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Bewegung in der Musik
Author: Teresa Leonhardmair
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839428335
Pages: 326
Year: 2014-11
View: 320
Read: 1200
Musik und Bewegung weisen eine ausgeprägte anthropologische Dimension auf. Teresa Leonhardmair nimmt einen Perspektivenwechsel vor und situiert Bewegung in der Musik. Sie zeigt: Seit jeher spielt Bewegung in der Rede über Musik eine Rolle und ist Basis des Musik-Erlebens. In der Synopsis der Quellen werden erstmals Zusammenhänge sichtbar, die einen Beitrag für die Hermeneutik und Vermittlung von Musik leisten. Die breit angelegte Untersuchung etabliert den Zwischenraum von Wissenschaft und Kunst, innerhalb dessen sich Bewegung als Grundlage der Musik entfaltet. Der transdisziplinäre Ansatz generiert anhand musikalischer Parameter und Phänomene neue Sichtweisen und Impulse für musikaffine Fachbereiche.
Elenco del libro svizzero
Year: 1976
View: 219
Read: 848
Vols. for 1948/50- issued in two parts: 1. Autorenund Anonymenreihe, Stichwörter (varies slightly) -- 2. Schlagwortreihe (varies slightly)
Holland's Guide to Psychoanalytic Psychology and Literature-and-Psychology
Author: Norman N. Holland
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195362691
Pages: 160
Year: 1990-02-15
View: 527
Read: 269
As psychoanalysis becomes more and more important to literary studies and the accompanying literature bulks larger and larger, students often feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn for readings that will open up the subject. Holland's Guide to Psychoanalytic Psychology and Literature-and-Psychology offers an ingenious solution to this problem. It provides concise outlines of all types of psychoanalytic theory and shows how they apply to literary criticism. The outlines point in turn to further, more specific readings--articles, essays, and books--which can then be located by two extensive bibliographies that follow the discussion. These offer materials that range from the earliest Freud to the latest cognitive science and include dozens of bibliographic aids. Holland integrates these suggested readings with lively, detailed comments on various psychologies as they relate to literature. He is thus able to guide students easily to the precise subject they wish to study, be it Jungian criticism, ego psychology, feminist psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic film theory, or interpretation of some specific text. Holland also offers a bracing discussion of reader-response criticism and a lucid guide to the work of Jacques Lacan. A trenchant epilogue defends the psychological approach, suggesting which points in psychoanalytic theory will work for literary critics, and which will not. The only such guidebook for students of psychoanalytic literary theory and literary criticism, Holland's Guide will also prove an invaluable aid for those studying psychoanalysis and psychology.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Plain & Simple
Author: Nancy Muir
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735672857
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-03-15
View: 560
Read: 1111
Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 plain and simple! This full color, no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to solve a problem or learn a skill, using easy-to-follow steps and concise, straightforward language. You'll analyze, manage, and share information in more ways than ever before. Here’s WHAT you’ll learn: Create dynamic presentations for your audience Include charts, tables, clip art, and other graphics Add video clips and CD music Animate slide and add transition effects Edit and polish your presentations with ease Create speaker notes and record narration Here’s HOW you’ll learn it: Jump in whenever you need answers Easy-to-follow STEPS and SCREENSHOTS show exactly what to do Handy TIPS teach new techniques and shortcuts Quick TRY THIS! Exercises help apply what you learn right away
Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference
Author: Greg Harvey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0764578952
Pages: 237
Year: 2004-10-07
View: 335
Read: 154
Next to your keyboard and mouse, this could be your most important accessory. Just keep it next to your keyboard and your mouse and refer to it to capitalize on the terrific capabilities at your fingertips with Windows XP. Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference Second Edition covers the latest updates to Windows XP, including enhanced security and changes to Internet Explorer. It starts with the basics for true beginners, goes through everyday stuff, and progresses to the Web, accessories, and the control panel. After a quick introduction to the desktop, My Documents, dialogue boxes, and other basic info, you’ll explore: Customizing your desktop Saving music with Windows Media Player Browsing drives, folders and files Dragging, dropping, cutting, and pasting Playing music, videos and movies Browsing with Internet Explorer Sending and receiving e-mails Using Windows Accessories Written by Greg Harvey, author of Excel 2002 For Dummies and more than 50 other computer books, Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd Edition is so clear and concise it turns computer phobes into computer geeks with step-by-step guides to: Using the Home Networking Wizard so two or more home computers can share a single Internet connection and other resources Creating slideshows with your graphics files Producing videos with Windows Movie Maker accessory program Downloading Microsoft Reader free and then downloading eBooks (many are free) and saving them in My Library Using the link to the Photo Printing Wizard to format and print your digital photos Using Windows Media Player to play audio, video, and animation files you’ve saved, play Internet radio stations, view trailers for upcoming movies, and play MP3 audio files you’ve downloaded Complete with a glossary and index, Windows XP For Dummies Quick Reference doesn’t delve into the technology and terminology: it sticks to exploring the things Windows XP lets you do and describing how to!
