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Jésus, le Messie de l'islam
Publisher: Editions Le Manuscrit
ISBN: 2304930638
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Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World
Author: Patricia Crone, Michael Cook
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 0521211336
Pages: 268
Year: 1977-04-21
View: 233
Read: 1011
A study of Islamic civilisation and the intimate link between Jewish religion and the earliest forms of Islam.
Can We Save the Catholic Church?
Author: Hans Kung
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007522037
Pages: 368
Year: 2013-10-10
View: 493
Read: 481
The Catholic Church has been nearly destroyed by its resistance to change, censured for its abuses. Pope Francis has promised reform: radical theologian Hans Küng here presents what Catholics have long been yearning for: modern responses to the challenges of a modern world.
The Call of the Minaret
Author: Kenneth Cragg
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1851682104
Pages: 384
Year: 2000-02-03
View: 1120
Read: 783
Taking the Muslim call to prayer as his starting point, the author unravels the significance of the muezzin's haunting cry, considering prophethood, prayer, politics and community to present a more complete understanding of Islam. It becomes clear that the Islamic call to prayer transcends the boundaries of religion, containing a summons for Christians and Muslims alike. Bringing new perspective to interfaith relations, this revealing book with appeal to the faithful throughout the world.
Un Arabe chrétien face à l'Islam
Author: Chawkat Georges Moucarry
Publisher: Editions Olivetan
ISBN: 2853040976
Pages: 111
Year: 1991
View: 1114
Read: 930
Un ouvrage soucieux d'une confrontation loyale et d'un effort pédagogique destiné à tous, tant musulmans que chrétiens.
Le Coran , la dérive de l'Islam
Author: Jacques Smadja
ISBN: 295250461X
View: 986
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Pages: 244
Year: 1987
View: 411
Read: 1166

The hidden origins of Islam
Author: Karl-Heinz Ohlig, Gerd-R. Puin
Pages: 405
Year: 2010
View: 430
Read: 212
Despite Muhammad's exalted place in Islam, even today there is still surprisingly little actually known about this shadowy figure and the origins of the Qur'an because of an astounding lack of verifiable biographical material. Furthermore, most of the existing biographical traditions that can be used to substantiate the life of Muhammad date to nearly two centuries after his death, a time when a powerful, expansive, and idealized empire had become synonymous with his name and vision-thus resulting in an exaggerated and often artificial characterization of the prophetic figure coupled with many questionable interpretations of the holy book of Islam.
Christ in Islam
Author: Ahmed Deedat
Publisher: Peace Vision
ISBN: 1471632490
Pages: 48
Year: 1985
View: 172
Read: 571
The Christian does not know that the true spirit of charity which the Muslim displays, always, towards Jesus and his mother Mary spring from the fountainhead of his faith the Holy Qur’an. He does not know that the Muslim does not take the holy name of Jesus, in his own language, without saying Eesa, alaihi assalam ("Jesus, peace be upon him") The Christian does not know that in the Holy Qur’an Jesus is mentioned twenty five times.
The Gospel of Barnabas
Author: Lonsdale Ragg, Laura Maria Roberts Ragg
Pages: 500
Year: 1907
View: 1048
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Is the Bible God's Word?
Author: Ahmad Deedat
Publisher: Islamic Propagation Centre International
ISBN: 0933511043
Pages: 66
Year: 1981-06-01
View: 185
Read: 203
A brief rebuttal to several points of Biblical theology by this well known debater is the subject of this booklet which is one of the authors most popular books.
L'utopie de l'islam
Author: Leïla Babès
Publisher: Armand Colin
ISBN: 2200276400
Pages: 408
Year: 2011-11-23
View: 1045
Read: 1058
Si elle est le fait de courants radicaux qui pervertissent les sources islamiques, la violence qui s’exerce au nom de l’islam, et dont les musulmans sont eux-mêmes les premières victimes, se loge au cœur de la relation entre le religieux et le politique. Pour éclairer la crise qui agite l’univers contemporain de l’islam, une analyse en profondeur des fondements du pouvoir politique, lequel s’est posé, dès les origines, de manière tragique, s’avère nécessaire. Menant une véritable enquête qui convoque les sources, l’histoire, la science politique, la sociologie et la théologie, l’auteur dénoue le fil de la contradiction qui fonde l’utopie de l’islam. En isolant les principales références qui ont inspiré et continuent d’inspirer les mouvements de contestation politico-religieux, elle dévoile au fil des pages, la thèse inédite qu’elle défend : toutes les entreprises menées pour corriger le monde conformément à l’idéal islamique n’ont conduit qu’à détruire l’Etat et l’espace du politique. Voilà qui pulvérise l’idée que l’islam est une religion politique.
Dictionary of Islam
Author: Thomas Patrick Hughes
Pages: 750
Year: 1885
View: 1003
Read: 730

History of the Prophets
Author: Maulana Muhammad Ali
Publisher: Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore USA
ISBN: 1934271160
Pages: 48
Year: 2011-05-25
View: 907
Read: 772
Deals with the lives of the prophets as they are given in the Holy Qur'an. The chief object is to remove the prevailing misconception that the Holy Qur'an takes its narratives from the Bible or Jewish and Christian traditions. For this purpose narratives in the Holy Qur'an are contrasted with their versions in the Bible or Jewish and Christian traditions. It will be found that wherever previous record has cast a slur on the character of a prophet, the Holy Qur'an has invariably vindicated it. The Holy Book has further brought out facts which enhance the moral value of these narratives and removed defects and contradictions which have found way into sacred history due to manipulation of facts or carelessness in recording them. This affords the clearest evidence that Divine Inspiration and not any previous record or tradition was the source from which the Prophet obtained information. By doing away with the profanity of sacred history, the Holy Qur'an has rendered immense service to the Bible itself. This is in accordance with its claim.
Jesus Christ in World History
Author: Jan A. B. Jongeneel
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 363159688X
Pages: 453
Year: 2009
View: 445
Read: 560
Jesus of Nazareth influenced - and continues to influence - the human community more than anybody else. This study describes and analyzes the perceptions and receptions of Jesus as the Messiah/Christ in six continents from the beginning of the Common Era until today. He appears to be present both within and beyond the traditional borders of Christianity. Individuals and peoples represent him and/or misrepresent him in their cyclical and/or linear settings.

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