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Change on the Euphrates
Author: Annika Rabo
Pages: 222
Year: 1986
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Water Law and Cooperation in the Euphrates-Tigris Region
Author: Aysegul Kibaroglu, Adele Kirschner, Sigrid Mehring, Rüdiger Wolfrum
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9004258353
Pages: 438
Year: 2013-08-22
View: 246
Read: 637
With a special focus on normative questions of water governance in the relations between Iraq, Syria and Turkey, Water Law and Cooperation in the Euphrates-Tigris Region: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Approach examines different issues of management regarding these shared waters.
Early Urbanism on the Syrian Euphrates
Author: Lisa Cooper
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134261071
Pages: 336
Year: 2006-08-21
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Studying archaeological evidence from sites covering over 200 kilometres of the banks of the Euphrates River, Lisa Cooper's excellent monograph explores the growth and development of human settlement in the Euphrates River Valley of Northern Syria during the Early and Middle Bronze Ages from circa 2700 to 1550 BC. Cooper focuses on the nature and development of the urban politics that existed in the area during these periods and highlights two principal inter-related characteristics of the Euphrates Valley: the study of specific aspects of Euphrates culture, such as the nature of urban secular and religious architecture, mortuary remains, and subsistence pursuits, to underline the unique character of this region during the Early and Middle Bronze Ages the striking resilience of its cultural traditions over many centuries despite the political instability and environmental degradation. Including studies on the tribal background of the populations, the economy, the unique geography of the Euphrates, the ethnic and social structure of its inhabitants, and the influences of states surrounding it, this is a unique and invaluable resource for all students of archaeology and ancient history.
Rome on the Euphrates
Author: Freya Stark
Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN: 1848853149
Pages: 528
Year: 2012-07-17
View: 745
Read: 980
A detailed account of famed travel writer Freya Stark's journey through the Mediterranean
Environmental Change, Adaptation, and Security
Author: S. Lonergan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0792361202
Pages: 423
Year: 1999-12-31
View: 743
Read: 512
The papers collected here range from descriptions of environmental and health issues in Russia and Eastern Europe to models of sustainable land use. This diversity of perspectives on the environment and security is indicative of both the breadth of this new area of research as well as of the varied background of the researchers involved. The volume reflects the vitality of the topic.
OECD Studies on Water Water and Climate Change Adaptation Policies to Navigate Uncharted Waters
Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264200444
Pages: 112
Year: 2013-09-02
View: 426
Read: 262
This publication sets out the challenge for freshwater in a changing climate and provides policy guidance on how to navigate this new "waterscape".
Water Scarcity, Climate Change and Conflict in the Middle East
Author: Christopher Ward, Sandra Ruckstuhl
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1786721309
Pages: 368
Year: 2017-06-30
View: 1264
Read: 1213
The countries that make up the MENA region display wide diversity. One of the poorest countries in the world sits alongside two of the wealthiest, whilst the region’s natural resources range from immeasurable oil and gas reserves to some of the scantiest natural endowments anywhere in the world. Yet through this diversity runs a common thread: water scarcity. Now, through the impact of human development and climate change, the water resource itself is changing,bringing new risks and increasing the vulnerability of all those dependent on water. Chris Ward and Sandra Ruckstuhl assess the increased challenges now facing the countries of the region, placing particular emphasis on water scarcity and the resultant risks to livelihoods, food security and the environment. They evaluate the risks and reality of climate change in the region, and offer an assessment of the vulnerability of agriculture and livelihoods. In a final section, they explore the options for responding to the new challenges, including policy, institutional, economic and technical measures.
Agricultural Changes at Euphrates and Steppe Sites in the Mid-8th to the 6th Millennium B.C.
Author: Dominique De Moulins
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited
Pages: 192
Year: 1997
View: 198
Read: 841
This study investigates questions about the nature and extent of early agriculture, by examining plant remains recovered from several sites. Chapters look at evidence, or lack of evidence for intensification of food gathering, reconstruction of the past environment of the study region, and the archaeobotanical data from the three main sites investigated: Cafer Hoyuk in southeast Turkey, Abu Hureya in noethern Syria, both on the Euphrates, and a steppe site in the El Kowm basin in Syria. Moulin concludes that the data can only offer tentative evidence for intensification of agricultural activity, but regional differences were clearly visible.
