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Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0008196044
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-04-06
View: 1274
Read: 650
Learn how to write 250 of the commonest Chinese characters, with stroke by stroke guidance on every page. With thousands of characters to learn, beginning to read and write Chinese is a daunting task. Aimed at learners, this book takes you through 250 of the commonest characters in a clear and accessible way. The meaning of every character is explained along with information about its radical, the compound words it can form, its history, and more. There is a practice grid on every page, showing how the character is written, with space for you to practise writing the character for yourself. It is generally agreed that learners of Chinese need a working knowledge of about 100 characters in order to make themselves at all understood and to travel in China, so Easy Learning Chinese Characters is a great place to start.
Collins Mandarin Chinese Visual Dictionary
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008319944
Pages: 288
Year: 2019-03-07
View: 366
Read: 584
Use your senses to learn the most important words and phrases in Mandarin Chinese! With colourful images this attractive and practical guide to Chinese language and culture helps you find what you need quickly and easily. Also contains a Chinese-English and English-Chinese Index.
Periplus Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
Author: Philip Yungkin Lee
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 0794600433
Pages: 88
Year: 2002-09-15
View: 466
Read: 817
The Periplus Pocket Dictionary Series has been compiled by academics and translators experienced with the needs of beginners. These are the ideal dictionaries for students and travelers, covering all the words needed for everyday situations and travel basics without confusing abbreviations or dictionary terminology. Each handy, pocket-sized volume in this inexpensive series includes: * Bi-directional entries, both to and from English * 3,000+ entries in each language: all the most useful words for everyday communication * Both romanized forms and the authentic script are given where applicable * A brief guide to pronunciation allows the user to say the words correctly * General vocabulary appropriate to beginning and lower intermediate students * Different senses of the same word clearly distinguished by explanatory glosses * Clear layout and readable type
Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters Volume 1
Author: Yi Ren
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462919138
Pages: 128
Year: 2017-02-28
View: 822
Read: 535
Reinforce your written Chinese with this practice book for the best-selling Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters. Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters helps students quickly learn the basic Chinese characters that are fundamental to the language. Intended for self-study and classroom use, this character workbook presents 178 Chinese characters and over 534 common words using these characters. These are the characters and words students need to know if they plan to take the official Chinese government HSK Level 1 Exam or the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture Exam. Each character is presented in a very simple and clear way. A step-by-step diagram shows how to write the character, and boxes are provided for freehand writing practice. The meaning and pronunciation are given along with the key vocabulary compounds and an example sentence. Review exercises reinforce the learning process and an index at the back allow you to look up the characters according to their English meanings or romanized Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation. Key features of this Chinese workbook include: Designed for HSK Level 1 and AP exam prep Learn the 178 most basic Chinese characters Example sentences and over 534 vocabulary items Step-by-step writing diagrams and practice boxes
Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar
Author: Claudia Ross, Jing-heng Sheng Ma
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317805437
Pages: 404
Year: 2017-08-16
View: 1255
Read: 1302
Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar provides an innovative reference guide to Mandarin Chinese, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. The Grammar is divided into two parts. Part A covers traditional grammatical categories such as phrase order, nouns, verbs and specifiers. Part B is carefully organized around language functions and notions such as: Communication strategies Making comparisons Giving and seeking information Expressing apologies, regrets and sympathies The two parts of the Grammar are closely linked by extensive cross-references, providing a grammatical and functional perspective on many patterns. All grammar points and functions are richly illustrated with examples, with a strong focus on contemporary usage. Main features of the grammar include: Examples given in simplified characters, traditional characters and romanization (pinyin) Clear explanations and accessible descriptions Particular attention to areas of particular difficulty for learners of Mandarin Chinese Implementing feedback from users of the first edition of the Grammar, this second edition has been revised throughout to offer expanded explanations, examples, cross-referencing, and indexing and brand new chapters on aspect, resultative verbs, directional verbs and "ba" sentences. This is the ideal reference grammar for learners of Mandarin Chinese at all levels, from elementary to advanced. No prior knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed and a glossary of grammatical terms is provided. This Grammar is accompanied by the Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar Workbook (978-0-415-83488-9; available for separate purchase) which features related exercises and activities.
Practice Makes Perfect Basic Chinese
Author: Xiaozhou Wu, Feng-hsi Liu, Rongrong Liao
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071784268
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-10-24
View: 466
Read: 637
Offers lessons teaching basic Chinese grammar, high-frequency vocabulary, and sentence structures.
