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Dirty Genes
Author: Ben Lynch
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062698206
Pages: 384
Year: 2018-01-30
View: 296
Read: 888
Instant National Bestseller After suffering for years with unexplainable health issues, Dr. Ben Lynch discovered the root cause—“dirty” genes. Genes can be “born dirty” or merely “act dirty” in response to your environment, diet, or lifestyle—causing lifelong, life-threatening, and chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Based on his own experience and successfully helping thousands of clients, Dr. Lynch shows you how to identify and optimize both types of dirty genes by cleaning them up with targeted and personalized plans, including healthy eating, good sleep, stress relief, environmental detox, and other holistic and natural means. Many of us believe our genes doom us to the disorders that run in our families. But Dr. Lynch reveals that with the right plan in place, you can eliminate symptoms, and optimize your physical and mental health—and ultimately rewrite your genetic destiny.
Antiquity Echoes
Author: Rusty Tagliareni, Christina Mathews
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 1634509404
Pages: 304
Year: 2015-10-20
View: 501
Read: 1327
Antiquity Echoes is a guided tour of some of our nation's most compelling abandoned locations. With a wide spectrum of places covered, readers will be walking the dark halls of an abandoned mental asylum on one page and lost in the overgrowth of an abandoned theme park on the very next. With a focus on history and first-hand accounts by the author, Antiquity Echoes is far more than a collection of photography and text, it's an adventure story. Photographer Rusty Tagliareni spent years traveling the country documenting forlorn locations throughout the United States, sharing his deep passion for history and preservation and what has generated alliances with many historic societies and preservation organizations. What makes a place worth remembering? Antiquity Echoes ventures that this value derives from the lessons a place can teach us, even long after it has been of use. No matter how forgotten a place has come to be, underneath the overgrowth, cracked paint, and filth of ages, lie countless stories awaiting a sympathetic ear.
The Edge Effect
Author: Eric R. Braverman
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 1402722478
Pages: 294
Year: 2005
View: 923
Read: 945
The author, a leading figure in the practice of brain-body health care, and a frequent guest on national television, reveals the dramatic impact that proper brain nourishment can have on the quality of our lives. His key to longevity and well-being is balancing the brain's four important neurotransmitters. A simple test determines which of the four is dominant , and what can be done to maintain the right balance, by modifying the diet with both foods and natural supplements. Proven effective for thousands of patients in his practice, this groundbreaking approach will help the individual make the most of his or her life, free of the major illnesses (such as cancer and heart disease) and minor ailments as well. This could be as close to a fountain of youth as mankind will ever come, the truly scientific answer to how to reverse or prevent the debilitating effects of aging, including memory loss, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and Alzheimer's. It is a proven program to reverse and prevent aging that will be a must-have for all "baby boomers", by a leading figure in the medical field.
Feel Good Nutrigenomics
Author: Amy Yasko
Publisher: Neurological Research Institute
ISBN: 0991569105
Pages: 202
Year: 2014-02-24
View: 1200
Read: 230
We live in a society where we are stressed emotionally, financially, physically and exposed to a range of toxins in our environment. Combining underlying genetic susceptibility with these factors provides all the ingredients for a perfect health storm. By understanding where our weak points are located, or where the accidents are on our particular highway of life, it is possible to bypass those detours, accidents and breakdowns and chart a better Roadmap to Health. This book defines those steps needed to begin your own personal journey to health and wellness.
Genetic Bypass
Author: Amy Yasko
ISBN: 0975967436
Pages: 317
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 875
Read: 694

The Toxin Solution
Author: Joseph Pizzorno
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062427474
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-02-21
View: 1237
Read: 631
Eliminate avoidable toxins, mitigate the effects of those you can’t avoid, and enjoy a longer life with this essential health guide from a pioneer in integrative medicine, Dr. Joe Pizzorno—the author, teacher, practitioner, and founder of Bastyr University, the country’s first and largest fully accredited university of natural medicine. Dr. Joe Pizzorno is convinced that lifelong good health rests on two key determinants: your exposure to toxins and your ability to process them in your body. While lifestyle, diet, and genetics all play a major role in well-being, many symptoms of declining health and chronic disease are rooted in toxic overload—our exposure to a barrage of chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, and pollution that are the byproducts of modern life. While the human body has an innate capacity to detoxify, it cannot cope with the elevated levels of toxins we are exposed to today. Most alarmingly, this toxic overload has helped transform once rare diseases into epidemics affecting people of all ages. In The Toxin Solution, Dr. Pizzorno provides the proven detox and tailored methods he has developed to heal toxic overload and restore health in just eight weeks. With this essential guide you will learn how to: Avoid toxins in food and the products you use; Mend your gut and prepare for detox; Support your body in releasing the chemicals; Repair some of the damage toxins have caused. Fortunately, our bodies have a tremendous capacity for healing and recovery. With The Toxin Solution you will discover how releasing and avoiding toxins can help you to feel better today—and every day for the rest of your life.
