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The Art of Happiness
Author: Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, Howard C. Cutler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1573221112
Pages: 322
Year: 1998
View: 558
Read: 1088
Drawing on more that 2,500 years of Buddhist tradition and teaching, the spiritual leader demonstrates how to confront the negative emotions, stresses, and obstacles of everyday life in order to find the source of inner peace.
The Art Of Happiness
Author: Kelly Wallace
Publisher: Intuitive Living via PublishDrive
Pages: 48
Year: 2017-12-23
View: 1202
Read: 1240
True happiness is an inside job, is different for everyone, and nothing like the media portrays. Ultimately I found my own life of peace and joy, and it's my goal to help you find yours. Imagine lifting the clouds of confusion and negativity, and discovering a whole new world where contentment and passion become your everyday life. Not only is it possible, but you deserve it! In this book I'll share simple secrets to feeling good and staying that way. And, it's easier than you think. What This Book Covers What Is True Happiness? It Doesn't Cost A Thing How To Be Happy All The Time Deciding To Be Happy Making Changes Or Letting Go Simple Living 4 Steps To Creating A Simple Life Getting The Most Out Of Life Don't Put Things Off Do Good Deeds Avoid Lecturing Let Go Of The Past Enjoying Life More Beliefs Become Reality Nurture Your Inner Child Accomplish More Goals Cut Out Complaining Have A Positive Outlook Creating A Positive Aura Compliment Someone Today Believe Things Will Get Better Connect With Your Higher Self Change Comes With Acceptance Fear Can Be Your Friend Achieving Ultimate Happiness Know What You Want Then Go For It! Have An Attitude Of Gratitude Random Acts Of Kindness Move And Breathe Nurture Yourself Focus On Your Strengths And Values Cultivate Relationships Strengthen Your Spirituality You Can Be Happy Contact Me/Book A Reading
The Art of Happiness
Author: Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, Howard C. Cutler
Publisher: Cape Town Books
Year: 2000
View: 1113
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The essence of the iconic book The Art of Happiness distilled into a beautiful new format. The Dalai Lama inspired millions around the world with his wisdom and compassion in The Art of Happiness. Now, in The Essence of Happiness, moving insights from His Holiness are gathered in an elegantly designed keepsake book that makes for a handy and accessible medium for that wisdom. Offering sage advice on defeating day-to-day depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, and other emotions that get in the way of true happiness, the pages of The Essence of Happiness contain transforming reflections on how to overcome suffering and obstacles to create a fulfilled, joyous life. With its new package, ideal for taking anywhere, The Essence of Happiness is poised to become the handbook for living.
El arte de la felicidad
Author: Dalai Lama
Publisher: Greenbooks editore
ISBN: 8898006705
Year: 2014-11-24
View: 654
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A menudo los sentimientos simples son los más difíciles de expresar, y necesitamos una voz sabia que nos guíe para co­nocernos mejor y ejercer esa compasión afectuosa que nos une a los demás. En El arte de la felicidad es el Dalai Lama quien nos habla, y de él recibimos el mensaje sereno de un hombre que ha conquistado la paz interior y sabe que la felicidad no es un don, sino un arte que exige voluntad y práctica. Lejos de las grandes teorías y muy cerca de las preocupaciones cotidianas de cada cual, de nuestros miedos y nuestros deseos, el maestro se ha servido de la ayuda de un psiquiatra occidental para entregamos unas palabras que nos orienten en la vida diaria. Sólo así seremos capaces de convertir el deber de vivir en el placer de sentimos vivos en un mundo donde casi todo es posible, incluso la felicidad.
El arte de la felicidad
Author: Christophe André
Publisher: Editorial Kairós
ISBN: 849988461X
Pages: 248
Year: 2015-09-09
View: 993
Read: 356
«¿Acaso es mi profesión de psiquiatra, mi predilección por lo íntimo o mi interés por la psicología de las emociones lo que me atrae hacia la pintura? No sabría decirlo, pero me gustaría iniciar al lector en esta experiencia y sus beneficios: situarse ante un cuadro, guardar silencio, permitir que la pintura te hable, te posea… En este libro vamos a reflexionar y meditar juntos a partir de veinticinco cuadros: veinticinco imágenes que encarnan los rostros, las formas y los gestos de la felicidad; veinticinco lecciones que proponen avanzar en el camino que conduce a una vida más feliz. Y es que la felicidad se puede aprender.»
El Arte De La Felicidad / The Art of Happiness
Author: DALAI LAMA XI (1838-1856)
Publisher: Sudamericana
ISBN: 9871138784
Pages: 269
Year: 2004-05-01
View: 355
Read: 376
En 'El arte de la felicidad' es el Dalai Lama quien nos habla, y de él recibimos el mensaje de un hombre que ha conquistado la paz interior y sabe que la felicidad no es un don, sino un arte que exige voluntad y práctica.
El arte de la felicidad
Author: Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Howard C. Cutler
ISBN: 8493407259
Pages: 319
Year: 2004
View: 285
Read: 1320

El Libro de la Felicidad
Author: José María Íñigo, Antonio Aradillas
Publisher: EDAF
ISBN: 8441408416
Pages: 245
Year: 2001
View: 317
Read: 946

Zen y el arte de la felicidad
Author: Chris Prentiss
ISBN: 6074150338
Pages: 142
Year: 2008
View: 691
Read: 548

El arte de la felicidad en el trabajo
Author: Dalai Lam XIV Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Howard C. Cutler
ISBN: 8493407208
Pages: 237
Year: 2004
View: 864
Read: 154

