacon - J.G. Millingen - Sir Walter Scott - Johann Ludwig Uhland - Miguel de Cervantes - Andrew Lang - John Carl Blankenagel - Louis and Regis Senac - Alfred Hutton - Fiore de Liberi and a collection of the twelve laws of chivalry. Illustrations include: Gerhard von Kugelgen - Johannes Gehrts - Jörg Breu Jüngere and Pauls Hector Mair - Achilles Emperaire - George Muhlberg and others. Also included is The Duelist’s Supplement – “The Art of Dueling: How To Shoot and Slash Your Way To Satisfaction” which includes an entire facsimile scan of Fior de Liberi's Flower of Battle.
The Dark Side of Literacy
Author: Benjamin Bennett
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 0823229165
Pages: 347
Year: 2008
View: 1132
Read: 547
We are told that reading enlarges our horizons, that reading literature extends our experience beyond what we have happened upon in our own lives. But the moral and political dangers that attend the association of reading with experience have long been understood. And is that association even valid? What if precisely our most important literary texts are constructed so as to challenge or disrupt it? This book conducts a radical criticism of the concept of "reading," especially of theconcept of "the" reader, as these concepts are commonly used in literary criticism. It sketches in broad terms the historical provenance of "the" reader, in an argument that includes discussions of Dante, Boccaccio, Cervantes, Marlowe, and German idealist philosophy, then suggests that most major European literary works since the eighteenth century are written in direct opposition to the central concepts by which criticism has sought to lay hold of them.
Things I Can't Remember to Forget
Author: Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas
ISBN: 1632751003
Pages: 32
Year: 2017-05-06
View: 1245
Read: 471