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Cauchemar génétique
Author: Douglas Preston
Publisher: Archipel
ISBN: 2809808538
Pages: 506
Year: 2011-05-04
View: 1298
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Le docteur Guy Carson est flatté quand Gene Dyne, le patron de son laboratoire, l'informe qu'il a été choisi pour rejoindre le laboratoire du mont du Dragon, dans le désert de Jornada au Nouveau-Mexique. S'il parvient à isoler le virus de la grippe, Gene Dyne pourra se vanter d'avoir sauvé des millions de vies humaines et, accessoirement, s'assurer une immense fortune. Mais la thérapie génique n'est pas sans danger. Carson va découvrir que les manipulations de ses collègues ont entraîné la mutation du virus, devenu maintenant aussi dangereux qu'une bombe atomique. En outre, toute l'équipe de recherche commence à devenir dangereusement paranoïaque...
L'année de la fiction ... polar, S.-F., fantastique, espionnage
Year: 2006
View: 374
Read: 839

A Midsummer Night's Scream
Author: R. L Stine
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 125002434X
Pages: 249
Year: 2013-07-02
View: 1260
Read: 193
Decades after the filming of a horror movie is halted in the wake of three actor deaths and rumors about a haunted set, Claire, the daughter of a failing studio head, helps with a production on the same site and pursues a relationship with her crush before a series of accidents threaten their ambitions. By the author of the best-selling Fear Street series.
Mount Dragon
Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812564375
Pages: 512
Year: 1997
View: 1088
Read: 264
Guy Carson, a brilliant researcher at GeneDyne, is delighted when he is transferred to Mount Dragon, the company's high-security genetic engineering lab, until he discovers that scientists there have concocted a killer virus that threatens all humankind. Reissue.
Perfect People
Author: Peter James
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466845414
Pages: 460
Year: 2013-09-01
View: 769
Read: 553
In Peter James' Perfect People, when a young couple learn they are both carriers of a gene likely to give their children a rare genetic disease, they visit a secret clinic for a ‘designer baby.' But it does not all work out as planned... After the death of their four-year-old son from a rare genetic disorder, John and Naomi Klaesson learn that if they have another baby there's a high risk the same thing will happen. Desperate to avoid going through the pain of losing another child, the couple visit a clinic located on a converted cruise ship in international waters, free from any legal restraints, run by a maverick geneticist, Dr. Leo Dettore. For $400,000, they can choose all the genes of their child—literally have a designer baby. However, they don't want half the choices on offer, they just want a healthy child. Dettore tells them that if they don't do all they can, they will risk their child being born in a genetic "underclass" because so many parents will be enhancing theirs... On returning home to LA, their first shock is that instead of being pregnant with the son they wanted, Naomi finds she is having twins. When John, drunk, admits to a journalist they are having a designer baby, it gets into the press and they start to be hunted by a group of religious fanatics who are violently against tampering with nature or God's will.... They flee to the UK to get away, and John takes up a research post in Sussex. The kids are born a boy and girl, and very soon he and Naomi realise they are not just bright, they are unnervingly intelligent—even at a few years old already smarter than their parents in many ways. The teacher asks them to take them out of school as they frighten other children. One morning, John finds they have killed and postmortemed their pet guinea pigs, and they don't understand why he is angry at them. So far as they were concerned, they were doing research.
Author: Robin Cook
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101207396
Pages: 544
Year: 2007-08-07
View: 859
Read: 930
New York City medical examiners Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton return in this stunning new novel from the ?master of the medical thriller? (New York Times)?a ripped-from-the-headlines tale of an innovative doctor?s dangerous downward spiral. From the Paperback edition.
Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759525188
Pages: 432
Year: 2001-07-01
View: 231
Read: 339
IN 1695, a notorious English pirate buried his bounty in a maze of booby-trapped tunnels on an island off the coast of Maine. In three hundred years, no one has breached this cursed and rocky fortress. Now a treasure hunter and his high-tech, million-dollar recovery team embark on the perfect operation to unlock the labyrinth's mysteries. First the computers fail. The then crewmen begin to die. The island has guarded its secrets for centuries, and it isn't letting them go--without a fight.
Dance of Death
Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759513937
Pages: 624
Year: 2005-06-01
View: 218
Read: 1278
Two brothers. One a top FBI agent. The other a brilliant, twisted criminal. An undying hatred between them. Now, a perfect crime. And the ultimate challenge: Stop me if you can...