Genetics Isn't Everything: How to Make Your 'g-E-N-E-S' Fit You
Author: Katherine S. Egan
ISBN: 1478790377
Pages: 346
Year: 2017-09-23
View: 838
Read: 996
With autoimmune illnesses increasing at alarming rates while most of the population is feeling fat, tired and depressed, this book will show you that genetics isn't everything. You do have control over your health despite what the medical community may have told you. It unveils the fascinating and relatively new science of epigenetics which proves that environment, food, lifestyle and daily toxin exposure can lead us toward health or illness depending on the decisions we make every day. While we may understand that working outside our passion is exhausting, facing a life with illness or even just a lack of energy is what really stops us from ever achieving our true potential. Katherine S. Egan, author, states, "I'm on a mission to spread hope. My passion is to help people understand that genetics isn't everything. Just because you have certain family traits and genes or certain diseases seem to run in your family - you're not destined to get the same illnesses or conditions as your ancestors. Katherine shares heart-wrenching, yet warming, stories about women who have taken health into their own hands and ultimately changed their lives with nutrition and self-care. A happy and healthy life, while not guaranteed to everyone, is within reach. You can change your health with nutrition and self-compassion. You can take your life back." From a young age Katherine intuitively avoided Styrofoam, plastic containers and microwaves without ever thinking she was destined to write, teach and become an internationally certified holistic health coach, helping others learn how to achieve an extraordinary and healthy life. She found her true calling when her beliefs were confirmed and validated at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Today she is an author and Internationally Certified Health Coach helping clients rediscover their path towards optimal health. As a half-centurion, Katherine S. Egan is living proof. While she shares stories of women who have suffered
Nutrition for a Better Life
Author: Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593505975
Pages: 220
Year: 2016-11-10
View: 261
Read: 408
The immense progress in the various fields of research in life sciences allows us to see the connection between nutrition and health in a different light. We can effectively improve our health and our quality of life by redesigning out diet on a scientific basis. Health will become the most decisive innovation-factor within the food industry. While in the previous 40 years convenience was the main source of value added, the greatest value added in the coming 20 years will derive from products with an additional benefit for our health. The food industry with its cutting-edge technology will play a decisive role in health-improvement for entire population groups. The scientifically-based nutrition for health will offer an effective and cost-saving personalized diet which in the future will prevent and administer to the acute and chronic diseases of the 21st century. "
Deep Nutrition
Author: Catherine Shanahan
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250113822
Pages: 512
Year: 2017-01-03
View: 163
Read: 781
A self-published phenomenon examining the habits that kept our ancestors disease-free—now with a prescriptive plan for “The Human Diet” to help us all live long, vital, healthy lives. Physician and biochemist Cate Shanahan, M.D. examined diets around the world known to help people live longer, healthier lives—diets like the Mediterranean, Okinawa, and “Blue Zone”—and identified the four common nutritional habits, developed over millennia, that unfailingly produce strong, healthy, intelligent children, and active, vital elders, generation after generation. These four nutritional strategies—fresh food, fermented and sprouted foods, meat cooked on the bone, and organ meats—form the basis of what Dr. Cate calls “The Human Diet.” Rooted in her experience as an elite athlete who used traditional foods to cure her own debilitating injuries, and combining her research with the latest discoveries in the field of epigenetics, Dr. Cate shows how all calories are not created equal; food is information that directs our cellular growth. Our family history does not determine our destiny: what you eat and how you live can alter your DNA in ways that affect your health and the health of your future children. Deep Nutrition offers a prescriptive plan for how anyone can begin eating The Human Diet to: *Improve mood *Eliminate cravings and the need to snack *Boost fertility and have healthier children *Sharpen cognition and memory *Eliminate allergies and disease *Build stronger bones and joints *Get younger, smoother skin Deep Nutrition cuts through today’s culture of conflicting nutritional ideologies, showing how the habits of our ancestors can help us lead longer, healthier, more vital lives.
Radical Medicine
Author: Louisa L. Williams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 159477935X
Pages: 712
Year: 2011-07-12
View: 558
Read: 1213
A “radical” approach to holistic healing that examines the root causes and cures for ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, and heart attacks • Offers cutting-edge detoxification and draining therapies to address the tremendous chemical onslaught of modern life • Explains the profound health problems caused by dental amalgams, vaccinations, antibiotics, cosmetics With the historic use of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, excessive courses of antibiotics, damaging childhood vaccines, and the many industrial pollutants and chemicals that have been spread into our air, water, and food over the past century, general holistic health guidelines are simply no longer adequate for most people. Only through radical measures--that is, getting to the true root or underlying cause of disease--can effective healing occur. In Radical Medicine, naturopathic physician Louisa Williams describes how to treat these and other modern-day “obstacles to cure,” in order to ensure against future degenerative disease and achieve the optimal health that is our birthright. Examining the many health problems triggered by dental amalgams and poor dentistry, Dr. Williams explains that our teeth are focal points for health issues that arise elsewhere in the body. She explores the impact of vaccinations, the excessive use of antibiotics, and the chemical-laden products used as health and beauty aids--which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks, and breast and other cancers--and provides information on cutting-edge detoxification treatments as well as drainage and nutritional therapies. A practical guide for practitioners and patients alike, Radical Medicine offers a wealth of holistic, natural therapies for overcoming what is poisoning us and our world so we can achieve optimal health and well-being.
