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How to Be Happy All the Time
Author: Yogananda (Paramahansa)
ISBN: 1922161055
Pages: 119
Year: 2013
View: 501
Read: 440

Author: A. G. Howard
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1613121415
Pages: 432
Year: 2017-01-10
View: 321
Read: 951
This YA novel from New York Times bestselling author A. G. Howard marks the beginning of a new era for fans of the Splintered series. Rune Germain moves to a boarding school outside of Paris, only to discover that at this opera-house-turned-music-conservatory, phantoms really do exist. RoseBlood is a Phantom of the Opera–inspired retelling in which Rune’s biggest talent—her voice—is also her biggest curse. Fans of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the Splintered series will find themselves captivated by this pulse-pounding spin on a classic tale. Rune, whose voice has been compared to that of an angel, has a mysterious affliction linked to her talent that leaves her sick and drained at the end of every performance. Convinced creative direction will cure her, her mother ships her off to a French boarding school for the arts, rumored to have a haunted past. Shortly after arriving at RoseBlood conservatory, Rune starts to believe something otherworldly is indeed afoot. The mystery boy she’s seen frequenting the graveyard beside the opera house doesn’t have any classes at the school, and vanishes almost as quickly as he appears. When Rune begins to develop a secret friendship with the elusive Thorn, who dresses in clothing straight out of the 19th century, she realizes that in his presence she feels cured. Thorn may be falling for Rune, but the phantom haunting RoseBlood wants her for a very specific and dangerous purpose. As their love continues to grow, Thorn is faced with an impossible choice: lead Rune to her destruction, or save her and face the wrath of the phantom, the only father he’s ever known. A. G. Howard brings the romantic storytelling that Splintered fans adore to France—and an entirely new world filled with lavish romance and intrigue—in a retelling inspired by a story that has captivated generations. Fans of both the Phantom of the Opera musical and novel, as well as YA retellings such as Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, will devour RoseBlood.
Se solo potessi... creare relazioni efficaci
Author: Max Formisano, Davide Tambone
ISBN: 8863661294
Pages: 192
Year: 2013
View: 1095
Read: 201

The Prosperity Factor
Author: Jayant Hudar, Joe Vitale
Publisher: Jayant Hudar
ISBN: 0996446036
Pages: 384
Year: 2016-02-03
View: 389
Read: 964
Everyone wants prosperity in their life. Yet each one of us defines prosperity just a little bit differently. For some it's defined as financial abundance and wealth. For others, prosperity begins with perfect health or freedom. The Prosperity Factor is your guide to realizing your vision and personal dream of prosperity. In this one-of-a-kind book, more than 50 authors share their knowledge and experience on their path to attracting their ideal lives. The Prosperity Factor is a collection of stories from people all around the world who have attracted prosperity, abundance, and wealth into their lives. They join with bestselling authors, Joe Vitale and Dan Lok, as they share their stories, secrets, and life lessons on the path toward abundance, wealth, happiness, and financial freedom. It's your personal guide to achieving unlimited wealth in every area of your life. Join Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and star of the hit movie, The Secret, and learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking in your life to start attracting more income, a new career, better health, or loving relationships. The Prosperity Factor contains more than 50 life changing chapters including: Prosperity Attraction Made Easy: A Simple Way to Eliminate Doubts & Excuses The 6-Run Ladder of Wealth Gratitude and Big Dreams, The Foundation of Prosperity Destiny by You Money and Beliefs: Why Do You Settle for Less? Forward-In-Faith Be Your Authentic Self No Matter Where You Are How I Discovered the Secret to Explode the Full Power of the Law of Attraction You Were Born to Be Healthy Wealth from The Inside Out The Soul of Language Prosperity and The Body, Mind & Spirit Connection The Gifted Heart Overcoming Adversity The Prosperity Factor is your guide to fully embracing the life that you want to live. If you're ready for a major shift in your energy, mindset, and financial wellbeing, The Prosperity Factor offers new stories, explains new process, and shares simple steps that you can start taking today.
Networked Flow
Author: Andrea Gaggioli, Giuseppe Riva, Luca Milani, Elvis Mazzoni
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400755511
Pages: 117
Year: 2012-10-05
View: 422
Read: 1170
Identifying ‘networked flow’ as the key driver of networked creativity, this new volume in the Springer Briefs series deploys concepts from a range of sub-disciplines in psychology to suggest ways of optimizing the innovative potential of creative networks. In their analysis of how to support these networks, the contributing authors apply expertise in experimental, social, cultural and educational psychology. They show how developing a creative network requires the establishment of an optimal group experience in which individual intentions inform and guide collective goals. The volume represents a three-fold achievement. It develops a ground-breaking new perspective on group creativity: the notion of ‘networked flow’ as a bridging concept linking the neuropsychological, psychological and social levels of the creative process. In addition, the authors set out a six-stage model that provides researchers with a methodological framework (also by referring to the social network analysis) for studying the creativity traditionally associated with interpersonal contexts. Finally, the book includes perceptive analysis of the novel possibilities opened up by second-generation internet technologies, particularly in social networking, that seem destined to develop and sustain online creativity. As a wide-ranging exposition of a new direction in theoretical psychology that is laden with exciting possibilities, this volume will inform and inspire professionals, scholars and students alike.
The Holy Science
Author: Sri Sri Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri
ISBN: 8189535196
Pages: 168
Year: 2007-01-01
View: 641
Read: 850