Memoir on the Euphrates Valley route to India
Author: Sir William Patrick Andrew
Pages: 267
Year: 1857
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Rise the Euphrates
Author: Carol Edgarian
ISBN: 0985180749
Pages: 292
Year: 2015-02-24
View: 548
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An international bestseller, now available in this twentieth-anniversary revised edition, Rise the Euphrates reaches back to 1915, when nine-year-old Casard witnesses the massacre of her family during the Armenian genocide. Casard emigrates to America to put the unspeakable past behind her; yet as the years pass and her only daughter, Araxie, marries outside the clan, making her husband and their children odar-outsiders-the rift between mother and daughter threatens once again to tear the family apart. It falls to Seta, the novel's lyrical narrator and Casard's granddaughter, to alter her family's legacy. "The daughter assumes what is unfinished in her mother's life," Seta learns. Caught between the generations, and between the American and Armenian cultures in her Connecticut town, Seta confronts the fiercest division: the one within herself. The wisdom she gains frees the next generation in Carol Edgarian's stunningly original and groundbreaking novel. PRAISE FOR RISE THE EUPHRATES "This is a book whose generosity of spirit, intelligence, humanity and finally ambition are what literature ought to be and rarely is today - daring, heartbreaking and affirmative, giving order and sense to our random lives." -Washington Post Book World "Edgarian's sumptuous writing and uncommon wisdom about the human spirit and its maiming seep into a reader's heart, refusing to leave. This is a stunning debut, a book that will doubtless haunt its readers as it beguiles them." -The Miami Herald ..".Vivid, chilling...RISE THE EUPHRATES' richly drawn characters and the haunted voice of the narrator will long remain in readers' memories." -ROBERT STONE "How often do you get to read a book that captures you so entirely and deeply that it controls your days, measures them out and defines them by how long it will be before you can get to your next night's reading? RISE THE EUPHRATES is on of these rare treasures: a work of power, grace, beauty and exquisite tenderness. This book goes beyond the reading experience; it reminds you of your own hopes and terrors. RISE THE EUPHRATES will live for a long, long time in the manner of Wallace Stegner's "Angle of Repose" and Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird." -Rick Bass "A novel of extraordinary compassion, it's also a dead-on view of assimilation and the American experience." -Phoenix Gazette "The writing is so good it can raise the hairs on your neck." -Elizabeth Berg, Mademoiselle "To the list of well-wrought generational sagas-John Steinbeck's East of Eden, Alex Haley's Roots, and Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club-add [Carol Edgarian's] powerful first novel, RISE THE EUPHRATES." -Seattle Post-Intelligencer "Few first novels are as deeply felt, yet so clearly communicative, as this one. It touches universals while powerfully evoking the everyday world in which we cope within our families with past, present and future. . . . Edgarian's novel has literary award written on every page." -The San Diego Union-Tribune "RISE THE EUPHRATES is an important, powerful, poignant novel. . . . Carol Edgarian's prodigious talents as a storyteller, her ability to account what there was and was not for these Armenian Americans, should not be missed." -Don Lee, Ploughshares "RISE THE EUPHRATES packs an emotional wallop." -Elle "Where is Armenia today? . . . One could almost say that Armenia persists in Carol Edgarian's prose." -New York Times Book Review "A beautiful and generous book." -Chicago Tribune "One of the summer's Best Reads!" -Vogue
The Dublin University Magazine
Year: 1858
View: 1094
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The expedition for the survey of the rivers Euphrates and Tigris
Author: Francis Rawdon Chesney
Year: 1850
View: 476
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The Dublin University Magazine A Literary and Political Journal  VOL.LI.January to June,1858
Author: The Dublin University Magazine A Literary and Political Journal VOL.LI.January to June,1858
Year: 1858
View: 818
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