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Daß du ewig denkst an mich
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 364110047X
Pages: 304
Year: 2012-11-29
View: 1203
Read: 1307
Spannung, Nervenkitzel, schockierende Überraschungen - ein neues Meisterwerk des sanften Schreckens. Alles an Laurie Kenyon ist mysteriös. Ein Schock hat eine Persönlichkeitsspaltung ausgelöst. Und eine dieser Persönlichkeiten begeht einen Mord. "Eine professionell aufgebaute Handlung, deren Ende überrascht."PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
Weep No More My Lady
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743206169
Pages: 336
Year: 2000-05-25
View: 466
Read: 175
Elizabeth Lange has arrived at Cypress Point Spa in Pebble Beach, California, weary of heart and soul. Still grieving for her beloved sister, a famous actress who plunged to her death from her Manhattan penthouse, Elizabeth is determined to unearth the truth about how Leila died. Dashing multimillionaire Ted Winters stands accused of her murder, but Elizabeth has doubts. Along the windswept cliffs of the Monterey coast, in luxurious bungalows, between gourmet meals and beachfront walks, uneasiness stalks Elizabeth while she begins opening doors to the past. As glimpses of the dark truth about Leila's life and death -- and about Elizabeth herself -- start to crash against her mind, an ominous wave from an unexpected source threatens to engulf her entirely.
We'll Meet Again
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471103153
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-09-04
View: 182
Read: 800
Dr Gary Lasch is found dead at his desk. The murder stuns his elite Connecticut community - especially when his beautiful young wife, Molly, is arrested and charged with his murder. Six years later, on Molly's release from prison, she reasserts her innocence in front of reporters gathered at the prison gates. Among them is an old schoolfriend, Fran Simmons, who is currently working as an investigative reporter for a true crime television series. Determined to prove her innocence, Molly convinces Fran to research and produce a programme on Gary's death. Fran agrees, but in doing so, she has a second agenda - to learn the truth about her own father's suicide fourteen years earlier. Fran soon finds herself enmeshed in a tangled web of intrigue and menace - more deaths and more unanswered questions about Gary Lasch's death. As her investigation proceeds, there are those who know they must make a choice: face ruin, or eliminate Fran.
Musical Meaning
Author: Lawrence Kramer
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520928326
Pages: 344
Year: 2001-12-03
View: 357
Read: 1259
Lawrence Kramer has been a pivotal figure in the development of the controversial new musicology, integrating the study of music with social and cultural issues. This accessible and eloquently written book continues and deepens the trajectory of Kramer's thinking as it boldly argues that humanistic, not just technical, meaning is a basic force in music history and an indispensable factor in how, where, and when music is heard. Kramer draws on a broad range of music and theory to show that the problem of musical meaning is not just an intellectual puzzle, but a musical phenomenon in its own right. How have romantic narratives involving Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata affected how we hear this famous piece, and what do they reveal about its music? How does John Coltrane's African American identity affect the way we hear him perform a relatively "white" pop standard like "My Favorite Things"? Why does music requiring great virtuosity have different cultural meanings than music that is not particularly virtuosic? Focusing on the classical repertoire from Beethoven to Shostakovich and also discussing jazz, popular music, and film and television music, Musical Meaning uncovers the historical importance of asking about meaning in the lived experience of musical works, styles, and performances. Kramer's writing, clear and full of memorable formulations, demonstrates that thinking about music can become a vital means of thinking about general questions of meaning, subjectivity, and value. In addition to providing theoretical advances and insights on particular pieces and repertoires, Musical Meaning will be provocative reading for those interested in issues of identity, gender, and cultural theory. This book includes a CD of Kramer's own composition, Revenants: 32 Variations in C Minor, which he discusses in his final chapter.
Remember Me
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847395503
Pages: 304
Year: 2008-09-04
View: 740
Read: 652
Unable to forgive herself for the death of her two-year-old son Bobby in a car accident, Menley Nichols' marriage to Adam starts to fall apart- until the birth of their daughter Hannah. Determined to rebuild a life together around their precious baby, Menley and Adam decide to rent a house on Cape Cod for a month, confidant that the tranquility of the place will be ideal for Menley and little Hannah. But the peace they crave is disturbed when strange things start to happen- incidents which make Menley relive the horror of the accident in which she lost Bobby. . . incidents which make her fear for Hannah. And step by step, Menley and Adam are drawn into a dark and sinister web of events whcih threatens their marriage, their child and ultimately Menley's sanity.
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0731811801
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-11-29
View: 189
Read: 876
A popular guest at many of the town's finest homes, he particularly enjoyed participating in the sombre discussions about Martha's disappearance that still came up from time to time over the dinner table. 'I could tell you about it, every little detail,' he said to himself with a self-satisfied smile as he strolled the boardwalk, exchanging pleasantries with good friends he met along the way. 'But of course I won't. That's our secret: mine and Martha's.' In the gripping new novel from the Queen of Suspense, a young woman is haunted by two murders that are closely linked - despite the one hundred and ten years that separate them. Following the acrimonious breakup of her marriage and the searing experience of being pursued by an obsessed stalker, criminal defense attorney Emily Graham accepts an offer to leave Albany and work in a major law firm in Manhattan. Feeling a need for roots, she buys her ancestral home, a restored Victorian house in the historic New Jersey seaside resort town of Spring Lake. Her family had sold the house in 1892, after one of Emily's forebears, Madeline Shapley, then still a young girl, disappeared. Now, more than a century later, as the house is being renovated and the backyard excavated for a pool, the skeleton of a young woman is found. She is identified as Martha Lawrence, who had disappeared from Spring Lake over four years ago. Within her skeletal hand is the finger bone of another woman with a ring still on it - a Shapley family heirloom. In seeking to find the link between her family's past and the recent murder, Emily becomes a threat to a devious and seductive killer, who has chosen her as his next victim.
Mary Higgins Clark Omnibus
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Wings
ISBN: 0517162768
Pages: 944
Year: 2001
View: 328
Read: 1173
Contains three complete novels from the bestselling mystery writer.
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0731815955
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-11-29
View: 578
Read: 676
When Kerry McGrath- a smart, relentless prosecutor- takes her daughter to see a plastic surgeon following a car accident, she sees a woman in the surgery with a beautiful, hauntingly familiar face. On a subsequent visit, she sees the same face again- on a different woman. . . Suddenly she remembers: both woman look startlingly like Suzanne Reardon, the "Sweetheart Murder" victim whose husband, Skip, is now serving a life sentence for that murder. When Kerry starts asking questions, she discovers that just about everyone wants the case kept closed. Still she persists- but what she doesn't know is that it is already too late. Her puzzled queries have triggered a response and she is in great, growing danger.