The Girl on the Stairs
Author: Louise Welsh
Publisher: John Murray
ISBN: 1848546491
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-08-02
View: 793
Read: 982
Jane Logan is a stranger to Berlin and she finds the city alive and echoing with the ghosts of its turbulent past. At six months pregnant, she's instructed by her partner Petra to rest and enjoy her new life in Germany. But while Petra is out at work, Jane begins to feel uneasy in their chic apartment. Screams reverberate through the walls, lights flicker in the derelict building that looms over the yard, a shadow passes on the stairs . . . Jane meets a neighbour's daughter, a girl whose life she tries to mend, but her involvement only further isolates her. Alone and haunted, Jane fears the worst . . . but the worst is yet to come. Louise Welsh, the acclaimed author of The Cutting Room, delivers another masterful suspense novel. The Girl on the Stairs is a powerful psychological thriller packed with twists and turns to keep you reading well into the night. Read it, or be left in the dark.
Bred to Kill
Author: Franck Thilliez
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0143127993
Pages: 376
Year: 2015-12-29
View: 202
Read: 174
In the shocking sequel to runaway international bestseller Syndrome E, Lucie Henebelle and Inspector Sharko have reunited to take on the case of the brutal murder of Eva Louts, a promising graduate student who was killed while working at a primate research centre outside Paris. But what first appears to be a vicious animal attack soon proves to be something more sinister. What was Eva secretly researching? Could she be on the track of three fanatical scientists who control a 30-thousand-year-old virus with plans to unleash it into the world?
Author: Linda Joy Singleton
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 042517302X
Pages: 182
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 452
Read: 275
The first in a new adult series, "Regeneration" follows the lives of five cloned children who are part of a DNA experiment to create perfect people. But when the mastermind deems them a failure, they must band together to escape destruction.
I was Dora Suarez
Author: Derek Raymond
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 185242799X
Pages: 201
Year: 2008
View: 660
Read: 444
After a psychopath brutally kills young Dora Suarez and, on the same night, Felix Roatta, the owner of the seedy Parallel Club is murdered, a sergeant with the Metropolitan Police becomes obsessed with the deaths and believes the two killings may be related.
Cold Vengeance
Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 044657600X
Pages: 368
Year: 2011-08-02
View: 1214
Read: 167
Devastated by the discovery that his wife, Helen, was murdered, Special Agent Pendergast must have retribution. But revenge is not simple. As he stalks his wife's betrayers--a chase that takes him from the wild moors of Scotland to the bustling streets of New York City and the darkest bayous of Louisiana--he is also forced to dig further into Helen's past. And he is stunned to learn that Helen may have been a collaborator in her own murder. Peeling back the layers of deception, Pendergast realizes that the conspiracy is deeper, goes back generations, and is more monstrous than he could have ever imagined--and everything he's believed, everything he's trusted, everything he's understood . . . may be a horrific lie.
Trust No One
Author: Paul Cleave
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476779171
Pages: 352
Year: 2015-08-04
View: 828
Read: 593
"Jerry Grey is known to most of the world by his crime writing pseudonym, Henry Cutter--a name that has been keeping readers at the edge of their seats for more than a decade. Recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at the age of forty-nine, Jerry's crime writing days are coming to an end. His twelve books tell stories of brutal murders committed by bad men, of a world out of balance, of victims finding the darkest forms of justice. As his dementia begins to break down the wall between his life and the lives of the characters he has created, Jerry confesses his worst secret: the stories are real. He knows this because he committed the crimes"--
Crimson Shore
Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 1455525936
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-11-10
View: 660
Read: 1319
A secret chamber. A mysterious shipwreck. A murder in the desolate salt marshes. A seemingly straightforward private case turns out to be much more complicated-and sinister-than Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast ever could have anticipated. Pendergast, together with his ward Constance Greene, travels to the quaint seaside village of Exmouth, Massachusetts, to investigate the theft of a priceless wine collection. But inside the wine cellar, they find something considerably more disturbing: a bricked-up niche that once held a crumbling skeleton. Pendergast and Constance soon learn that Exmouth is a town with a very dark and troubled history, and this skeleton may be only the first hint of an ancient transgression, kept secret all these years. But they will discover that the sins of the past are still very much alive. Local legend holds that during the 1692 witch trials in Salem, the real witches escaped, fleeing north to Exmouth and settling deep in the surrounding salt marshes, where they continued to practice their wicked arts. Then, a murdered corpse turns up in the marshes. The only clue is a series of mysterious carvings. Could these demonic symbols bear some relation to the ancient witches' colony, long believed to be abandoned? A terrible evil lurks beneath the surface of this sleepy seaside town-one with deep roots in Exmouth's grim history. And it may be that Constance, with her own troubled past, is the only one who truly comprehends the awful danger that she, Pendergast, and the residents of Exmouth must face . . .

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