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Film Titles, General Index
Author: International Federation of Film Archives
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3111449173
Pages: 406
Year: 1992-01-01
View: 360
Read: 966

Year: 1861
View: 294
Read: 1217

Tutti i racconti Vol. 2 1954 - 1959
Author: Richard Matheson
Publisher: Fanucci Editore
ISBN: 8834724100
Pages: 499
Year: 2014-02-04
View: 1294
Read: 923
Per la prima volta al mondo, raccolti in quattro volumi tutti i racconti di Richard Matheson, definito dalla critica italiana e internazionale come il miglior scrittore al mondo di narrativa breve. Questo volume raccoglie i racconti scritti dal 1954 al 1959 e precisamente: Creatura, Caro diario, Discesa, Va’ verso ovest, Ragazzo (inedito), ll conquistatore, ll bambino curioso, La bambola tuttofare (inedito), L’esame, Il viaggiatore, Il giorno è andato (inedito), Il ragazzo tra le rocce (inedito), La danza dei morti, Miss Polvere di Stelle, L’uomo enciclopedico, Paradigma di sopravvivenza, Il funerale (inedito), Troppo fiero per perdere (inedito), Scambi indecenti, Acciaio, La magnifica fonte, Una visita a Babbo Natale, Lemming, Antichi fantasmi, I figli di Noè, L’uomo dei giorni di festa, Il nuovo vicino di casa, L’orlo, Una grossa sorpresa, Scadenza, Montaggio, Nulla è come un vampiro, Il terrore strisciante.
L'unica mia eccezione (No Rules Vol.2)
Author: Anna G., Lovely Covers
Publisher: Anna G.
ISBN: 8827509720
Year: 2017-11-06
View: 313
Read: 1018
«È il dio romano Giano chiuso in un paio di ali. Sta a significare che, come lui, ogni persona ha due facce, una buona e una cattiva, un passato e un futuro e vanno comprese entrambe nella persona che amiamo». Questo è l’ultimo insegnamento che David ha voluto lasciarle. E lei lo aveva compreso il suo lato oscuro e malato, si era lasciata vivere e lo aveva amato, come mai aveva fatto nella sua vita. Anche nel loro ultimo incontro, nel loro ultimo bacio. Charlotte sente ancora sulle labbra il sapore di quell’ultimo aspettami che le aveva chiesto. Distante chilometri, dopo essere scappata, cercherà di rifarsi una vita attendendo con ansia il suo ritorno perché, ne è certa, un giorno potranno viversi in pace. Lontano dai cattivi, lontano da Blumas, in una nuova esistenza serena. Ma Charlotte non ha fatto i conti con il più terribile dei maligni : il destino. Lo stesso destino che l’aveva trascinata allo Sweet Hollow, e che le darà filo da torcere. È un maremoto di emozioni e colpi di scena, quello in cui si trova catapultata, dove solo il cuore conosce la verità. Perché contro ogni regola si è innamorata di lui, contro ogni regola la sua anima gli apparterrà per sempre, contro ogni regola dovrà lottare in nome del loro amore. IL ROMANZO FA PARTE DELLA DUOLOGIA "NO RULES". CONTRO OGNI REGOLA - VOLUME 1 L'UNICA MIA ECCEZIONE - VOLUME 2
Gli Attori Vol. 2 M-z - 8884402697
Author: Enrico Lancia
Publisher: Gremese Editore
ISBN: 8884402697
Pages: 292
Year: 2003
View: 575
Read: 929

