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Author: Nick Harkaway
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307595978
Pages: 496
Year: 2012-03-20
View: 394
Read: 699
A Wall Street Journal and Booklist Best Mystery of 2012 From the acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World, blistering gangster noir meets howling absurdist comedy as the forces of good square off against the forces of evil, and only an unassuming clockwork repairman and an octogenarian former superspy can save the world from total destruction. Joe Spork spends his days fixing antique clocks. The son of infamous London criminal Mathew “Tommy Gun” Spork, he has turned his back on his family’s mobster history and aims to live a quiet life. That orderly existence is suddenly upended when Joe activates a particularly unusual clockwork mechanism. His client, Edie Banister, is more than the kindly old lady she appears to be—she’s a retired international secret agent. And the device? It’s a 1950s doomsday machine. Having triggered it, Joe now faces the wrath of both the British government and a diabolical South Asian dictator who is also Edie’s old arch-nemesis. On the upside, Joe’s got a girl: a bold receptionist named Polly whose smarts, savvy and sex appeal may be just what he needs. With Joe’s once-quiet world suddenly overrun by mad monks, psychopathic serial killers, scientific geniuses and threats to the future of conscious life in the universe, he realizes that the only way to survive is to muster the courage to fight, help Edie complete a mission she abandoned years ago and pick up his father’s old gun . . . From the Hardcover edition.
The Angel Maker
Author: Stefan Brijs
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143113097
Pages: 346
Year: 2008
View: 322
Read: 902
After a twenty-year absence, geneticist Dr. Victor Hoppe returns to the village of Wolfheim with his three infant children--identical triplets with the same disturbing disfigurement--that are kept hidden away, until their caregiver begins to suspect that the children and the doctor are not what they seem. Original.
The Angel Maker
Author: Ridley Pearson
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 140130513X
Pages: 448
Year: 2012-08-14
View: 1229
Read: 1236
Urban legend, or frightening fact? "One of the better fictional detectives ever penned,"* Seattle's Lou Boldt, and forensic psychologist Dephne Matthews suspect illegal organ harvesting is behind recent assaults on teenage runaways. The trail leads them down dark streets and darker corners of the mind, as they find themselves pursuing a twisted surgeon with his own ideas of mortality and social justice. Packed with action, The Angel Maker takes the reader on a joy ride from Seattle's homeless to an abandoned homesteading cabin and kennel hidden away in the forests of the Northwest. Daphne Matthews, intent on rescuing a teenage runaway from the madman's scalpel, puts her own life on the line, finding herself face to face with the Angel Maker. Award-winning author Ridley Pearson carves out and serves up a thriller that will make you look twice at your local veterinarian. *Book Magazine
The Angel Maker
Author: David Dwan
ISBN: 1973575183
Pages: 162
Year: 2017-12-17
View: 765
Read: 872
The Angel Maker is a supernatural horror novella: Welcome to sleepy little Widow's Bay island, where nothing interesting ever happens, usually. In the midst of a violent storm which has cut off the island from the mainland, a young woman is found wandering in a near catatonic state with someone else's blood on her. She has witnessed something horrific for sure, but the reality is far worse.
The Angelmaker
Author: Miguel Ballé
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462075428
Pages: 202
Year: 2003-02-10
View: 1235
Read: 523
Eccentric and brilliant, the celebrated political economist Max Rosen, remained a mystery to family and friends. Upon his death, his grandson discovers that this great champion of rationality secretly sought wisdom from dialogues with angels. To unravel the enigma of his grandfather's haunting vision he must find his way through a maze of bitter academic politics and grim family secrets and, in the end, find himself. After Sea of Light, Miguel Ball continues his exploration of modern mysticism. The Angelmaker blends Darwinism and Genesis into a startling vision of an extraordinary mind and a dark, tragic mystery of love and death.