Der Heizer
Author: Franz Kafka
ISBN: 1548820040
Pages: 66
Year: 2017-07-13
View: 239
Read: 796
Der Heizer: Ein Fragment by Franz Kafka
Quaternion Fourier Transforms for Signal and Image Processing
Author: Todd A. Ell, Nicolas Le Bihan, Stephen J. Sangwine
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118930924
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-06-02
View: 315
Read: 1025
Based on updates to signal and image processing technology made in the last two decades, this text examines the most recent research results pertaining to Quaternion Fourier Transforms. QFT is a central component of processing color images and complex valued signals. The book’s attention to mathematical concepts, imaging applications, and Matlab compatibility render it an irreplaceable resource for students, scientists, researchers, and engineers.
Organic Chemistry
Author: Tadashi Okuyama, Howard Maskill
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199693277
Pages: 648
Year: 2013-11
View: 343
Read: 808
Organic Chemistry: A mechanistic approach combines a focus on core topics and themes with a mechanistic approach to the explanation of the reactions it describes, making it ideal for those looking for a solid understanding of the central themes of organic chemistry.
Suzuki flute school: Suite in B Minor [BWV 1067]. Rondeau ; Sarabande ; Bourrée I ; Bourrée II
Author: Toshio Takahashi
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 0874871735
Pages: 20
Year: 1999-07-01
View: 1003
Read: 1204
Contents are: Suite in B Minor from Suite in B Minor for Flute and Strings, BWV 1067 (Rondeau, Sarabande, Bourre I, Bourre II) (J.S. Bach) * Concerto for Two Flutes in G Major (2nd Movement) (D. Cimarosa) * Concerto for Two Flutes in G Major (3rd Movement) (D. Cimarosa) * Allegretto (B. Godard) * Swiss Air Variations for Orchestra, Op. 20 (Th. Boehm).
Carried by a Promise
Author: Swami Radhananda
ISBN: 1932018360
Pages: 263
Year: 2011-01-01
View: 289
Read: 844
In 1977, when Mary-Ann McDougall--mother, wife and teacher--first heard Swami Sivananda Radha speak at Yasodhara Ashram, she knew she had found what was missing in her life. Her memoir is the unique story of a woman's spiritual journey that follows her deepening commitment to Swami Radha. It describes the extraordinary events that lead to her transformation into Swami Radhananda and offers a very human example of how a heartfelt promise to the Divine can carry us on the spiritual path. Above all, it gives an intimate look into the love between a guru and a disciple--a sacred connection that has the power to transform.
Franz Rosenzweig and the Systematic Task of Philosophy
Author: Benjamin Pollock
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521517095
Pages: 338
Year: 2009-03-23
View: 1113
Read: 1322
Pollock argues that Rosenzweig's The Star of Redemption is devoted to the philosophical task of grasping 'the All' - the whole of what is - as a system.
Elementare Arithmetik Und Algebra
Author: Hermann Schubert
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548705128
Pages: 276
Year: 2017-07-11
View: 969
Read: 787
Elementare Arithmetik und Algebra by Hermann Schubert

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