Gazzetta piemontese
Year: 1845
View: 280
Read: 683

Hotel Silence
Author: Audur Ava Olafsdottir
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 0802165591
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-02-02
View: 1264
Read: 521
Winner of the Icelandic Literary Prize, Hotel Silence is a delightful and heartwarming new novel from Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, a writer who “upends expectations” (New York Times). Told with grace, insight, and humor, this is the story of one man’s surprising mid-life adventure of self-discovery that leads him to find a new reason for being. Jónas Ebeneser is a handy DIY kind of man with a compulsion to fix things, but he can’t seem to fix his own life. On the cusp of turning fifty, divorced, adrift, he’s recently discovered he is not the biological father of his daughter, Gudrun Waterlily, and he has sunk into an existential crisis, losing all will to live. As he visits his senile mother in a nursing home, he secretly muses on how, when, and where to put himself out of his misery. To prevent his only daughter from discovering his body, Jónas decides it’s best to die abroad. Armed with little more than his toolbox and a change of clothes, he flies to an unnamed country where the fumes of war still hover in the air. He books a room at the sparsely occupied Hotel Silence, and there he comes to understands the depths of other people’s scars while beginning to see his wounds in a new light. A celebration of life’s infinite possibilities, of transformations and second chances, Hotel Silence is a rousing story of a man, a community, and a path toward regeneration from the depths of despair.
The Comfort of Strangers
Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: RosettaBooks
ISBN: 0795303696
Pages: 128
Year: 2011-02-11
View: 1178
Read: 1287
Colin and Mary are lovers on holiday in Italy, their relationship becoming increasingly problematic as they become increasingly alienated from one and other. They move from place to place in this foreign land but seemingly without aim or purpose and more, seemingly bored and without attachment. Then they meet a man named Robert and his wife, Caroline, who is crippled. Colin and Mary seem happy for the diversion--happy to meet another couple that takes the focus of off them (off of each other) for a while. Things become strange (and stranger yet; one could say horrific) when they attempt to leave: Robert and Caroline insist that they stay with them for a while longer. While Mary and Colin indeed rediscover each other in ways during this time--an erotic attraction to each other that was below the surface--they also find that their relationship/friendship with Robert and Caroline takes turns that are likewise erotic and violent in nature. A pervasive dread runs through this novel, leading to the terrible climax that no reader could predict. Absolutely in the key of McEwan, without match in the genre, and a very worthwhile read.
La chimica & l'industria
Year: 1938
View: 1124
Read: 151

Gazzetta (ufficiale) di Zara
Year: 1842
View: 579
Read: 874

The Falls
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061742813
Pages: 512
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 812
Read: 1250
It is 1950 and, after a disastrous honeymoon night, Ariah Erskine's young husband throws himself into the roaring waters of Niagara Falls. Ariah, "the Widow Bride of the Falls," begins a relentless seven-day vigil in the mist, waiting for his body to be found. At her side is confirmed bachelor and pillar of the community Dirk Burnaby, who is unexpectedly drawn to her. What follows is a passionate love affair, marriage, and family -- a seemingly perfect existence. But tragedy soon takes over their lives, poisoning their halcyon years with distrust, greed, and murder. Set against the mythic-historic backdrop of Niagara Falls in the mid-twentieth century, this haunting exploration of the American family in crisis is a stunning achievement from "one of the great artistic forces of our time" (The Nation). This P.S. edition features an extra 16 pages of insights into the book, including author interviews, recommended reading, and more.
Kompass Italia
Year: 1994
View: 1201
Read: 456

“Il” Diavoletto
Author: Tito Dellaberrenga
Year: 1857
View: 351
Read: 1149

Safe in His Heart
Author: Renae Kaye
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 163477227X
Pages: 270
Year: 2016-05-02
View: 166
Read: 750
Can Paul and Andrew make it through the necessities of childcare and family life to be safe in each other’s heart?
Messenger's Angel
Author: Heather Killough-Walden
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101588667
Pages: 416
Year: 2012-06-05
View: 377
Read: 787
Since the beginning of time, the archangels have longed to know true love. When four female angels were created for the four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Azrael, a chaos spurred by jealousy erupted, and the archesses were secreted away to Earth. The four favored archangels followed, prompting a search that has lasted millennia… For hundreds of years, Gabriel has passed himself off as a common Scottish villager. Few know he is the Messenger, a powerful archangel who has secretly scoured the world for the only woman who can complete him. Now, he’s shocked to discover the object of his fierce and driving desire shows up in his own backyard. Researching her Ph.D. in the Outer Hebrides, Juliette Anderson has always been the rational type—until she looks across a quaint pub and into the flashing silver eyes of a stranger. He’s handsome. He’s intense. And he claims her with a soul-searing kiss on the spot. Gabriel’s scorching gaze, wavy black hair and deep, sexy brogue ignite a fire in her that can’t be denied, and yet every instinct she has tells her to run. But when a familiar dark force rises, and the truth of her incredible identity is revealed, Juliette must follow her heart and put her faith in the tall, dark mysterious man who enflames her.

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