The Gone-Away World
Author: Nick Harkaway
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307270378
Pages: 512
Year: 2008-09-02
View: 537
Read: 328
A hilarious, action-packed look at the apocalypse that combines a touching tale of friendship, a thrilling war story, and an all out kung-fu infused mission to save the world. Gonzo Lubitch and his best friend have been inseparable since birth. They grew up together, they studied kung-fu together, they rebelled in college together, and they fought in the Go Away War together. Now, with the world in shambles and dark, nightmarish clouds billowing over the wastelands, they have been tapped for an incredibly perilous mission. But they quickly realize that this assignment is more complex than it seems, and before it is over they will have encountered everything from mimes, ninjas, and pirates to one ultra-sinister mastermind, whose only goal is world domination.
The Angelmaker
Author: Stephen Chensue
ISBN: 0557060923
Pages: 231
Year: 2009-05-02
View: 819
Read: 997
In the foothills and mountains of the American northwest, the deaths of a lamb and a pregnant teenager bring together, Jodi Higheagle, a beautiful veterinarian of Nez Perce descent, and Fred Wong, a half Chinese medical examiner with unusual talents. Their strange discoveries lead them on a dangerous journey into the bizarre world of a rising technoreligious sect known as the Temple of New Life. Together, they face off against the powerful and charismatic Reverend Baxter T. Drummond, a man obsessed by a childhood vision and haunted by a blighted past, whose creations will alter the fate of humanity.
The Angel Maker
Author: Rhea Beth Compton
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1543436064
Pages: 74
Year: 2017-07-27
View: 630
Read: 295
A drunk driver tries to get home. A college coed takes a devastating turn in her life. A lawsuit against the devil? A young woman comes face-to-face with her fathers past. And an invading army. These are the situations that are explored in these spine-tingling stories. Reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone episodes, these stories take ordinary situations and turn them into extraordinary experiences that will leave you unsettled and looking over your shoulder. You might not want to read these in the dark.
Angel Maker
Author: Sara Maitland
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1466881739
Pages: 340
Year: 2014-10-07
View: 483
Read: 1298
Women's lives are at the center of this stunning collection of short stories by the writer The New Yorker says "provides unexpected delights....Questions and answers alike shine with intelligence and an almost ninteenth-century concern for ideals." Though Sara Maitland's interests are as varied as the people who inhabit her stories, there is a common theme to this work that extols risk taking over safety. Acrobats, women warriors, a girl who wants to become a garden, a long-distance runner, housewives and mothers, and a reformed sixteenth-century conquistador are among the characters revealed in this dazzling collection. By turns elegant and simple, erotic and elegiac, the stories draw on classical mythology, folktales, inexplicable accidents of history, and disquieting experiences of the supernatural. And, as Ann Beattie has writen of Sara Maitland's wise and magical fiction, "it speaks to today's reader in a voice that is irresistible." Familiar names from literature--Gretel, Eurydice of the green fields, the shepherd Prince Endymion, Lady Artemis-commingle with contemporary characters called David, Meg, and Liz, who desperately seek love and fulfillment and frequently have babies when they can't get what they want. Close by is the echo of Mary Magdalene, teaching us about endurance and perserverance in a voice rich with the experiences of the sex object and the "true-love dichotomy." The author suggests: "She must have thought the crucifixion a bit mad too." Sara Maitland never holds back; instead, she invites us again and again to a place of risks, and we enter, "not because we must, but because we will." And when you are about to lose heart, you meet Caroline, who has learned what it is to be strong, how it feels to be free of fear, how it feels to be totally herself: "Then she looked at Richard and he was smiling, not pityingly, not even kindly, but with open admiration."
The Angelmaker
Author: Judith Gunn
ISBN: 1446184935
Pages: 328
Year: 2010-09-14
View: 1020
Read: 1176
When the body of a missing child is found in a small English village, Lydia Allinson, widowed with two children, becomes increasingly drawn to the case, through her detective brother's pursuit of the truth. Thus, the history of the village, her own loss and need to survive amid the provincial prejudices of middle England lead her to start new loves and seek a closer understanding of the reasons why a two-year-old child would be beaten to death. An understanding that leads her and her brother to the truth. Hidden in the mild mannered cottages of a biscuit tin village, lies a history of brutality in colonial Kenya, and the disguised dissatisfactions of those trying to bury the past or start a new life.
