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Spotlight on First
Author: Jon Naunton, John Hughes, Language Testing
Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub
ISBN: 1285849485
Pages: 240
Year: 2014
View: 177
Read: 1225
Spotlight on First is a fully comprehensive course that has been revised to be in line with the new Cambridge English exam specifications for January 2015. It prepares adults and younger learners to excel in the revised exam. An exciting new feature of this revised edition is the Ideas Generator. Test takers need to generate ideas to pass the Speaking and Writing papers of the exam. The Ideas Generator uses National Geographic videos to stimulate students' interest in common exam topics, help them build ideas about these topics and gather the language they need to effectively write or speak about them. After each video lesson students will have a bank of ideas, functional language and vocabulary tied to eight topics that commonly appear in the exam. One of the most difficult parts of the exam for students is the Speaking Test. The Speaking Test videos and worksheets prepare students to deal with this challenge by getting them to engage with simulations of all four parts of the Speaking test.
Spotlight on First FCE - Teacher's Book and Class Audio CDs
Author: Jon Naunton, John Hughes
Publisher: National Geographic Learning
ISBN: 1285849493
Pages: 184
Year: 2014-06-25
View: 213
Read: 598
Spotlight on First is a fully comprehensive course that has been revised to be in line with the new Cambridge English exam specifications for January 2015. It prepares adults and younger learners to excel in the revised exam.
Cambridge Preliminary English Test for Schools Trainer. Practice Tests Without Answers
Publisher: 思文閣出版
ISBN: 3125400430
Pages: 176
Year: 2012-02
View: 838
Read: 316

PET Result:: Student's Book
Author: Jenny Quintana
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0194817156
Pages: 128
Year: 2010-03-25
View: 672
Read: 245
Vibrant design with high-impact visuals keeps students motivated. Integrated dictionary skills work encourages independent study. Online Workbook features automatic marking and instant feedback, integrated dictionary definitions, grammar reference, exam tips, and more. Ideal for self-study. Includes access to one Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) and one Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools online practice test. Optional Learning Management System allows you to identify student weaknesses and strengths. Student's Book available with or without code for the Online Workbook. Workbook also available as a printed Resource Pack with MultiROM and a link to online practice tests. Suitable for PET for Schools exam.
Private Renaissance
Author: Maria Bellonci
Publisher: William Morrow
Pages: 462
Year: 1989
View: 1248
Read: 830
Sumptuous novel centering on the life of sixteenth-century Italian Isabella D'Este.
The Life and Times of Lucrezia Borgia
Author: Maria Bellonci
Publisher: Phoenix
ISBN: 184212059X
Pages: 343
Year: 1988
View: 596
Read: 316
Among the violent personalities of the High Renaissance, Lucrezia Borgia is chiefly remembered as a raven-haired poisoner.
Oxford Study Personal Dictionary Trainer
Author: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0194316815
Pages: 674
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 1277
Read: 343

Invitation to Biology
Author: Helena Curtis, N. Sue Barnes
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0879016795
Pages: 862
Year: 1994-02-15
View: 254
Read: 1009
This clearly written, accurate, and well-illustrated introduction to biology seamlessly integrates the theme of evolution while offering expanded, up-to-date coverage of genetic engineering, the immune response, embryological development, and ecological concerns.
Anicii Manlii Severini Boethii De Divisione Liber
Author: Boethius, Boèce, Professor & Chair of Centre for Medieval Studies John Magee, Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
Pages: 224
Year: 1998
View: 1167
Read: 640
This volume provides the first critical edition of Boethius' De divione. It includes extensive prolegomena, a facing-page English translation, and detailed commentary. It contributes to our understanding of the transitional phase between ancient and medieval thought.
Expert First Student's Resource Book with Key
Author: Nick Kenny
ISBN: 144798062X
Pages: 176
Year: 2015-06-04
View: 647
Read: 785
Extensive additional material in the format of a full-colour workbook, that enables students to consolidate and enrich their language and practice exam skills.
Spotlight on FCE exam booster. Workbook. Con DVD. Per le Scuole superiori
Author: Jon Naunton, John Hughes, Alastair Lane
Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub
ISBN: 1424016827
Pages: 168
Year: 2008
View: 1145
Read: 256
Spotlight on FCE prepares students to be fully aware of how the exam works and how to be ready to pass it. It consolidates and builds on essential areas of grammar and vocabulary. It also develops the speaking, reading, writing and listening skills required to pass. Spotlight on FCE also works well with the new online preparation course My FCE, which offers over 40 hours of additional test preparation.
Active English Grammar. A Practical Guide for Italian Learners
Author: Luisa Benigni, Eliana Giommetti, Ann Louise Schou Clarke
Publisher: Grammatiche
ISBN: 882038566X
Pages: 308
Year: 2018
View: 811
Read: 704

Headway Digital. Intermediate. Student's Book. Per Le Scuole Superiori
Author: John Soars, Liz Soars
ISBN: 0194755320
Year: 2010
View: 970
Read: 861

The Manual of Harmonics of Nicomachus the Pythagorean
Author: Nicomachus (of Gerasa.)
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
ISBN: 0933999437
Pages: 208
Year: 1994-01-01
View: 1265
Read: 996
In ancient Greek thought, the musical scale discovered by the philosopher Pythagoras was seen as a utopian model of the harmonic order behind the structure of the cosmos and human existence. Through proportion and harmony, the musical scale bridges the gap between two extremes. It encapsulates the most fundamental pattern of harmonic symmetry and demonstrates how the phenomena of nature are inseparably related to one another through the principle of reciprocity. Because of these relationships embodied in its structure, the musical scale was seen as an ideal metaphor of human society by Plato and other Pythagorean thinkers, for it is based on the cosmic principles of harmony, reciprocity, and proportion, whereby each part of the whole receives its just and proper share. This book is the first ever complete translation of The Manual of Harmonics by the Pythagorean philosopher Nicomachus of Gerasa (second century A.D.) published with a comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter commentary. It is a concise and well-organized introduction to the study of harmonics, the universal principles of relation embodied in the musical scale. Also included is a remarkable chapter-by-chapter commentary by the translator, Flora Levin, which makes this work easily accessible to the reader today. Dr. Levin explains the principles of Pythagorean harmony, provides extensive background information, and helps to situate Nicomachus' thought in the history of ideas. This important work constitutes a valuable resource for all students of ancient philosophy, Western cosmology, and the history of music.
Expert First 3rd Edition Coursebook for Audio CD Pack
Author: Jan Bell, Roger Gower
ISBN: 1408298961
Pages: 216
Year: 2014-08-04
View: 643
Read: 531
The Expert series provides rigorous exam training for high-achieving students while continuing to develop language awareness and communication skills. First Expert is an intensive course for students who are preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate in English examination and will prove to satisfy your students' practice needs and allow them to achieve their full potential.