Collins School Dictionary
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 000753504X
Pages: 960
Year: 2014
View: 1253
Read: 245
Give yourself a head start! COLLINS SCHOOL DICTIONARY is the perfect companion for all students aged 10-14. With a clear design and in colour throughout, it is easy to use and full of useful features to help build language confidence and help with work and study.This new edition of COLLINS SCHOOL DICTIONARY has been developed with teachers to be the perfect tool for school work and homework. The clear layout makes finding entries exceptionally easy, and full definitions are given in simple language, often in complete sentences. With over 20,000 entries, many new or updated, it includes national curriculum vocabulary up to Key Stage 3 or 4 as well as general vocabulary for students aged 10+. A special supplement on spelling follows the main dictionary. It outlines key spelling rules and lists words that are commonly confused or misspelled, so it helps students to identify and master the trickiest spelling problems. This student-friendly dictionary is an invaluable reference for all school students.
Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0008119511
Pages: 640
Year: 2015-07-30
View: 580
Read: 1171
Fully revised and brought up to date. The easiest way to learn Chinese for students of all ages with the clearest layout and entry structure. Each Chinese word and translation has a Pinyin transcription as well as Chinese characters. Designed for anyone who is starting to learn Chinese. The dictionary covers everyday language in both Chinese and English, so you can be sure of having access to all the vocabulary you need. All English translations underlined, pinyin transcription of Chinese characters, and thousands of examples show you how to use the translation in context. Supplement gives practical guidance on communicating in natural Chinese, and on writing Chinese characters. Hundreds of helpful language notes throughout the dictionary text. Clear colour layout ensures that you can find what you want quickly and easily. Free online study material available www.collins.co.uk Other titles available in the Chinese range are Collins Chinese Dictionary and Grammar, Collins Pocket Chinese Dictionary and the Collins Gem Chinese Dictionary -- giving learners all the help they need in language learning.
Collins FLTRP English-Mandarin Chinese Dictionary
Author: Collins Dictionaries, Collins UK
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0008179786
Pages: 3104
Year: 2016-07-01
View: 617
Read: 331
Written for advanced learners and professionals working with English and Mandarin Chinese, this first edition celebrates a successful collaboration between the two well-known publishing houses of Collins and the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, together with an international team of linguists. It includes up-to-date coverage of everyday and technical vocabulary, with particular focus on specialist terminology in medicine and science. It offers around 150,000 usage examples based on Collins 4.5 billion word corpus, showing English as it is actually used in context. It contains biographical entries referring to people across all walks of life; hundreds of encyclopedic references with information about the most important events, customs and institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States; cultural notes cover all aspects of British and American life and culture; usage differences between British and American English, and notes that describe the most commonly-confused words in English. Phonetics are shown using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and irregular inflected forms of English words shown in full. Chinese speakers can access an app with English audio. A range of supplements include information on Differences between British and American English, English Prefixes and Suffixes, Weights & Measures, Chemical Elements, UK Traditional Counties & US States, Books of the Bible.
Chinese in a Flash
Author: Philip Yungkin Lee
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 146291537X
Pages: 48
Year: 2014-12-16
View: 1211
Read: 895
Chinese in a Flash Volume 4 continues to provide more resources for Chinese language students wishing to learn Chinese quickly and easily. This unique set of Chinese flash cards enables learners to acquire more Chinese words and their derivatives in an easy-to-use manner, at a pace to be set by the learners themselves. Common idiomatic expressions are widely distributed among the cards; learners who master these will come to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language by using a few words to say a thousand different things.
Easy Learning French Conversation (Collins Easy Learning French)
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008118825
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-05-07
View: 293
Read: 319
A unique guide to communicating in French. It will help you to find out more about French culture and to practise your spoken French with a free downloadable audio file.
