Il Cercatore Lo Scampato Lastuto Il Sognatore Storie Di Patriarchi E Di Matriarche Dimensioni Dello Spirito Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Il cercatore, lo scampato, l'astuto, il sognatore. Storie di patriarchi e di matriarche
Author: Paolo Curtaz
ISBN: 8821599124
Pages: 288
Year: 2016
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Made In Sicily
Author: Giorgio Locatelli
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062130382
Pages: 432
Year: 2012-12-26
View: 588
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From Giorgio Locatelli, bestselling author of Made in Italy, comes an exquisite cookbook on the cuisine of Sicily, which combines recipes with the stories and history of one of Italy’s most romantic, dramatic regions: an island of amber wheat fields, lush citrus and olive groves, and rolling vineyards, suspended in the Mediterranean Sea. Mapping a culinary landscape marked by the influences of Arab, Spanish, and Greek colonists, the recipes in Made in Sicily showcase the island’s diverse culinary heritage and embody the Sicilian ethos of primacy of quality ingredients over pretentiousness or fuss in which “what grows together goes together.”
Rethinking "Gnosticism"
Author: Michael Allen Williams
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400822211
Pages: 360
Year: 1999-04-12
View: 725
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Most anyone interested in such topics as creation mythology, Jungian theory, or the idea of "secret teachings" in ancient Judaism and Christianity has found "gnosticism" compelling. Yet the term "gnosticism," which often connotes a single rebellious movement against the prevailing religions of late antiquity, gives the false impression of a monolithic religious phenomenon. Here Michael Williams challenges the validity of the widely invoked category of ancient "gnosticism" and the ways it has been described. Presenting such famous writings and movements as the Apocryphon of John and Valentinian Christianity, Williams uncovers the similarities and differences among some major traditions widely categorized as gnostic. He provides an eloquent, systematic argument for a more accurate way to discuss these interpretive approaches. The modern construct "gnosticism" is not justified by any ancient self-definition, and many of the most commonly cited religious features that supposedly define gnosticism phenomenologically turn out to be questionable. Exploring the sample sets of "gnostic" teachings, Williams refutes generalizations concerning asceticism and libertinism, attitudes toward the body and the created world, and alleged features of protest, parasitism, and elitism. He sketches a fresh model for understanding ancient innovations on more "mainstream" Judaism and Christianity, a model that is informed by modern research on dynamics in new religious movements and is freed from the false stereotypes from which the category "gnosticism" has been constructed.
The Perv
Author: Rabih Alameddine
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 0312200412
Pages: 208
Year: 1999-07-02
View: 515
Read: 1210
A provocative first collection of stories by the author of Koolaids Following the publication of his critically acclaimed first novel, Koolaids, Rabih Alameddine offers a collection of stories that explores the experience of a number of Lebanese characters - men and women, gay and straight--whose lives have been blown apart by a disastrous civil war and the resulting international diaspora. Daring in style as well as content, these tales explore the relationships that anchor our hearts to the world -- father and son, grandson and grandmother, pedophile and 12-year-old boy, young man and woman of the streets, sister and sister, daughter and father, gay man and heterosexual, the quick and their dead. Suffused by a yearning for what has been lost, these narratives are both experimental and traditional, humorous and disturbing, and confirm without doubt that Alemeddine is one of the most original and accomplished young writers to emerge in some time.
A Century of Wisdom
Author: Caroline Stoessinger
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0812992814
Pages: 232
Year: 2012
View: 962
Read: 274
Collects life lessons by the world's oldest Holocaust survivor and concert pianist, sharing the wisdom she has gleaned and insights into her resolve to thrive in spite of harrowing loss, her choice to harbor no bitterness toward her oppressors and her determination to bring good to the world.
Memory and Tradition in Israel
Author: Brevard S. Childs
Pages: 96
Year: 1962
View: 1251
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Remembering and Forgetting in Early Second Temple Judah
Author: Ehud Ben Zvi, Christoph Levin
Publisher: Mohr Siebrek Ek
ISBN: 3161519094
Pages: 360
Year: 2012
View: 388
Read: 711
Revised versions of papers from a workshop held at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich from June 27 to July 1, 2011.
A Winter Haunting
Author: Dan Simmons
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061803235
Pages: 384
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 555
Read: 1172
A once-respected college professor and novelist, Dale Stewart has sabotaged his career and his marriage -- and now darkness is closing in on him. In the last hours of Halloween he has returned to the dying town of Elm Haven, his boyhood home, where he hopes to find peace in isolation. But moving into a long-deserted farmhouse on the far outskirts of town -- the one-time residence of a strange and brilliant friend who lost his young life in a grisly "accident" back in the terrible summer of 1960 -- is only the latest in his long succession of recent mistakes. Because Dale is not alone here. He has been followed to this house of shadows by private demons who are now twisting his reality into horrifying new forms. And a thick, blanketing early snow is starting to fall ...