Amelia Dyer, Angel Maker
Author: Alison Rattle
ISBN: 1780120265
Pages: 280
Year: 2007
View: 623
Read: 244
This is a spine-chilling true story of 19th century crime which in the 21st century almost beggars belief. The authors have been granted unprecedented access to police archives and have uncovered startling material.
Edie Investigates
Author: Nick Harkaway
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0307961672
Pages: 60
Year: 2012-02-14
View: 821
Read: 181
From the author of The Gone-Away World and the forthcoming Angelmaker—an exhilarating espionage murder-mystery eShort. There has been a strange death in the quiet village of Shrewton: old Donny Caspian has lost his head. In the Copper Kettle tea rooms, Tom Rice, a junior nobody from the Treasury, puzzles over the details of the case. He has been sent by his superiors to oversee the investigation, but is he supposed to help or hinder? At the next table, octogenarian superspy Edie Banister nibbles a slice of cake and struggles not to become Miss Marple. But what is the connection between the two? Who killed Donny Caspian, and why? Taking in Rice's present and Edie's daring past, from duels on shipboard to death in back alleys, “Edie Investigates” is a superb short story from the incomparable Nick Harkaway. Also included with this short, the first chapter of Nick Harkaway's long-awaited new novel Angelmaker.
Author: Nick Harkaway
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 1524732095
Pages: 704
Year: 2018-01-09
View: 421
Read: 1216
A Best Science Fiction Book of 2017 -- The Guardian From the widely acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World and Tigerman, comes a virtuosic new novel set in a near-future, high-tech surveillance state, that is equal parts dark comedy, gripping detective story, and mind-bending philosophical puzzle. In the world of Gnomon, citizens are constantly observed and democracy has reached a pinnacle of 'transparency.' Every action is seen, every word is recorded, and the System has access to its citizens' thoughts and memories--all in the name of providing the safest society in history. When suspected dissident Diana Hunter dies in government custody, it marks the first time a citizen has been killed during an interrogation. The System doesn't make mistakes, but something isn't right about the circumstances surrounding Hunter's death. Mielikki Neith, a trusted state inspector and a true believer in the System, is assigned to find out what went wrong. Immersing herself in neural recordings of the interrogation, what she finds isn't Hunter but rather a panorama of characters within Hunter's psyche: a lovelorn financier in Athens who has a mystical experience with a shark; a brilliant alchemist in ancient Carthage confronting the unexpected outcome of her invention; an expat Ethiopian painter in London designing a controversial new video game, and a sociopathic disembodied intelligence from the distant future. Embedded in the memories of these impossible lives lies a code which Neith must decipher to find out what Hunter is hiding. In the static between these stories, Neith begins to catch glimpses of the real Diana Hunter--and, alarmingly, of herself. The staggering consequences of what she finds will reverberate throughout the world. A dazzling, panoramic achievement, and Nick Harkaway's most brilliant work to date, Gnomon is peerless and profound, captivating and irreverent, as it pierces through strata of reality and consciousness, and illuminates how to set a mind free. It is a truly accomplished novel from a mind possessing a matchless wit infused with a deep humanity.
True Grime
Author: Natasha Deen
ISBN: 0986741957
Pages: 312
Year: 2012-09
View: 369
Read: 466
For the last two years, human Aponi Runningbear has been training to be part of Grime, the magical police division tasked with protecting humanity from SOAP terrorists. But things aren't going well. She's barely keeping up with her studies, failing the physical component, and her Generalized Anxiety Disorder is making her bad days even worse. When her team is given the chance to find a missing coworker and stop SOAP from producing a DNA-altering drug that's killing humans, Aponi grabs hold of the chance to show she's meant for Grime. But as the investigation heats up, she's forced to deal with the tormentor from her past, dead bodies, and the certainty that SOAP's going to win this battle. Humanity's dying, Grime's in trouble, and she's failing...does a foster kid really have what it takes to save the world and herself?
Author: Nick Harkaway
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0804170665
Pages: 352
Year: 2015-06-23
View: 184
Read: 968
Assigned to a ceremonial post in Mancreu, British consul and Afghanistan war veteran Lester Ferris is compelled to disregard widespread underworld activities while bonding with a comic-addicted youth who during a violent uprising desperately relies on him for help. By the award-winning author of Angelmaker.

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