Easy Learning
Author: Ping Makarsky, Robert Gray
Publisher: Ping Makarsky
ISBN: 1456416340
Pages: 290
Year: 2012-01-26
View: 813
Read: 489
"Easy Learning: Chinese Characters" is designed for English speakers or anyone who has a good command of the English language. Unlike Chinese speakers, English speakers are used to a phonetic writing system, that is-“what they read is what they hear”. When they see an English word, they expect its letters to tell them the pronunciation and recognize its meaning. Thus English speakers find Chinese characters to be too complicated and confusing because they cannot pronounce them easily. Without a phonetic system, they have to find the pronunciations through pinyin and then find the meaning. Therefore, English speakers think they need extra time to learn to connect the graphic shapes of Chinese characters with their pronunciation. So learning the Chinese language can seem like learning two different languages: one for listening and speaking, and the other for reading and writing. However, if you can master the methods of learning Chinese characters in this book, you will get twice the results with half the effort! "Easy Learning: Chinese Characters" can make your Chinese character learning process easy and fun! It is intended to be an intensive course book for English speakers who have just started to learn Chinese writing. Anyone who has pinyin as a foundation can study this book by themselves. This book has 86 lessons in total with detailed explanations of 550 basic Chinese characters and over 2400 Chinese words and phrases. This gives learners the foundation from which they can expand to read the 4000 basic Chinese characters. With basic knowledge of the evolutionary history of Chinese characters, learners will gain a brand new perspective and profound understanding during the learning process. Over 90% of the characters in "Easy Learning: Chinese Characters" are accompanied with pictures showing how the character evolved from its original shape to its current simplified form. Only less than 1% of the characters in this book may need to be memorized mechanically but even they are provided with vivid pictures to help remember them. All of the characters, words and phrases are provided with detailed pronunciation in pinyin. So all the lessons taught in this book should be easily mastered by new learners. All languages are connected. Chinese is similar to English in numerous ways. Pictophonetic characters make up over 90% of all Chinese characters. By mastering the rules of pictophonetic characters, one can read most of the characters. Chinese radicals (the part of a Chinese character which represents its meaning) are like English monograms. Monograms represent the meaning of words, for example, words containing "astro" are mostly related to stars. "Easy Learning: Chinese Characters" focuses on teaching you to master basic character forms including pictographic characters, self-explanatory characters and ideographic characters. These make up the foundation of all characters. This book references several Chinese language sources in order to provide precise and detailed explanations of each character. These sources include: The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, Advanced Chinese Characters Dictionary, Kangxi Dictionary and Shuowen Jiezi-Explaining Simple and Analyzing Compound Characters.With the help of "Easy Learning: Chinese Characters", learners will have the confidence to master Chinese reading and writing in a relatively short period of time.
Mandarin Chinese Characters Made Easy
Author: Michael L. Kluemper, Kit-Yee Nam Nadeau
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462917208
Pages: 216
Year: 2016-10-11
View: 545
Read: 747
This highly-visual book introduces an effective new method for learning Chinese characters using visual stimuli and pictographs. Learning the basic characters used to write even simple Chinese sentences can be a long and arduous process. Chinese Characters Made Easy makes the learning process fun and easy by presenting the 1,000 most common characters using a new mnemonic approach that associates each character with a memorable visual and verbal clue—making memorization easy. The character for person, for example, is superimposed over a sketch of a man representing "a person standing on two legs"—drawing the reader's attention to the distinctive shape of the character and associating the sketch with the character's meaning. The Chinese characters are presented in groups or clusters all sharing common elements and meanings, for context and ease of identification. These groups of characters all share common root symbols known as radicals, or relate to a particular theme or topic such as colors, numbers, animals, or body parts. Pronunciations, meanings and vocabulary compounds are provided for each character in the group. Key features of Chinese Characters Made Easy include: An introduction to the history and structure of the Chinese writing system 1,000 characters and over 3,000 words for beginning learners of Chinese This Chinese character book's visual approach is a powerful learning tool. It can be used by serious students and is entertaining and useful to general readers who are curious about how the Chinese writing system works and how it developed.
Oxford Chinese Dictionary
Author: Oxford Dictionaries,
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0199207615
Pages: 2064
Year: 2010-09-09
View: 571
Read: 334
The Oxford Chinese Dictionary offers authoritative and in-depth coverage of over 670,000 words, phrases, and translations. The foremost English-Mandarin Chinese bilingual dictionary available.
Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters
Author: Alison Matthews, Laurence Matthews
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 080483816X
Pages: 384
Year: 2007-08-15
View: 632
Read: 1114
Aimed at helping students of Chinese learn and remember Chinese characters, including the pronunciation of characters, fast and effectively, Learning Chinese Characters Volume 1 is a systematic study aid to this difficult language. Designed specifically to ease students into the daunting process of learning Chinese characters, Learning Chinese Characters Volume 1 incorporates the key principle of visual imagery. A book for serious learners of Chinese, it can be used alongside (or after, or even before) a course in the Chinese language. Concise, clear and appealing, this practical guide is well designed and includes an easy-to-use index.

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