Other People's Trades
Author: Primo Levi
ISBN: 034910185X
Pages: 209
Year: 1990
View: 1209
Read: 836
OTHER PEOPLE'S TRADES contains 43 essays originally written for newspaper publication. They are, in the author's words, 'the fruit of my roaming about as a curious dilettante for more than a decade ... invasions of the field, incursions into other people's hunting preserves, forays into the boundless territories of zoology, astronomy and linguistics' 'There is no contest. The noblest book of the year' Anita Brookner, SPECTATOR 'Read an essay or two every few days; it'll be like meeting him in a Turin cafe, hearing him talk of wonderful, funny and horrible things in his gentle, dry voce, with all the virtues of his chemist's training - 'humility, patience and method', a wonderful nose and eye, and a steady hand' NEW STATESMAN & SOCIETY 'Everything Primo Levi has ever written is well worth reading, and this collection is no exception' THE TIMES 'There is no contest. The noblest book of the year' SPECTATOR
The Imagination Thief
Author: Rohan Quine
Publisher: EC1 Digital via PublishDrive
ISBN: 0957441908
Pages: 346
Year: 2013-01-01
View: 1322
Read: 810
The Imagination Thief by Rohan Quine is about a web of secrets, triggered by the stealing and copying of people’s imaginations and memories. It’s about the magic that can be conjured up by images of people, in imagination or on film; the split between beauty and happiness in the world; and the allure of various kinds of power. It celebrates some of the most extreme possibilities of human imagination, personality and language, exploring the darkest and brightest flavours of beauty living in our minds. Alone in his skyscraper office one night, Jaymi undergoes a transformation that will change his life: he acquires the power to see into others’ minds, and then to control and project their thoughts. Realising the potential of this gift, he hypnotises a media mogul into agreeing to broadcast an electrifying extravaganza of sound and vision emanating from Jaymi, the like of which has never been witnessed before, that will captivate millions. However, one of the mogul’s underlings has more subversive plans for milking Jaymi’s talent, involving the theft of others’ imaginations and intimate memories for commercial gain. The broadcasting of his visions plunges Jaymi and his best friend Alaia on a journey into the underbelly of Asbury Park – a seaside town once full of life but now half-forgotten. The town’s entire oceanfront is now almost a ghost town: ruled by gangsters and drug dealers, headed by Lucan, it is populated by lost souls and the beautiful who have fallen on hard times. Blackmailed into thieving the most private and primal memories and experiences from these people’s imaginations, Jaymi discovers a web of secrets and provocations simmering beneath the surface of the town, about to explode. When a waxwork of Lucan’s decapitated head is anonymously planted in his own bar, fear bubbles up, as everyone becomes a suspect in this unforgivable challenge to Lucan’s dominance. Then when another provocative waxwork appears – a naked full-body modelling of Lucan’s beautiful but tortured lover, Angel – Jaymi knows he must use his own gift to discover the perpetrator before Lucan does. Delving into and celebrating the most beautiful and extreme possibilities of human imagination, personality and love, The Imagination Thief is literary fiction, with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror. It explores the universal human predicaments of power, beauty, happiness, hopelessness, good and evil. Keywords: literary fiction, magical realism, dark fantasy, horror, gay, Asbury Park, psychic, New York, broadcast, imagination, transgender, contemporary, enhanced ebook
The Psychology of Economics
Author: Walter A. Weisskopf
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415210488
Pages: 266
Year: 1955
View: 496
Read: 222
First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Phases of Gravity
Author: Dan Simmons
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497634504
Pages: 232
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 572
Read: 1079
A New York Times–bestselling author’s moving novel about an astronaut returning to Earth, and the small steps and giant leaps love requires. Richard Baedecker thinks his greatest challenge was walking on the moon, but then he meets a mysterious woman who shows him his past. Join Baedecker as he comes to grips with the son and wife he lost owing to his passion for space exploration, his forgotten childhood, and the loss he experienced during the deadly flight of the Challenger. The most difficult exploration of his life is not the cold, rocky crevices of the moon, but the warm interior of his heart. Brilliant and beautifully written, Phases of Gravity is a masterpiece about love and loss that transports readers far beyond the confines of space and time. Phases of Gravity is a thoughtful, deeply involving novel from an author who has earned numerous honors, including the World Fantasy Award for Song of Kali and the Hugo Award for Hyperion.
Black Beast
Author: R. S. Guthrie
ISBN: 0983511209
Pages: 274
Year: 2011-05-11
View: 971
Read: 289
DECORATED DENVER DETECTIVE BOBBY MACAULAY has faced down a truckload of tragedy over recent years. The death of his partner; the loss of his own leg in the line of duty; the companionship of his beloved wife to cancer; the relationship with his son to a chasm of disenchantment a disappointment; his faith in God to his inner demons. And just when he is questioning the very career that has been his salvation-his port in a cataclysmic storm-he will discover a heroic history about his own family heritage: Generations of sentinels and conscripts of faith; protectors and servants of humanity. The story of the holy mission of the Clan of MacAulay. A family at the very roots of a millenniums-long war against unimaginable evil. The unearthing of his lineage will provide answers to questions that have always haunted his periphery, and some that he's never known to ask. Much will be asked of him in return. Detective Bobby Mac will be charged to find it in himself to believe-to accept that such evil, such ageless horror, still threatens the world's tenuous grasp on innocence, righteousness, and normalcy. Even in 21st century America.
Saltair Na Rann
Author: Whitley Stokes
Pages: 155
Year: 1883
View: 638
Read: 464

Nutrition in the Community
Author: Anita Yanochik Owen, Patricia L. Splett, George M. Owen
Publisher: William C Brown Pub
ISBN: 0815133111
Pages: 654
Year: 1999
View: 680
Read: 835
Provides community nutrition professionals or students with the basics of programme planning and management evaluation. This updated edition reflects changes in the field, with coverage of topics including women's health, ethics in community nutrition, and nutrition around the world.

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