The Book of Joy
Author: Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399185062
Pages: 368
Year: 2016-09-20
View: 268
Read: 752
An instant New York Times bestseller Two spiritual giants. Five days. One timeless question. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have survived more than fifty years of exile and the soul-crushing violence of oppression. Despite their hardships—or, as they would say, because of them—they are two of the most joyful people on the planet. In April 2015, Archbishop Tutu traveled to the Dalai Lama's home in Dharamsala, India, to celebrate His Holiness's eightieth birthday and to create what they hoped would be a gift for others. They looked back on their long lives to answer a single burning question: How do we find joy in the face of life's inevitable suffering? They traded intimate stories, teased each other continually, and shared their spiritual practices. By the end of a week filled with laughter and punctuated with tears, these two global heroes had stared into the abyss and despair of our time and revealed how to live a life brimming with joy. This book offers us a rare opportunity to experience their astonishing and unprecendented week together, from the first embrace to the final good-bye. We get to listen as they explore the Nature of True Joy and confront each of the Obstacles of Joy—from fear, stress, and anger to grief, illness, and death. They then offer us the Eight Pillars of Joy, which provide the foundation for lasting happiness. Throughout, they include stories, wisdom, and science. Finally, they share their daily Joy Practices that anchor their own emotional and spiritual lives. The Archbishop has never claimed sainthood, and the Dalai Lama considers himself a simple monk. In this unique collaboration, they offer us the reflection of real lives filled with pain and turmoil in the midst of which they have been able to discover a level of peace, of courage, and of joy to which we can all aspire in our own lives.
Goodbye, things
Author: Fumio Sasaki
Publisher: Roca Editorial
ISBN: 8416867615
Year: 2017-05-18
View: 895
Read: 873
El nuevo fenómeno best seller en Japón. Un libro que sin dudas, apelará a los millones de lectores de Marie Kondo, en el que se argumenta que existe la felicidad verdadera detrás de un estilo de vida minimalista.
The Art Of Happiness At Work
Author: The Dalai Lama, Howard C. Cutler, Dalai Lama, Howard Cutler
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444713884
Pages: 300
Year: 2005-08-15
View: 1117
Read: 1255
Following the massive success of The Art of Happiness, the Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler now bring their bestselling message to our working lives. Of the many Dalai Lama titles on sale, The Art of Happiness – written with western psychiatrist Howard Cutler – is by far the biggest bestseller of them all. A huge international success, it has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, with nearly 300,000 of these in the UK alone. Now, this inspirational new book brings the successful East-meets-West pairing together again to provide a practical application of Tibetan Buddhist spiritual values to the world of work. In this wise and practical book, the Dalai Lama shows us how to place our working lives into the context of our lives as a whole. Rather than striving to find a role which suits us, we should allow our work to arise naturally from who we are – and what is most important to us. From here we reach a pathway that can lead us to true life fulfilment and purpose.
The Little Book of Hygge
Author: Meik Wiking
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241283930
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-09-01
View: 624
Read: 661
Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world. That's down to one thing: hygge. 'Hygge has been translated as everything from the art of creating intimacy to cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. My personal favourite is cocoa by candlelight...' You know hygge when you feel it. It is when you are cuddled up on a sofa with a loved one, or sharing comfort food with your closest friends. It is those crisp blue mornings when the light through your window is just right. Who better than Meik Wiking to be your guide to all things hygge? Meik is CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and has spent years studying the magic of Danish life. In this beautiful, inspiring book he will help you be more hygge: from picking the right lighting and planning a dinner party through to creating an emergency hygge kit and even how to dress. Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. He is committed to finding out what makes people happy and has concluded that hygge is the magic ingredient that makes Danes the happiest nation in the world.
El arte de la pareja
Author: Alejandra Llamas
Publisher: Grijalbo
ISBN: 6073133065
Year: 2015-08-17
View: 468
Read: 699
Estar o no en pareja es un concepto: lo ideal es crear una profunda capacidad de amarnos a nosotros mismos y amar a los otros, con libertad y conciencia. La exitosa autora Alejandra Llamas presenta un libro para encontrar nuestra realización a través de las relaciones humanas. ¿Cuál es el secreto de la vida en pareja? ¿Cuál es su propósito? ¿En verdad debemos vivir de esa manera? Y si es así, ¿qué hace a una relación feliz o funcional? Prólogo de Jaime Bayly Si nuestra elección es vivir en pareja, hay que vivirla para despertar espiritualmente, para lograr una evolución personal como seres humanos y para aprender lo que verdaderamente significa amar. Pero si decidimos no hacerlo, debemos saber alejarnos de concepciones que nos lastiman y nos hacen sentir inadecuados o desestabilizadores del sistema social. Estar o no en pareja es un concepto: lo ideal es crear una profunda capacidad de amarnos a nosotros mismos y amar a los otros, con libertad y conciencia. Extracto del prólogo: "Este nuevo libro de Alejandra Llamas es brillante, lúcido, valiente, cargado de sabiduría. Es un libro enormemente útil porque enseña cómo hacer las cosas bien y cómo no hacerlas mal en el arte de vivir en pareja; es un libro supremamente valiente porque se atreve, desde la razón, a refutar y desbaratar tantos prejuicios, tópicos, lugares comunes y cursilerías que en nada contribuyen a la felicidad; y es un libro sabio porque no le sobra una palabra y las ideas se exponen con una delicadeza, una sensibilidad y una precisión yo diría que artísticas." - Jaime Bayly

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