Author: Sarah Crossan
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062118773
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-09-15
View: 641
Read: 534
Tippi and Grace share everything—clothes, friends . . . even their body. Writing in free verse, Sarah Crossan tells the sensitive and moving story of conjoined twin sisters, which will find fans in readers of Gayle Forman, Jodi Picoult, and Jandy Nelson. Tippi and Grace. Grace and Tippi. For them, it's normal to step into the same skirt. To hook their arms around each other for balance. To fall asleep listening to the other breathing. To share. And to keep some things private. Each of the sixteen-year-old girls has her own head, heart, and two arms, but at the belly, they join. And they are happy, never wanting to risk the dangerous separation surgery. But the girls' body is beginning to fight against them. And Grace doesn't want to admit it. Not even to Tippi. How long can they hide from the truth—how long before they must face the most impossible choice of their lives? Carnegie Medal–nominated author Sarah Crossan gives us a story about unbreakable bonds, hope, loss, and the lengths we will go to for the person we love most.
Beginners' German
Author: Max Walter, Carl Albert Krause
Pages: 237
Year: 1912
View: 457
Read: 997

Where Are The Children?
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847395570
Pages: 176
Year: 2008-09-04
View: 412
Read: 1324
Nancy Harmon has a new home, a loving husband and two beautiful children. The thing is, she's had all this before . . . Seven years ago she escaped from a volatile marriage and the devastating deaths of her first two children. Now, she's trying to start afresh. The accusations. The newspaper stories. The blame. That's all behind her. Or so she thinks. For someone has not forgotten. Somebody who is determined to bring the terror and the pain hurtling back. One cold morning, Nancy leaves her children to play outside - but when she returns, they have disappeared. With growing terror, she realises it has begun again . . .
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0731815920
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-11-29
View: 1168
Read: 1166
When Kay Lansing marries wealthy widower Peter Carrington, she is well aware of the rumours surrounding the mysterious death of Peter's first wife Grace, who was found floating in the family pool ten years ago, pregnant at the time. Kay also discovers that Peter is a chronic sleepwalker who suffers from periodic nightmares. When the police arrive at her doorstep with a warrant for Peter's arrest in connection with another murder - that of a woman Peter had escorted to a high school senior prom twenty-two years ago - Kay begins to fear that she has married a sleepwalking murderer, and she resolves to find out the truth behind the puzzling deaths. But are the two deaths linked? And why does a melody that Kay cannot identify keep playing in her head every time she approaches the family chapel?
Paul Sterne
Author: Cicely Powell
Pages: 320
Year: 1885
View: 214
Read: 970

Modern Languages for Musicians
Author: Julie Yarbrough
Publisher: Pendragon Press
ISBN: 0945193068
Pages: 499
Year: 1993
View: 1058
Read: 728
Using English as her starting point, the author introduces the International Phonetic Alphabet-the standard for pronunciation used by singers-and applies its symbols to the three languages essential to a study of vocal literature-German, Fre nch and Italian. The book is dedicated to a simplified grammatical approach which will ultimately enable all musicians to read treatises and journals, translate song texts, perform with understanding, and command the basic language skills of conversation.
Moonlight Becomes You
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847395554
Pages: 336
Year: 2008-09-04
View: 165
Read: 1326
Maggie Holloway is unsatisfied with the explanation for her former stepmother's death, and when the residents of a nursing home begin dying suddenly and inexplicably she becomes suspicious. It is only later that she realizes she herself is a target for a twisted killer.

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