Aquaman 2 The Others The New 52 Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401242952
Pages: 160
Year: 2013
View: 191
Read: 1325
When the Black Manta targets the former members of the Others, guardians of six powerful Atlantean artifacts, Aquaman and his former teammates fight back.
Justice League 3
Author: Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401246982
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 631
Read: 222
When Atlantis attacks the East Coast, flooding many of its major cities, the Justice League and Aquaman unite to stop the devastation.
Aquaman and the Others
Author: Dan Jurgens, Allen Martinez
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 1401253318
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-06
View: 1237
Read: 469
"Aquaman created by Paul Norris; The Others created by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado."
Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others (The New 52)
Author: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401245684
Year: 2013
View: 636
Read: 871
Long before the King of the Seven Seas joined the Justice League, Aquaman was a part of another super-team: The Others. These young costumed adventurers traveled the globe, each trying to find their own individual road to redemption. Six years later after a grisly murder, The Others are reunited. They know only one man could be responsible: Black Manta. Aquaman must lead the charge to stop his arch-nemesis, but will the years have fractured The Others just enough to keep them from bringing this villain to justice? By the critically acclaimed creative team behind BLACKEST NIGHT Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, AQUAMAN VOLUME 2: THE OTHERS is the heart-stopping heart stopping follow up to the #1 New York Times best-selling AQUAMAN VOLUME 1: THE TRENCH. This volume collects issues #7-13, as well as the special #0 issue.
The Trench
Author: Geoff Johns, Joe Prado, Ivan Reis
Publisher: Dc Comics
ISBN: 140123710X
Pages: 144
Year: 2013-05-21
View: 1166
Read: 1303
When a terrifying new threat emerges from the black abyss miles below the surface of the ocean, Aquaman must defeat the creatures of the trench in order to save humanity.
Aquaman Vol. 4: Death of A King (The New 52)
Author: Geoff Johns
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401252125
Year: 2014-05-20
View: 1182
Read: 1253
Unfolding out of the events of "THRONE OF ATLANTIS" comes a mystery that sends Aquaman to the ends of the Earth to solve an ancient murder--one that will reveal a horrific truth about Arthur Curry and threaten those closest to him today. Also, as the Scavenger compiles more Atlantean weaponry and artifacts, Aquaman enlists the aid of The Others to help find one missing relic in the Southwestern United States before his enemies can get to it and possess untold power. Collects issues #17-19, #21-25 of the monthly series.
Aquaman Vol. 5: Sea of Storms (the New 52)
Author: Jeff Parker
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401254403
Pages: 208
Year: 2015-07
View: 361
Read: 854
The "Sea of Storms" story arc begins with the debut of new Aquaman writer Jeff Parker (BATMAN 66)! The Earth's crust is grinding to life, releasing deadly volcanoes and bizarre creatures ... so humanity's first instinct is to blame Atlantis! And as the plates pull apart, the pressures of ruling a kingdom under siege are weighing on Aquaman and Mera as well! Collects Aquaman #26-31, Aquaman Annual #2 and Swamp Thing #32.
Aquaman and the Others Vol. 1: Legacy of Gold
Author: Dan Jurgens, John Ostrander
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401257860
Pages: 176
Year: 2015-01-27
View: 1294
Read: 994
Spinning out of AQUAMAN, the King of Atlantis re-joins his first team—years before he even met his super-powered allies in the Justice League—The Others. With strange powers, abilities and mysterious origins, The Prisoner, Ya'Wara, and The Operative unite with Aquaman after they find themselves targeted by an unknown foe that wants their Atlantean artifacts! This new dynamic new series is written by Dan Jurgens (DEATH OF SUPERMAN) and illustrated by Lan Medina (FABLES). Collects AQUAMAN #20, AQUAMAN ANNUAL #1 and AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS #1-5.
Aquaman Vol. 2: Black Manta Rising (Rebirth)
Author: Dan Abnett
ISBN: 1401272274
Pages: 216
Year: 2017
View: 710
Read: 675
"Aquaman's investigation into the mysterious Atlantean terrorist attacks on the surface is cut short when Black Manta taps his newfound weapons cache and unleashes an unstoppable weapon upon the undersea kingdom: a relentless behemoth from the deep that lays waste to anything in its path. In this brand new series by fan-favorite writer Dan Abnett (TITANS HUNT) and all-star penciller Brad Walker (SINESTRO), Arthur Curry continues his blood feud with his most dangerous enemy."--
Aquaman Vol. 7: Exiled
Author: Cullen Bunn
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401269648
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-04-26
View: 467
Read: 199
A startling new look and direction for Aquaman! Two worldsÑtwo empiresÑoccupying the same space. The magic that once separated them is fading fast. Now, with the shadow world of Thule threatening to consume Atlantis, Earth, and beyond, only AtlantisÕ king, the hero known as Aquaman, can stop the invasion. But Aquaman soon discovers thereÕs far more to Thule and its inhabitants than meets the eye. When he refuses to carry out his mission and destroy the invading world, heÕs branded a traitor by both his kingdom and his Queen, Mera. Exiled and on the run from his reigning consort and AtlantisÕ mightiest hunters, AquamanÑnow exhibiting an array of all-new powersÑmust act alone in trying to stop Thule from obliterating everything he holds dear. But even if he succeeds, how will the exiled king ever be able to reconcile with his cityÉor a fiercely determined Mera? From writer Cullen Bunn (SINESTRO, LOBO) and artists including Trevor McCarthy (BATWOMAN, KLARION) and Vicente Cifuentes (BATGIRL, BIRDS OF PREY), AQUAMAN VOL. 7: EXILED collects AQUAMAN #41-48 and DC SNEAK PEEK: AQUAMAN #1.