The 22-Day Revolution
Author: Marco Borges
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698192079
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-04-28
View: 542
Read: 616
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER With a Foreword by Beyonce, and an Introduction by Dr. Dean Ornish A groundbreaking vegan program designed to transform your mental, emotional, and physical health in just 22 days. Founded on the principle that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, The 22-Day Revolution is a plant-based diet designed to create lifelong habits that will empower you to live a healthier lifestyle, to lose weight, or to reverse serious health concerns. The benefits of a vegan diet cannot be overstated, as it has been proven to help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, decrease blood pressure, and even reverse diabetes. As one of today’s most sought-after health experts, exercise physiologist Marco Borges has spent years helping his exclusive list of high-profile clients permanently change their lives and bodies through his innovative methods. Celebrities from Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, and Pharrell Williams, to Gloria Estefan, and Shakira have all turned to him for his expertise. Beyonce is such an avid supporter that she's partnered with Borges to launch 22 Days Nutrition, his plant-based home delivery meal service. Now, for the first time, Borges unveils his coveted and revolutionary manifesto, featuring the comprehensive fundamentals of starting a plant-based diet. Inside, you’ll find motivating strategies, benefits and tips for staying the course, delicious recipes, and a detailed 22-day meal plan. With this program, you will lead a healthier, more energetic, and more productive life—helping you to live the life you want, not just the one you have. From the Hardcover edition.
The Bhagavad Gita
Author: Yogananda (Paramahansa), Swami Kriyananda
Publisher: Crystal Clarity Pubs
ISBN: 1565892321
Pages: 124
Year: 2008
View: 764
Read: 1091
"One of the best-loved scriptures in the world, the Bhagavad Gita has been translated by many scholars and poets over thousands of years. This new version, rendered in modern english prose by Swami Kriyananda, is based on the interpretations of his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi." "The Gita is the heroic story of the battlefield counsel given by Krishna to Arjuna just prior to the start of a great war. Responding to Arjuna's moral dilemma over fighting against his beloved friends, family, and teachers, Krishna advises Arjuna on his duties as a warrior. Yogananda's insights reveal that The Gita is in fact a spiritual allegory, and that each character in the story symbolizes psychological traits and aspects of our own consciousness. As Arjuna looks upon the warriors on the battlefield, he is really facing his own inner battle between the forces of delusion and the forces of Spirit within. Krishna's advice to Arjuna on how to win the battle - using yogic tools of devotion, selfless service, and spiritual discrimination - gives each of us the guidance we need to move forward in dharma (right-action) in every material or spiritual test that life may bring."--BOOK JACKET.
Enabling Occupation II
Author: Elizabeth A. Townsend, Helene J. Polatajko
ISBN: 189543789X
Pages: 428
Year: 2013
View: 1153
Read: 1145