AARP Clean, Green, and Lean
Author: Walter Crinnion
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118242432
Pages: 304
Year: 2011-12-19
View: 789
Read: 908
AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. In Clean, Green, and Lean, a renowned naturopathic doctor shows you how to get lean and be green while helping to save the planet. Now you can lose weight and be good to the environment, too—without starvation diets, calorie counting, complicated meal plans, or even having to exercise. Dr. Walter Crinnion, a naturopathic doctor and environmental medicine physician, shows you how to clean up your diet and clear out your body and home to eliminate unwanted pounds and toxins from your life. You'll be able to get rid of nagging health problems such as allergies and fatigue and enjoy greater energy and a greener planet. Clean, Green, and Lean: Shares an effective program to shed pounds and stay healthy by getting rid of toxins in your body and your life in just four weeks Combines losing weight with being good to the environment Can help reduce aches and pains, depression, and other health problems Is written by one of the country's foremost authorities on environmental medicine who has appeared on The View and other programs If you're serious about losing weight and safeguarding your health, follow the expert advice of Dr. Crinnion and start getting clean, green, and lean today.
The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs
Author: Nicolas Pineault
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976109124
Pages: 250
Year: 2017-11
View: 476
Read: 401
"Can you really feel years younger & make unexplained symptoms vanish with the click of a button? Investigative Health Journalist Nicolas Pineault used to believe so, but there is an overwhelming amount of independent scientific evidence linking electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies with increased risks of cancer, infertility, insomnia, and depression. This is a simple and unconventional book that will teach you exactly how to reduce your exposure to this new 21st-century pollution without going back to the Stone Age."--Publisher's description.
Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics in Functional Foods and Personalized Nutrition
Author: Lynnette R. Ferguson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439876819
Pages: 451
Year: 2016-04-19
View: 509
Read: 340
While functional foods have become a reasonably well-established concept, personalized nutrition is still treated with skepticism by many. The recognition that people would have different nutrient requirements, or perceive foods in different ways, raises several concerns—some real, some not so real. Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics in Functional Foods and Personalized Nutrition addresses what is needed to bring nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, and their associated technologies to market in a truly impactful way. Edited by Lynnette R. Ferguson, a well-known and internationally respected researcher, the book covers a wide range of issues, from the purely scientific to ethical, consumer-driven, and public health aspects. It takes a close look at gene–diet interactions and explores the ways in which studies on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics can help modulate disease risk in cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. Topics include regulatory challenges, genetic testing for consumers, data mining, transcriptomic analysis, and the role of science and health professionals in the commercialization of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. The book also examines industry–academia partnerships as a nexus between the science and its commercialization by the food industry. These partnerships will be an important determinant of what value the technologies bring, not only to the market but to the wider health and well-being of society. Exploring how nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics can help modulate disease risk, this timely book brings together stimulating, well-thought-out perspectives from established and emerging researchers. It provides valuable information on a subject that is becoming increasingly important for nutritionists, dieticians, and clinical professionals, as well as for the food industry and research community.
Author: Martin Kohlmeier
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0123859018
Pages: 396
Year: 2012-12-31
View: 568
Read: 856
Nutrigenetics: Applying the Science of Personal Nutrition provides a fully referenced, readable guide to understanding the rationale and importance of nutrigenetic applications and explains why single nutrition recommendations will not fit everybody or even a majority of modern humans. This books explains how genetic variation shapes individual nutrition requirements and sensitivities, presents questions to ask about reported gene-nutrient interactions, and what needs to be done before putting nutrigenetic tests to practical use. This book blends key concepts from the fields of genetics, biochemistry, epidemiology, public health, and clinical medicine to give a rich perspective on the genetically diverse nutritional needs and sensitivities of individuals in health and disease. A steadily increasing number of people order genetic tests to find out what they should eat for better health, well being and performance, and an even greater number asks their healthcare providers about such tests. Most of the currently offered tests are not grounded in current knowledge, often absurdly so, but few professionals can explain why they are misguided. On the other hand, there are more evidence-supported genetic variants that can guide nutrition decisions, but again most healthcare providers know little about them, much less use them in their daily practice. There is a great need for a solidly evidence-based yet accessible book that explains the science of nutrigenetics and provides the tools to evaluate new nutrigenetic tests. Comprehensive coverage of the emerging science of nutritional genetics and its promise for individually tailored nutrition guidance Presents practical examples to enhance comprehension and spur additional research Offers a logical progression from what nutrigenetics is, to its possibilities in enhancing health
MTHFR Mutations and Conditions They Cause
Author: Dan Purser
ISBN: 0989322947
Year: 2015-05-14
View: 352
Read: 1120
Learn what the MTHFR Gene mutation is and what conditions and symptoms there are that come from it. Learn how you can heal yourself from these conditions.

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