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Louder Than Words
Author: Laura Jarratt
Publisher: Egmont UK
ISBN: 1780314272
Pages: 416
Year: 2014-06-05
View: 388
Read: 571
'The last person I spoke to was my brother, Silas, and I was six. Since then, not a word. Silas says he'd give anything to hear me speak again. Now I sit here and think the same thing about him.' A moving and heartwarming novel from Carnegie Children's Book Award nominee Laura Jarratt, author of Skin Deep and Louder than words. Rafi idolises her seventeen-year-old brother, who is popular, generous and a borderline genius. Ever protective, Silas always includes her when he's with his friends, so Rafi gets to hear all sorts of things that younger sisters wouldn't normally be a part of. Like the time Silas hacks a gaming site to help out his friend Josie, who has been trashed by her ex. With Josie, Rafi finds herself with a proper friend for the first time in her life. As they grow closer, she realises that she wants to find a way back into the world – she wants to learn to speak again. But Silas has found a new interest too – and it’s taking him away from everything that was once important to him. Can Rafi find the words to save her brother? Perfect for fans of John Green, Sophie McKenzie's Trust in Me, Sarah Crossan's One, and Cat Clarke's The Lost and the Found. Look out for Laura's other books: Skin Deep, By Any Other Name, and In Another Life. Laura Jarratt was born in Salford and has lived all over the UK. Although her favourite subject was English, she accidentally studied Science at university. She finally settled in rural Cheshire, where she lives with her family and is owned by a ginger cat with no tail. By day, she works in education because it’s never boring and by night, she writes for young adults because they’re the most interesting people in the world. Her first novel, Skin Deep, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Prize and the the YA category of the Romantic Novelists Association.
Harder Than Words
Author: Carrie An Ryan
ISBN: 1947007343
Year: 2017-08
View: 732
Read: 576
Once best friends, now strangers: Second chances don't come along often. Indulge in heat, ink, and romance in the third book of the NYT Bestselling Montgomery Ink Series. Meghan Montgomery-Warren thought she knew what love was when she'd married young and had two children. After years of being emotionally beaten down, her husband has finally left her and now she's forced to find her way once again. Somehow she needs to find the person she used to be and figure that the strength she'd thought she'd lost was always there. Luc Dodd left Denver and his best friend Meghan when he was forced to watch her walk down the aisle with another man. He might have only been her best friend, but he held his true emotions close to the vest. Now he's back in town and in Meghan's life. Only he needs to decide if that's enough for him...and her. Their journey from friends to lovers is a slow burn of seduction and pain. When Meghan's past comes back to haunt them both, the two of them will have to stand closer together or be torn apart by their own misgivings forever.
Louder than words
Author: William Shore, Share Our Strength
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 340
Year: 1989-12-17
View: 1175
Read: 729
Collects twenty-two previously unpublished stories from such American authors as Anne Tyler and Louise Erdrich
Harder Than I Thought
Author: Robert Daniel Austin, Richard L. Nolan, Shannon O'Donnell
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422162591
Pages: 310
Year: 2013
View: 492
Read: 284
Today’s CEO must be a global leader who also understands that parts of the business must be managed locally. Someone who sets a strategic vision, though industry and technology disruptions will surely threaten that vision. Someone who must live in the future to go to the future, while continuously creating economic and social value. Not an easy task. Harder Than I Thought is a fictional narrative that puts this increasingly complex job in context—by enabling you to walk alongside Jim Barton, the new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace, as he steps into the role. Barton’s story, developed in consultation with seasoned, reallife CEOs, contains crucial lessons for all leaders hoping to master the new skills required to move into the Csuite.
More Than Words, Volume 6
Author: Joan Johnston, Robyn Carr, Christina Skye, Rochelle Alers, Maureen Child
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426851871
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-04-01
View: 716
Read: 589
Presenting…the sixth annual More Than Words anthology. Little by little, one person at a time, we can make our world a better place. The five dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have done just that, by discovering a seed of compassion, and nurturing it to effect real change in their communities. To celebrate their accomplishments, five bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing short stories inspired by these real-life heroines. We hope More Than Words inspires you to look into your heart and find the heroine who lives within.
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Author: Bradley J. Sugars
ISBN: 0958093253
Pages: 150
Year: 2005-08
View: 739
Read: 1327