The Tools
Author: Phil Stutz, Barry Michels
Publisher: Random House Canada
ISBN: 0307360954
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-05-29
View: 1190
Read: 1078
A groundbreaking book about personal growth that presents a uniquely effective set of four tools that bring about dynamic change in the present and impart a greater understanding of the depth and complexity of the human condition over the longterm. The Tools addresses the most common complaint patients have about psychotherapy: the interminable wait for change to begin. Barry Michels, an LA-based therapist, was frustrated by his inability to bring his patients faster relief from the issues that plagued them. He found a mentor in Phil Stutz, a psychiatrist who years before devised a methodology that arose from a similar disenchantment. The traditional therapeutic model sets its sights on the past, but Stutz and Michels employ an arsenal of tools--exercises that access the power of the unconscious and effectively meet the most persistent problems people face--and the results are electrifying. Stutz and Michels are much sought-after--a recent profile in The New Yorker touted them as an "open secret" in Hollywood--and treat a high-powered and creative clientele. Their first work, The Tools transcends the typical self-help genre because of its paradigm-changing material, the credibility of its authors, and the instant appeal and empowerment of its message.
The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!
Author: Joe Vitale
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1410741168
Pages: 120
Year: 2003-04-01
View: 861
Read: 782
Can awareness make a difference? All around the globe, people are needlessly hurting without understanding the reasons why. While current conditions in our lives are largely responsible, most people aren't aware that other factors play a role as well. We are presented with many choices in life, some of them challenging. Our karmic patterns affect every aspect of our lives-from if and whom we marry, to decisions about our careers. Even split-second decisions can change the course of our lives and move us into unchartered territories. Karmic energy patterns Every moment of every day, energy patterns are shaping who we are and influencing our lives. The results can be positive or negative. In order to use karmic energy patterns to our full advantage, we must become aware of them and understand how they affect our lives. Would you like to find your own karmic patterns? Uncover the truth, wonder, joy, and purpose you came to experience. Destiny's Footprints offers insightful information on how to recognize karmic patterns-and release those thatdo not complement your life...Change those that move you away from yoiur divien right to have the most rewarding life possible. This is the first step toward finding your own personal truth and achieving success and happiness. With concrete suggestions and valuable information, this story unfolds with dramatic anecdotes from those whose day-to-day lives have been greatly transformed by relaizing that we all walk in destiny's footprints.
Environmental Education, Ethics & Action
Author: Bob Jickling
Publisher: UNEP/Earthprint
ISBN: 9280726560
Pages: 48
Year: 2006
View: 284
Read: 1228

How to Awaken Your True Potential
Author: Paramhansa Yogananda
ISBN: 1565892984
Pages: 168
Year: 2016-01-15
View: 152
Read: 192
Are you ready to discover the hidden resources of joy, love, and power within you? Paramhansa Yogananda, one of the best-loved spiritual teachers of modern times, offers step-by-step guidance to help you awaken your potential and to prepare you for the inner journey of awakening. You will discover the untold power that lies within, and learn how to take steps daily to live life with greater joy and meaning.
The Hermeneutics of the Subject
Author: Michel Foucault
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312425708
Pages: 566
Year: 2005-12-27
View: 163
Read: 325
A third collection of lectures at the Collge de France sheds new light on the concepts of the "self" and the "care of the self" have been conceived in ancient philosophy, beginning with Socrates, arguing that the problems of the ethical formation of the self form the foundation for modern conceptions of the self and contemporary moral thought. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
Affirmations for Self Healing
Author: J. Donald Walters
Publisher: Crystal Clarity Pubs
ISBN: 1878265407
Pages: 136
Year: 1992-01-01
View: 1146
Read: 670
A best-selling, practical guide for daily use of affirmations—statements of truth that one aspires to absorb into one's life—presented in a method designed to overcome deeply rooted, negative thoughts at the subconscious level. Contains 52 affirmations and prayers devoted to strengthening qualities such as will power, patience, good health, forgiveness, security, and happiness.

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