Aquaman by Geoff Johns Omnibus
Author: Geoff Johns
ISBN: 1401285465
Pages: 728
Year: 2018-12-18
View: 536
Read: 1239
Prepare for the highly anticipated Aquaman feature film with this Omnibus featuring award-winning author Geoff Johns' groundbreaking stories in hardcover format! Arthur Curry is a man of two worlds. Six years ago he was a surface dweller, raised as the son of a lighthouse keeper. Then tragedy struck. Destiny was revealed. And young Arthur Curry claimed his birthright: the Throne of Atlantis. But his reign was brief. When darkness threatened the surface world, he rose to meet it. As Aquaman, he joined the team of heroes called the Justice League, leaving the rule of his kingdom behind. But even underwater, the past will not stay buried. A sinister force is pushing Aquaman's two worlds to the brink of war, with the fate of the planet in the balance. If Arthur does not reclaim his throne, the throne may well claim his life... DC Entertainment president & chief creative officer Geoff Johns re-teams with Green Lantern collaborator Ivan Reis in this oversize omnibus collection featuring Johns' critically acclaimed run. Collects Aquaman #0-25, #23.1, #23.2, Justice League #15-17.
Aquaman by Peter David Book One
Author: Peter David
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401286216
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-02-13
View: 192
Read: 1261
Re-experience the beginning of Peter David's iconic run on Aquaman, which shaped the life of Atlantis' most famous citizen for years to come, in AQUAMAN BY PETER DAVID BOOK ONE. Here begins Arthur Curry's recollection of the epic journey that led him to become the mythical superhero we know as Aquaman. Since his dramatic debut in the 1940s, Aquaman has gone from admired hero to legendary icon. Able to breathe in both air and water, the King of the Seven Seas has fought villainy from the deepest depths of the oceans to the outer limits of the galaxy. He is unquestionably one of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen, but his rise to power was not easy. Collects AQUAMAN: TIME AND TIDE #1-4 and AQUAMAN #0-8, as well as a new introduction by Peter David.
Aquaman Vol. 3 (Rebirth)
Author: Dan Abnett
ISBN: 1401271499
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-08-22
View: 355
Read: 913
A part of DC Universe Rebirth, the adventures of the King of the Seven Seas continue in AQUAMAN VOL. 3! Aquaman's mission to unite the sea and surface has taken a great leap forward. But N.E.M.O.--the secret terrorist organization--has other ideas. Black Manta deploys the agents of this nefarious organization to provoke hostilities between Atlantis and America. The Deluge--the prophesied, all-out global war--is about to begin... It's up to Aquaman to uncover proof of N.E.M.O.'s deception before the two nations destroy each other! With writer Dan Abnett (TITANS HUNT) and the art team of Phillipe Briones (NEW SUICIDE SQUAD) and Brad Walker (SINESTRO) at the helm, the King of Atlantis faces his gravest challenge yet in AQUAMAN VOL. 3! Collects AQUAMAN #11-16.
Brightest Day Vol. 3
Author: Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401236006
Year: 2012-09-18
View: 973
Read: 1295
Comics hottest writer Geoff Johns (BLACKEST NIGHT, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH) joins with Peter J. Tomasi(GREEN LANTERN CORPS) to continue the biggest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT. They are joined by artists Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason and Ardian Syaf on the follow-up to the best selling comics event of 2009. Once dead, twelve heroes and villains were resurrected by a white light expelled deep within the center of the earth. Now, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Deadman, Jade, Osiris, Hawk, Captain Boomerang and Zoom must discover the mysterious reason behind their return and uncover the secret that binds them all. In this third volume, Hawkman and Hawkgirl pay a visit to the Star Sapphires, but with the Hawks' connection to the cosmic corps, it looks like this meeting may end in bloodshed. And more even more blood may be drawn as Captain Boomerang hunts down Deadman and Dove!
Aquaman: Sub-Diego
Author: Will Pfeifer
Publisher: DC
ISBN: 1401260241
Year: 2015-07-14
View: 747
Read: 1108
The unthinkable has happened to the city of San Diego, California: a huge earthquake has sank much of the city beneath the ocean. Arthur Curry, the Atlantean hero known to surface-dwellers as Aquaman, comes to search for survivors, but there are none to be found. It's a tragedy beyond comprehension. But suddenly, survivors begin emerging from the sunken city...and drowning on dry land! There are survivors, hundreds or thousands of them, but they've been changed, robbed of their ability to breathe air. Now, the citizens "Sub Diego" must find a way to rebuild in a world that's completely alien to them. It's up to Aquaman, the only man who belongs to both the surface world and the ocean to help them... and track down those responsible for the city's grim transformation! This classic Aquaman story from writer Will Pfeifer (TEEN TITANS) and artist Patrick Gleason (BATMAN & ROBIN) is collected here for the first time ever! Collects AQUAMAN #15-22.

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