Written by: Edith Bleue

  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publish Date: 2009-06-01
  • ISBN-10: 9781438990163
  • ebook-drowning.pdf

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Book Summary

Everyday we're bombarded with news.. With problems.. With life.. It's hard to escape it, but we find a way to do so anyways.. We try and escape our lives.. And we drown ourselves in the world around us.. We drown ourselves in the news.. In celebrity gossip.. In movies.. Books.. Television.. And music.. We often find ourselves relating to the words of a song.. How the lyrics fit our life story.. How that song was written just for us.. And we drown ourselves in that fantasy world.. We drown in other peoples problems and also our own.. But never think of how to fix them, and finally escape... So for those who never had a father.. Or for those who never had a parent.. For those who got their hearts broken.. For those that sacrificed a great love.. For those who fell hard for the wrong person.. For those trying to deal with and get over a tragic heartbreak.. For those trying to figure themselves out.. For just everyday problems and worries.. Drown like I did in having to deal with them and cope with them.. But at the end of the day learn how to move on from them.. And never look back again.. So for now, drown yourself in your thoughts and mine.. Relate your life to mine.. Your problems and mine.. Worry about them.. Deal with them.. Figure those feelings out.. Figure out how to make things better for yourself.. Let all that anger out.. Let that hate and sadness fall out.. Let those hidden feelings come out.. Drown yourself in all of that for now.. But in the end, get that strength to find your own way to save yourself.. And no longer drown.. And to finally move on, and finally get out...

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