More Than Words
Author: Mia Sheridan
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1538727382
Pages: 384
Year: 2018-06-12
View: 155
Read: 1112
No one lays open the heart and soul quite like New York Times bestselling author Mia Sheridan in this emotional love story about destiny, second chances, and the healing power of love. The moment she met Callen Hayes, eleven-year-old Jessica Creswell knew he was a broken prince. Her prince. They became each other's refuge, a safe and magical place far from their troubled lives. Until the day Callen kissed her--Jessica's first real, dreamy kiss--and then disappeared from her life without a word. Years later, everyone knows who Callen Hayes is. Famous composer. Infamous bad boy. What no one knows is that Callen's music is now locked deep inside, trapped behind his own inner demons. It's only when he withdraws to France to drink his way through the darkness that Callen stumbles into the one person who makes the music return. Jessica. His Jessie. And she still tastes of fresh, sweet innocence . . . even as she sets his blood on fire. But they don't belong in each other's worlds anymore. There are too many mistakes. Too many secrets. Too many lies. All they have is that instinctive longing, that need--and something that looks dangerously like love. Praise for Mia Sheridan"Sheridan explores the power of first love in a tale of childhood friends parted and reunited." --- Publisher's Weekly on More Than Words "A modern fairy tale, the well-crafted romance and beautiful French setting will take readers by surprise. Sheridan is one to watch."--- Kirkus Reviews on More Than Words "5 Star Gold! Inspiring, uplifting, and raw in [its] intensity."-RT Book Reviews on Most of All You
More Than Words: Acts of Kindness
Author: Brenda Jackson, Stephanie Bond, Maureen Child
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460327195
Pages: 384
Year: 2014-03-01
View: 919
Read: 212
Harlequin More Than Words: Acts of Kindness Three bestselling authors Three real-life heroines Every day, women in your community are working to make the world a better place. You may not know their names, but you've probably got something in common with these real-life heroines: compassion for those who need a helping hand, and the desire to make a difference. Each year, the Harlequin More Than Words award is given to three women who strive to change people's lives for the better. Inspired by their accomplishments, three bestselling authors have written stories to honor these real-life heroines. Brenda Jackson explores the importance of family in Whispers of the Heart, the story of a father's struggle to recognize and manage his daughter's health challenges. Stephanie Bond's It's Not About the Dress tells the tale of a wedding dress gone missing, in which the perfect gown turns out to be the perfect gift for a bride in need. Maureen Child reminds us of the happiness and purpose that even a youngster can find by putting her best foot forward in The Princess Shoes. Harlequin More Than Words: Acts of Kindness
More Than Words: Stories of Strength
Author: Carla Neggers, Susan Mallery, Karen Harper
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426829558
Pages: 384
Year: 2009-03-01
View: 475
Read: 819
They're your neighbors, your aunts, your sisters and your best friends. They're women across North America committed to changing and enriching lives, one good deed at a time. Three of these exceptional women have been selected as recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award. And three New York Times bestselling authors have kindly offered their creativity to write original short stories inspired by these real-life heroines. We hope these stories inspired by strong, courageous women will touch your heart and motivate the heroine living inside you.
Louder than Words: A Straight to Gay Romance
Author: Devon Cross
Publisher: Devon Cross
Year: 2018-05-25
View: 1208
Read: 319
One text is all it takes to send Nick on the longest roller coaster ride of his life. Nick Torres is known for two things: his poor taste in women and how he'd do anything for his friends. So when his date is interrupted by a frantic text from his best friend Joel, he doesn't think twice about rushing to his side. Nick insists it's not personal, but why when given a choice, would he rather hang with Joel over anyone else? Out of all the challenges Joel's faced, falling for his best friend shouldn't be one of them. Joel's had a mad crush on Nick ever since the second grade, and it's becoming even harder to ignore now that they're live-in roommates. Crippled with severe anxiety, the only interactions Joel's had over the last eleven months include a LGBT forum he's a part of as well as the bit of time he gets to spend with Nick. So when Nick suggests inviting one of his forum friends over on a date, Joel figures it's just the distraction he needs from the man he can never have. Nick would do anything to get the old Joel back, but he never expected that in order to do so he'd have to give up his heart. Can he get a handle on his emotions and convince Joel he's more than just a friend, or will a knee-jerk reaction be enough to end their friendship for good? Louder Than Words is a steamy friends-to-lovers, out for you gay romance of approximately 31,000 words, with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Search Terms: college friends romance, out for you gay romance, out for you, mm bisexual romance, gay bisexual romance, bisexual, straight to gay, gay for you, gay second chance friends to lovers romance, second chance gay mm romance, second chance gay romance, friends to lovers romance, friends to lovers gay romance, first time m/m romance, first time mm romance, firs time gay romance
Actions Speak! (louder Than Words)
Author: Thomas T. Peters, Janet L. Wissmann
Pages: 79
Year: 1991
View: 1259
Read: 832

Louder than words
Author: Marjorie Fink Vargas
Publisher: Iowa State Pr
Pages: 187
Year: 1986
View: 411
Read: 234

Lectures on Teaching
Author: Sir Joshua Girling Fitch
Pages: 393
Year: 1885
View: 852
Read: 191

Bookends - Alpha & Omega
Author: Kirsten E. A. Borg
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426901593
Pages: 176
Year: 2009-07
View: 1287
Read: 334
BookEnds is a fable about Alpha grandchildren and Omega grandparents, and how they work together to create a harmonious community. Valkira is a precocious 10-year-old, struggling to survive at Jane Addams Junior High. She is rescued by her eccentric grandmother, who enables her to become a SuperHero and make her school a safe learning place. When the outside world threatens Valkira, Grandmère Minerva turns to her unconventional and colorful peers * the International Order of Grandmothers, who meet at a recycled amusement part. To protect their granddaughters, the grandmothers persuade the grandfathers to help them teach their grandsons. Alpha & Omega generations join forces to preserve the Earth and joyously celebrate the Circle of Life.
More Than Words Secondary 2
Publisher: Panpac Education Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9812719199
View: 1195
Read: 1327

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