Hommes Idees Journaux Melanges En Lhonneur De Pierre Guiral Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Hommes, idées, journaux
Author: Jean A. Gili, Ralph Schor
Publisher: Publications de la Sorbonne
ISBN: 2859441530
Pages: 487
Year: 1988
View: 764
Read: 1022

French Twentieth Bibliography
Author: Douglas W. Alden
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
ISBN: 0945636369
Pages: 472
Year: 1991-12-01
View: 602
Read: 320
This series of bibliographical references is one of the most important tools for research in modern and contemporary French literature. No other bibliography represents the scholarly activities and publications of these fields as completely.
The Jews of France
Author: Esther Benbassa
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400823145
Pages: 304
Year: 2001-07-02
View: 763
Read: 1149
In the first English-language edition of a general, synthetic history of French Jewry from antiquity to the present, Esther Benbassa tells the intriguing tale of the social, economic, and cultural vicissitudes of a people in diaspora. With verve and insight, she reveals the diversity of Jewish life throughout France's regions, while showing how Jewish identity has constantly redefined itself in a country known for both the Rights of Man and the Dreyfus affair. Beginning with late antiquity, she charts the migrations of Jews into France and traces their fortunes through the making of the French kingdom, the Revolution, the rise of modern anti-Semitism, and the current renewal of interest in Judaism. As early as the fourth century, Jews inhabited Roman Gaul, and by the reign of Charlemagne, some figured prominently at court. The perception of Jewish influence on France's rulers contributed to a clash between church and monarchy that would culminate in the mass expulsion of Jews in the fourteenth century. The book examines the re-entry of small numbers of Jews as New Christians in the Southwest and the emergence of a new French Jewish population with the country's acquisition of Alsace and Lorraine. The saga of modernity comes next, beginning with the French Revolution and the granting of citizenship to French Jews. Detailed yet quick-paced discussions of key episodes follow: progress made toward social and political integration, the shifting social and demographic profiles of Jews in the 1800s, Jewish participation in the economy and the arts, the mass migrations from Eastern Europe at the turn of the twentieth century, the Dreyfus affair, persecution under Vichy, the Holocaust, and the postwar arrival of North African Jews. Reinterpreting such themes as assimilation, acculturation, and pluralism, Benbassa finds that French Jews have integrated successfully without always risking loss of identity. Published to great acclaim in France, this book brings important current issues to bear on the study of Judaism in general, while making for dramatic reading.
Moralizing Cinema
Author: Daniel Biltereyst, Daniela Treveri Gennari
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134668317
Pages: 296
Year: 2014-11-20
View: 888
Read: 902
This volume is part of the recent interest in the study of religion and popular media culture (cinema in particular), but it strongly differs from most of this work in this maturing discipline. Contrary to most other edited volumes and monographs on film and religion, Moralizing Cinema will not focus upon films (cf. the representation of biblical figures, religious themes in films, the fidelity question in movies), but rather look beyond the film text, content or aesthetics, by concentrating on the cinema-related actions, strategies and policies developed by the Catholic Church and Catholic organizations in order to influence cinema. Whereas the key role of Catholics in cinema has been well studied in the USA (cf. literature on the Legion of Decency and on the Catholic influenced Production Code Administration), the issue remains unexplored for other parts of the world. The book includes case studies on Argentina, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and the USA.
Anticléricalisme, minorités religieuses et échanges culturels
Author: Olivier Forlin
Publisher: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 2296147585
Pages: 344
Year: 2006-07-01
View: 1080
Read: 364
Cet ouvrage s'organise autour de l'étude des conditions des minorités religieuses de l'Antiquité au XXè siècle : cultes de montagnes celtes et ligures, des régions alpines sous l'Empire romain, Vaudois du Piémont du Moyen Age au XIXè siècle, protestants du Dauphiné, méthodistes de Gold Coast au XIXè. Suivent les contributions consacrées à l'anticléricalisme. Au final, il s'intéresse à l'analyse des échanges culturels franco-italiens de l'Antiquité au XXè siècle.
Revue Tocqueville
Year: 2005
View: 1044
Read: 207

A History of Women in the West: Toward a cultural identity in the twentieth century
Author: Georges Duby, Michelle Perrot, Pauline Schmitt Pantel
Publisher: Belknap Press
ISBN: 0674403746
Pages: 713
Year: 1994
View: 1160
Read: 1055
Discusses the legal, social, and religious position of women in the Greco-Roman world and during the Middle Ages
Revue d'histoire littéraire de la France
Year: 1989
View: 597
Read: 1053

Provence historique
Year: 2004
View: 814
Read: 998
Includes Bibliographie de l'Histoire de Provence.
Bulletin critique du livre français
Year: 1988
View: 543
Read: 351

Belgisch tijdschrift voor philologie en geschiedenis
Year: 1992
View: 917
Read: 668

Architecture militaire en Provence médiévale
Author: Michel Fixot
Pages: 123
Year: 1990
View: 526
Read: 387

La presse satirique radicale à Marseille
Author: Robert Rossi
Publisher: Via Valeriano Bis
Pages: 253
Year: 2004
View: 710
Read: 848
Après l'effondrement du Second Empire, en septembre 1870, et l'écrasement de la Commune de Paris (mai 1871), la France entre dans une période d'incertitudes institutionnelles, liées à une situation politique paradoxale : l'avènement de la " République monarchiste ". À Marseille, lieu de convergence des diverses forces populaires et fer de lance du radicalisme, les journaux, fort nombreux, reflètent souvent des idées teintées de socialisme et de libre-pensée, parmi les plus avancées. Dans le camp républicain, un courant libertaire se fait jour, composé de jeunes gens désireux d'en découdre avec l'ordre établi. Pour cela, ils créent, avec une remarquable pugnacité, des feuilles dans lesquelles ils laissent libre cours à leur fantaisie et à leurs colères, utilisant l'arme redoutable du rire. Peu soucieux des convenances, ils n'hésitent pas à recourir à la culture populaire marseillaise, à l'humour corrosif et jusqu'au mauvais goût afin de porter le fer dans les flancs de la réaction, toujours à l'affût.
Revue des études hébraïques et juives modernes et contemporaines
Year: 1995
View: 568
Read: 426

Revue des études juives
Author: Société des études juives (France), École pratique des hautes études (France). Section des sciences économiques et sociales, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Société des études juives (France).
Year: 1996
View: 846
Read: 276

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